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Here for you

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After a long time traveling and traning Naruto comes back to Konoha.. looking for the girl he loves [NaruxHina]

Category: Naruto - Rating: PG - Genres: Romance - Characters: Hinata,Naruto - Published: 2007-10-31 - Updated: 2007-10-31 - 786 words

It’s November, I’ve finally come back.
It’s late, she must be asleep.
I don’t care; I’ve been gone for so long, even after bringing Sasuke back, I left once again…leaving the village, my friends…and her.

I’m a shinobi, not scared by murderers or even dead it self, but now I’m scared…scared that she might have forgotten me, scared that another one cured her wounded heart and took it away from me.

I’m seeing her tonight, I must see her. I don’t care what happens to me, I must see her, my love, the woman I have return for…my Hinata.

Now I’m in front of her house, the window of her bedroom is open, I can easily enter.

She looks absolutely beautiful. She doesn’t recognize me, maybe because of the dark.
But I can see her clearly. The moonlight crashes in her eyes making ‘em bright as well as her long dark hair.

She still can’t see me; she’s scared and looking for a kunai that’s hidden besides her bed. I’m the one that put it there for her, so in case something happened she could defend herself.

I can see her pillow, it’s wet; judging by her eyes maybe she was crying…how many nights has my beloved Hinata cried herself to sleep hugging that pillow?…that should have been me instead.

I walk slowly to her…she’s activated her byakugan.

Now I’m hugging her as she buries her head in my chest crying; I don’t want her to shed more tears because of me, I want her to be happy and laugh.

I pet her head hoping it’ll help to calm her down.
-Please Hinata…don’t cry…I’m really sorry, c’mon please stop crying…I don’t like to see you like that.
-B-b-but Naruto-kun!! You’ve been gone for so long!!
-But now I’m back with you. –I softly push her away and gave her kiss. How many times I’d tried felling the same with other women but I couldn’t. I wanted her lips; they are so soft, so sweet; angels must have lips like hers.

She’s hugs me and puts her head in my shoulder. She has stop crying now.
-Naruto-kun…I’ve miss you a lot. –She said in almost a whisper.
I hug her tighter –I’ve miss you a lot too…my dear hina-chan –
She’s blushing sweetly; I kiss her now red cheek that turns brighter at the felling of my lips.

-It’s late, you should go back to sleep.
-I don’t want to…after all this years you’ve finally come back…I don’t wanna let go of you any more.
-Then I’ll sleep with you tonight. –Lies, I didn’t wanna let go of her either; she was everything I was fighting for the pass years.
-B-but naruto-kun!! What about oto-sama??.
-Old Hiashi can do whatever he wants, I love you and that’s stronger than anything; besides I can kick his ass if he does anything to you! Hahahahahaha!!
-hehehehehe!! You never change Naruto-kun! –she said smiling…yes!! She was smiling!!
I feel like the happiest man in the world!!
-that maybe my dear hina-chan! Hehehehe!

I lay down besides her; she puts her head in my chest and falls asleep, but not before saying –I love you…naruto-kun –then she closed her eyes and that was it.
I couldn’t resist to whisper –I love you too…Hinata –I think she heard me ‘cause she smiled a little.
I kept awake, watching her sleep.
When the sun was starting to come up it was time to leave, as much as I wanted to stay.
I gently push her aside so I could get up; she moan s little but then fell deeply asleep again.
-leaved you a surprise here hina-chan –I said whispering leaving a little box besides her. I gave her a soft kiss and jump outside the window with a bright smile.

-Mmmh? –Hinata waked up a few hours after naruto left –Naruto-kun??? –she said looking for the blond. –sigh he left… -Hinata plopped on her bed and felt something underneath her –huh? ... What’s this?? –As she pulled out the little box from her sheets.
-gasp It’s from naruto!!... Oooow!! It’s so beautiful!! –inside there was a necklace with little crystal stars and a note
“Meet me at the bridge at 11pm.
I’ll be waiting for you

Hinata giggled… she’ll wait inpatient till 11pm. To see him.
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