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Is Miroku doomed? Or will he be able to escape Kagura?

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Disclaimer: Only in my dreams do I own Inu Yasha.

The Last Act of a Desperate Monk/ by FrustratedPhoenix/


He did the only thing a man in his position could do. He reached up and squeezed Kagura's breast. It was the roundest, firmest breast he had ever fondled.

Shock had immobilized Kagura. Kanna for once in her sad, eerie life was surprised enough to drop her mirror.

Miroku held his breath.

Kagura blinked.

Miroku slowly exhaled.

Kagura blinked again.

His survival instincts finally kicking in, Miroku jumped up and knocked the fan out of Kagura's frozen grasp. He grabbed Kanna tossing her at Kagura then raced toward the safety of camp like a monk out of Hell.

The moral of the story: Seize the day.

The end.

/Author's note: /Originally, Miroku was going to die in order to remain similar to the Indian fable this is loosely based upon. But I have a soft spot for the lecher and just couldn't kill the pervert.

/FanArt: Two very talented artists have designed sketches for this ficlet. Akari's "The Strawberry Principle" can be viewed at www .deviantart .com /deviation /9827433 and MysticInca's "Grope" can be viewed at www .deviantart .com view /9880679 Enjoy and please don't forget to review.
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