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Girls can do it too.

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(Warning: The rating on this story will GO UP in this chapter. If you can not handle gore and adult situations, LEAVE)

Chapter Seven: Girls can do it too.

Kagome inwardly cursed whoever had created high heels as she stepped delicately over another pool of blood. She stubbornly ignored the murmurs and side long glances from Kouga’s people and the cops. Kouga had called her in the middle of a girls night out, so she had arrived in a slinky black dress and matching heels. What a way to make an entrance to a murder scene. As she approached the mass of what could have been a person, she slowed to a stop. The scent of rotting meat filled her nose. The scent was a familiar one; she remembered standing on the edges of a battlefield once, the sickly sweet scent of decaying flesh and blooding meat filling her nose. She drew in a deep breath, trying to steady herself.

She stiffened as she heard the murmuring behind her grew louder. She was stronger that they gave her credit for. No matter what she looked like, she was a fighter. Fought demons, humans who wished they were demons, and everything in between. Kagome bet that she had probably seen more bodies than anyone there. Her eyes settled on the bloody mass, but even after all those years of fighting and seeing massacred bodies strewn about the roadside, her mind refused to register what she was seeing. She heard some one walk up behind her, most likely a cop. When a demon came up behind you, you didn’t hear it. She ignored him and stared of the remains, waiting.

Slowly she started to recognize things, pieces of intestine strewn about the body like decorative pieces of rope gone wrong. What she had mistaken for just another piece of meat, was part of a rib cage, pieces of white bone glistening wetly in the light. She gave a little jump when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned to see one of cops standing behind her.

“Look, you don’t have to do this… We can get the other miko…-“he trailed off.

“Do you have any gloves? An evidence bag?” Kagome replied sharply. The cop stared blankly at her. Kagome felt anger growing in her, overthrowing the horror.

“Well, do you?” The kind mask of sympathy slid off his face. His lips quirked in a smirk as he handed her a pair of latex gloves and an evidence bag. She felt her hands ball into fists.

“Here you go… sweetie” his tone was mocking. She had to stop herself from simply ripping the bag out of his hands. Kagome stiffly put the gloves on and turned towards the body. As she walked over she felt the attention in the room shift to focus on her. She ignored them all. She could to do this. Kagome stopped just before her foot would have touched a stray piece of intestine. Now that she was up close, she could se the indent where the knife was. The knife itself wasn’t actually visible because is had been sunk in so deeply that the surrounding flesh had massed up around it. Kagome could feel the evil aura pulsing, being amplified by the touch of the corpses dead flesh. She rolled back her sleeves. Slowly she knelt down, carefully moving her dress out of the way so that only her knee would be exposed to the bloody floor. She had to stop herself from flinching as her knee made a wet squishing sound when it made contact with the floor. Kagome could now see things in much clearer detail. As sudden wave of scent hit her, filling her all senses with death, and she felt vomit rise in her throat. She stopped and steadied herself, and let out a shuddering breath. She opened her eyes and looked down at the body again. This was much different from having to get a jewel shard out of a demon.

She didn’t hesitate, or give herself time to think. She plunged her hand into the whole that the knife had made. She didn’t let herself stop and think about the feel of all that cold flesh squeezing in on her hand like it was trying to pull the life out of her and take it into itself. Kagome grunted softy as she had to shove more of her arm into the carcass, the knife had gone farther in than she though. She felt a small smile tug at the corners of her mouth as her fingers brushed the hilt of the knife. The aura had been dissipating as her seeking hand had gotten closer to the weapon. Kagome strained to get more of her arm into the body so she could get a better grip to pull out the knife, but from the angle she was kneeling in she didn’t have the force. She got up off her knee and crouched over the body, careful not to dislodge her arm. Kagome leaned in and pushed her arm further down into the hole. Again she felt a small smile tug at her lips as she finally grasped the hilt. She wrapped her hand around it and began to pull.

