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A very short story about Shinya comforting Die. This is my first try-what do you think?

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“Ow!” yelped Die as he tried to grasp the guitar case in his hand.
“Die-san, are you alright?” asked Shinya from the bedroom on the tour bus. He peeked his head into the doorway to see the guitarist rubbing his hand.
“I’m alright Shinya,” Die answered. “I just pulled something in my hand earlier today during practice. It’s no big deal.”
He shook his golden hair, trying to show his tough side. Shinya quietly joined his side. He noticed Die’s hand was a little swollen.
“You should ice your hand and wrap it in a stretch-bandage.”
“Shinya, it’s fine. Your shoulder injury was serious, this is not.” Die gave a sigh as he tried to move his fingers. Shinya gently took Die’s hand. Die couldn’t help but feel comforted by the drummer’s tender grasp. Shinya started to massage Die’s hand, taking care not to do it too hard, but enough to ease the pain. They both sat down on the couch. As they sat, Shinya continued massaging Die’s hand. He looked into Die’s eyes, and gave him a soft smile.
“Does your hand feel any better?”
“Yes it does.” Die replied with a grin.
“I’ll go get some ice.” said Shinya. Die started to stand.
“No, I can get-” but Shinya already left the couch and came back shortly with a towel filled with ice,surgical tape, and a stretch-bandage. He sat back down and placed the cold towel onto Die’s hand. Then he placed pieces of tape around it, securing it in place. As he wrapped the bandage around his hand, Die looked at Shinya.
“You didn’t need to do all this. You know that I’ll be fine tomorrow.”
“Nevertheless, a little care wouldn’t have hurt either.” Die flopped back onto the couch pillows.
“I guess you’re right.” Shinya placed his head onto Die’s chest and grasped his free hand. Die gave it a little squeeze. They looked out the window, noting the sun that was starting to set.
“The others will be coming in soon.” Shinya replied quietly. Die gave a little laugh.
“No doubt Toshiya will be wondering what we are doing.”
They continued looking at the setting sun and started to nod off. Surely enough, they could hear the others coming and they both smiled as they heard Toshiya saying,
“Let’s wake them!”

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