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Snow Angel

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Kouga and Kagome play in the snow.

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Snow Angel/ by FrustratedPhoenix/

Kouga gazed, transfixed, upon the miko who had stolen his heart. Unaware of his presence, Kagome stood solemnly next to an old well watching the falling snow blanket the meadow. Jealously, the Wolf Prince watched as fluffy snowflakes softly caressed the young woman's upturned face like gentle kisses. The tranquil scene was shattered as 'his woman' suddenly fell backwards, stiffly collapsing upon the snowy field.


Fear gripped Kouga's heart as he sprinted toward the fallen priestess. Skidding to a halt near Kagome, the worried demon knelt to scoop his beloved into his arms and race her to the nearest healer. Warm brown eyes stared at him in surprise. "Kouga, what are you doing here?"

The wolf demon released Kagome from his tight grip and slowly stood. Perplexed, Kouga said, "You're all right."

Amusement tinged her voice as Kagome said, "I would think you'd be relieved."

Blushing, Kouga hurriedly replied, "I am! But, you fell. Why?"

Kagome laughed as she lay back down upon the cold ground and began moving her arms and legs in the snow. "I'm making a snow angel, Silly!"

The confused wolf demon watched his beautiful, insane woman wriggle in the snow. Just as his love's movements began to inspire wicked thoughts, Kouga was snapped back to reality. Holding her gloved hands in the air Kagome commanded, "Help me up."

Grabbing the miko's outstretched hands Kouga pulled Kagome to her feet and into a close embrace. Mesmerized by the handsome demon's tempting lips mere inches from her own, Kagome didn't hear Kouga's question.

"Hm?" murmured Kagome still unable to concentrate on anything other than the cute way Kouga's fangs slightly protruded from his mouth. She watched enthralled as Kouga's lips curved into his trademark cocky grin.

"I said, 'What's a snow angel?'"

Kagome cleared her throat as she disengaged herself from Kouga's embrace, surprised that she missed the wolf demon's warmth. Attempting to regain her composure, she straightened her winter coat and pulled her cap further down to cover her ears. She avoided looking into his piercing blue eyes as she pointed to her snowy imprint upon the ground. "That's a snow angel."

Kouga dutifully stared at Kagome's creation and said, "It's very nice."

Frustrated that Kouga was merely humoring her, Kagome pointed to the snow angel's wings then flapped her arms like an albatross taking flight. "See, angel wings."

The Wolf Prince grinned wickedly showing his fangs and said, "I can tell it's supposed to be an angel, Kagome; I just don't know why you made it."

"For fun."

"Fun?" Arching an eyebrow, he asked, "How can rolling around in the snow getting cold and wet be fun?"

"Trust me, it is." Noticing his dubious expression Kagome said, "Don't knock it if you've never tried it. See for yourself, make a snow angel."

Kouga folded his arms across his chest in mock superiority. "Sorry, Kagome. Demons do not make snow angels. It goes against demon pride."

Shoving Kouga into a snowdrift Kagome said, "Then make a snow demon." She laughed hysterically as he climbed out of his deep demon shaped hole and shook the snow off his body. Kagome sweetly asked, "Now, wasn't that fun?"

Noticing the strange glint in Kouga's eyes as he walked toward her, the giggling priestess clasped her hands behind her back and smiled sweetly. Looking at him with wide, innocent eyes she meekly said, "Know what I most admire about you, Kouga? Your sense of humor, your ability to take a joke. Had I played my little joke on Inu Yasha he would have thrown a fit, but you're able to rise above such trivial matters. Yes, a sense of humor is a wonderful asset for any great leader."

Kouga stood before his intended mate. The intensity of his brilliant blue gaze caused Kagome to blush. She held her breath as Kouga lowered his face to the crook of her neck. His low, seductive growl sent a wave of heat rushing through the innocent miko's body. Moaning as Kouga's hot breath fanned across her cheek, Kagome closed her eyes and tilted her face upwards.

Kagome jerked in surprise as the snowball she had been hiding behind her back was snatched from her hands and unceremoniously dumped down the front of her blouse. As the cold melting snow dribbled down her bare skin, Kagome glared daggers at the grinning wolf demon.

"You were right, Kagome. Playing in the snow is fun." Dodging a snowball, Kouga asked, "What happened to the importance of having a sense of humor?"

"I was mistaken. Knowing when to mete out swift punishment to undeserving curs should take priority." yelled Kagome as she lobbed another snowball at the Wolf Prince.

Kouga tackled Kagome pinning her to the ground. Huskily, he said, "Good point. Now what shall your punishment be?"

After a moment pretending to give it deep thought, Kagome said, "Your absence. Leaving me here alone to reflect upon my misbehavior would be torture." She dramatically sighed. "Boy, would that teach me a lesson."

Laughing uncontrollably, Kouga collapsed atop Kagome. The miko wrapped her arms around him and held him tight, not wanting Kouga's rare moment of pure happiness to end. As his laughter subsided, Kouga became aware of two things: Kagome was holding him and she was crying.

He jerked guiltily out of her arms. "I'm sorry, Kagome." Kneeling beside her he begged, "Please forgive me."

Wiping her tears with her gloves, Kagome sniffled and said, "You didn't do anything wrong, Kouga-Kun." Raising herself to her knees, Kagome leaned toward Kouga and hugged him. Keeping her arms around him she said, "It's just that you rarely laugh."

Gently, Kouga said, "Kagome, I laugh all the time...usually at Inu Yasha."

"That's bravado. Your real laugh is warm and full of joy. When you laugh at your enemies your voice is harsh and brittle." Kagome began crying again as she whimpered, "You deserve some happiness."

Kissing her tears, Kouga whispered, "Don't you understand, Kagome?" His lips claimed hers in a tender kiss. Nipping her bottom lip, Kouga said, "You make me happy." Kouga felt Kagome's smile as he kissed her again.

Several enjoyable minutes passed before Kouga regained his senses enough to acknowledge that certain activities were best done indoors. Kouga laughed, smiling in smug satisfaction as a rumpled Kagome unsuccessfully straightened her clothing.

Tugging Kagome's cap down to cover her ears, Kouga said "Come on, the last thing I want is my woman getting sick." Holding hands they walked to Kaede's hut.
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