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Cherry Blossom Girl

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[SS] Love, loss, understanding, living and looking for feathers taken in innocence.

Category: Card Captor Sakura - Rating: PG - Genres: Romance - Characters: Syaoran - Published: 2007-11-06 - Updated: 2007-11-06 - 149 words - Complete


Cherry Blossom Girl

Cherry Blossom Girl
Why do you haunt me?
Whereupon your light
Touch me
Places long dead inside

Don't you know how much it hurts me,
Bringing dead flesh into life?

My Cherry Blossom Girl
Light smiling girl
Why do you exist in the stars?
When you are kind to the sun
And lordly in the moon?

Tell me
Where is your light heart gone
Where is the eyes that were brimming with strange love?
Your eyes covered in light velvet
I no longer understand

Why did you grow wings
And love me when I was alone?
Forcing me to hunt your feathers
Taken in forgetfulness?

How could you love me even now
And keep me from dying,

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