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Life Isn't So Wonderful

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Elena is on the bus as her regular day. She has a big surprised in store for her.

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Chapter 1

The sky was dark and slightly gloomy out, by the fact it was freezing outside. I stood there my legs going numb by every minute, I look down the road letting out a sigh of relief. The bus came chugging down the road, stopping at the curb for me. The doors opened with a hissing sound. I walked up the steps my legs tingling from the cold. I dropped a quarter and a couple of dimes into the change thing. The bus diver smiled and I smiled in return. I swayed back and forth as the bus moved forward, I took a quick seat in the front. I put on my I-pod, turning them up enough so I couldn't hear the rumble of the motors below me, Only mouthing the words I knew.
The cars were rushing by along with the little shops. People were walking on the streets wearing werid suits all looking at the bus as it went by. The bus stopped jerking my head forward and back again. I ripped my headphones out seeing what was going on. A guy was coming on with tattoos out the bottom of his hoodie. Wearing tight black pants and a pair of ruin converse only duck tape holding them together. I laughed slightly to myself. A guy in front of me mumbled some profanities.
He walked towards me. "Um, anybody sitting here?"
I looked at him. His Greenish brown almost Hypnotic eyes. His pale face framed by is black hair almost in a Mohawk. "No." Was all i said.
I wanted to sot myself. Did i make myself look like a idiot? I put my head pones back on until i felt a light tap on my shoulder. I took out my headphones once more.
"Who are you listening too?"
"The Misfits."
"Ahh." He smiled.
"You know My Chemical Romance is Better?"
I cocked one eyebrow. "Never heard of them."
He laughed. "Thats because there not big yet."
I laughed. "Yet." He smiled easily amused.
"Do you want a autograph?" I had a confused look on my face. "What."
He laughed but more like a girly giggle.
"I'm the rythem guitarist."
"Really, that's cool."
I saw my street and my my hand went up and so did the guys. We bot looked at each other and busted out laughing. I pulled my and hesitantly away. He pulled the string and a little bell jingled. The bus stopped. The guy got up and walked off the bus. shit. I got up and walked off as well. The bus rumbled gain, driving off. I looked for the mysterious man. Then i just gave up. I walked up the street and taking a turn. Heading up some stairs. A pair of hands grabbed me almost pulling me down. Without thinking i swung my fist back and i heard smack then A yelp.
I turned around to see the guy from he bus kneeling on the ground gripping his nose and groaning. "I'm so sorry." He removed his hand from his nose.
"Is it bleeding?" I started laughing.
"What is so damn funny?"
"Your face and you are bleeding alittle." He rolled his eyes.
I put out my hand. "Are you going to hit me again?" I laughed.
"No." He grabbed my hand. I opened my door letting the over-dramatic guy in. As e sat on the sofa i closed the door behind me. I grabbed a tissue box and sat on the sofa.
"Here." he grabbed some and put it on his nose, throwing back his head.
His neck was glowing from the lights against his pale features. i reached up a hesitantly brushed my fingertips along side his neck and along is collar bone. I heard a slight snore. I rolled my eyes. I grabbed his arm and put it on the armrest. The tissue still stuck to his nose.
I laughed, making sure all the blood was gone. I grabbed a stranded blanket and covered him.
I got up and turned off the lights. I looked at him once more, to me it looked like he was smiling. I opened my door. I don't even now his name.


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