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Let you down

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a poem about being let down. ANd yes i was listen to 3dg while typing this but 2 people had let me down the pevuse day and before. Plus i'm emo and need to let it out ...

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Let you down

Athour note: This is my origonal poem. And yes, i was listenin to let you down my three day grace (my fave band ^~^) while typing this. But my two really good friends, weren't really friends. They had lied to me and lead me on. And now i pay with a craked heart and the will to not trust anyone. And i geuss the one i knew since we were 7, wasn't ever really nice ti us. And the one since i was 8 was never really worth any trust.

I’ll remember…
You let me down
You were my friend
But in the end
I had just wished you were dead

You’ll lead me to trust
They through me away in a thrust
I’ll cry and cry
Wish to die

Then I’ll under stand
I’ll know why it had to end
Because this isn’t me
That wasn’t met to be

When I wish to leave
I’ll have to be
So strong
To carry on
When you’re gone

Because you were there
Even if you were unfair
Even if you made me bleed
You’re still a part of me

When well you see
You let me down
But still you can’t make me frown
How does that sound?
Especially when you knew you were going to let me down
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