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Beautiful Boy

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Such a beautiful boy, pity he had to die. WARNING: One sided slash, creepiness, implied non-con.

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Title: Beautiful Boy
Fandom: Aladdin (the Disney movie)
Rating: PG-13 (for intense creepiness and implications)
Word Count: 345
Summery: Such a beautiful boy, pity he had to die.
Disclaimer: I do not own Aladdin. I can see the relief in you eyes…
Spoilers: Not really anything.
Author's Notes: This is all Mel’s fault. Blame her.

When Jafar found him he was passed out, head hung at an odd angle on his neck and his body looked lax and soft. Perhaps the guards had been a bit heavy handed with him. Jafar smirked, it made no difference. Things were better this way. Walking slowly Jafar approached the street rat, wanting to get a better look. The boy was beautiful, in the way boys in Agrabah were beautiful. He was all silky tan skin and glossy black hair. Jafar guessed that behind those peaceful eyelids his eyes would be bright with the naive curiosity of youth that even living on the streets could never really cure. Stroking one muscled forearm Jafar’s smile grew wider. Yes, the boy’s lack of consciousness was definitely a good thing.

Left hand still on a muscular arm the other reached up to the boy’s face. What was his name? Aladdin. Yes, Aladdin the street rat, Aladdin: Diamond in the rough. The boy was pretty wasn’t he? His nose and chin were strong and someday they would have character but for now they were appealing in a youthful, untried sort of way. His cheekbones too were nice, delicate and sweet. It was no wonder Princess Jasmine was drawn to him. One thin, spider like hand swept through ratty hair and ended at the nape of Aladdin’s neck while another took off the nearly pointless threadbare vest. Dark eyes perused the toned but hairless chest with appreciation. A pity, mused Jafar, that he had to die. His hand drifted from his arm to the lightly muscled chest that was now completely exposed. He was dirty yes, but the skin underneath was soft and young. Jafar thought he felt a shiver beneath his hand and he gave a smile. Lovely. A second hand joined the first lightly caressing slightly defined abdominal muscles. Thin lips curled into an unpleasant smile. Clearly all that running from the guards had some advantages.

Jafar leaned forward and inhaled the street rat’s sent before placing a light kiss on his pulse point. It was always so much easier when they were unconscious.
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