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Rude Awakening

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Jakken has difficulty waking Ah-Un.

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Rude Awakening/ by FrustratedPhoenix/

Ah and Un lazily opened their sleepy eyes as a little, green imp tugged their harness. They blinked at Jaken, yawned then shut their eyes. Fuming, Jaken renewed his vigorous jerking on Ah-Un's harness.

After several minutes of futile tugging, Lord Sesshoumaru's beleaguered servant grew tired of being ignored by an insolent, overgrown lizard and started screeching obscenities to the heavens. The two-headed dragon started snoring, loudly.

Enraged, the imp threw his Staff of Heads across the field. He waddled towards his weapon, picked it up and threw it again. Feeling slightly better, Jaken grabbed Ah-Un's reins and tugged.

The dragon didn't budge.

Balancing on his heels, Jaken leaned his tiny frame backwards till his bulbous head was only a foot above the ground. Ah-Un languidly stood up. As Jaken smacked his thick skull upon the ground, the two-headed dragon slowly walked over to where the Staff of Heads lay and lowered their body over it.

Ah-Un snorted in amusement as they watched the squawking imp run in small circles shaking his weak fists in the air. Growing bored they closed their eyes and fell asleep.
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