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Realize (one-shot)

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Patrick can't handle it anymore!

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How many pills do you have to take until you realize I’m still here? How much alcohol do you have to drink until you realize you can’t drink me away? What can I do to make you realize this feeling is real? All I want is you, not the pill and alcohol filled person that’s sitting waiting for his life to be over, I want the sweet caring person you were when we first meet. I hate to see you destroy yourself because you’re scared of feeling anything. I feel like I’m holding on to nothing. The letter you left made fear run throw my veins.

/Patrick, I can’t take it anymore.

I called the ambulance. I knew were you would go. The only place you felt safe, the studio. What you didn’t realize is that your arms were the only place I felt safe. You may think that taking a whole bottle of pills and drinking a bottle of Vodka would end your pain but you never realize what you were doing to the people around you. I never wanted to be here right now, trying to remember how you smelt, how warm your touch was on my skin, or even how safe I felt in you arms at night. The memories are fading. I’m glad you lived to see another day, but I never want to see you another day.

/Pete, I can’t take it anymore.
Your would have been lover,
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