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And It's Tearing You Apart

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We're here today to hear the rantings of a mad man.

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Why Can't I Tell You? 002
And It's Tearing You Apart

We're here today to hear the rantings of a mad man.
A man madly in love.
A man mad at himself.
For being madly in love.
Mad at himself.
For not telling the man that he loves,
that he loves him.
With all his heart.
He moved mountains for this man.
This man sitting in the same room, completely unknowing of the love spewing from this man's soul.
You see his face, so unaware of your affection for him.
You love that face.
It's the one of angel.
An angel you love, you have the urge to kiss this man.
But you don't.
It's cutting up your soul.
On the inside.
On the outside, the man you love sees the man he loves, but he won't say. He think he knows your response.
How wrong could a person get?
Very wrong it seems.
He looks at you and smiles.
You smile back.
Your best friends, and that's the way it's supposed to stay, isn't?
Only your friend Way.
No, it's not. Not with a love like this.
A love like this can only be bottled up for so long.
It's has to be unleashed. You'll explode.
You're heart will explode.
You don't want that to happen.
You want to give that heart to one you love.
He loves you back.
Some say love is blind.
I guess that's why he can't see.
He wants to see.
Love is blind, and you hate it.
You love him though.
And it's tearing you to shreds.
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