Going in, she discovered was much harder than coming out. She got some headway crouching, but in the end she had to shift her position for more leverage. By the time the knife was out, she was covered in little droplets of blood. So much for the slinky black dress. When the knife finally left its rotting tomb, Kagome let out a quiet sigh of relief. She stood up and simply stared at the knife. She really couldn’t see much of the knife, it was all covered in blood. She held it out away from her and let it drip for a few seconds. All traces of the aura had dissipated, leaving her with a plain non-threatening blood stained knife. Kagome bent down and picked up the evidence bag. It was awkward getting the knife in because the blood made it stick to the sides of the bag and slide slowly to the bottom. She sealed it and looked back over her shoulder at the cop who had mocked her, and smiled.

“Now, where should I put this?” The cop stared at her for a few seconds before motioning towards another officer. Kagome nodded in thanks and walked over to the cop. As she approached she noticed that the man in question was a demon, she could feel the slight tingling sensation she got whenever there was a demon under an illusion spell. When she got over to him he flashed her a shaky smile of thanks and took the bag from her. There was a tense silence; Kagome could tell he wanted to say something, so she waited.

“You actually didn’t have to do that you know… One of us could have withstood the aura long enough to get it out.” He looked her in the eyes, she felt like smiling because he looked concerned for her. Kagome flashed him a tired smile before replying.

“I know, but having one you do it would have been mean. I can do it without any harm done to me. So why should some one who would be hurt by it have do it?” Kagome gave him no time to reply and smiled at him again before turning towards the door. Kagome had to stop herself from running to the exit. Not shaking like a leaf was taking up a lot of concentration and talking to some one wasn’t a good option right then. She needed to go home. She needed a bath and her stuffed teddy bear. She needed a damn hug. The exit was almost within reach when Kouga literally ran into her.

“Kagome, please tell me that you did not just do what they are telling me you did.” Kagome almost stepped back in shock. His voice was tight with anger and the knuckles on his hands were white from being balled into fists so tightly. Kagome studied his face before slowly opening her mouth to answer, but Kouga cut her off.

“Never mind, I can see.” He paused, tight lipped, almost as if he had to stop himself from simply yelling at her.

“ Why? You knew we could have had someone else do that! Kagome I brought you in to purify, not to do… this” By now his handsome face was twisted with anger. Kagome sighed ad started to run her hand through her hair, but stopped halfway and stared at her hand for a few seconds before shaking her head sadly.

“Kouga… I think you have forgotten that I fought alongside Inuyasha for years. I came home covered in blood and the insides of demons more times than I can count. I stood on the edges of battlefields that were scattered with thousand of bodies, and I fought right along the rest of the group when we created our own battlefields.” She paused and took a long shuddering breath. Kouga face had changed, no longer was rage plainly written on the handsome plains, but sadness. He simply looked her in the eyes for a few moments, searching for something maybe.

“I know. I just…” he trailed off and looked away. Kagome opened her mouth to say something but closed it slowly. She really couldn’t think that would make this better. Suddenly Kouga looked up and grinned at her, it wasn’t a real smile, but it helped.

“Kagome… go take a bath.” At first she was slightly offended, but in the end she gave over to temptation and let loose a small chuckle. Kouga grinned again and stepped out of the way, letting her get to the door.


As she was walking to her car, which looked slightly out of place among all the cop cars, Kagome took a deep breath of the cold air, and smiled softly. She took her keys out as she approached her sad little car, and she heard her name. Kagome tensed and ignored the voice, hoping they would go away if she ignored the person. They didn’t.

“Kagome? Kouga just told me something I really hope you didn’t do.” The voice was much closer this time, so escaping into her car was out of the question. Kagome gritted her teeth and turned around to face Inuyasha. She winced again when she saw the expression on his face. Inuyasha was pissed, really really pissed. Kagome decided against trying to defend her self and let the irate half demon rant.

“ What the hell were you thinking?” was his cheerful opening line as he came to a stop before her. “Damn Kagome, we work hard to make sure you aren’t exposed to this kind of shit! And here you are sticking you arm into a damn corpse!” Kagome felt her self control evaporate, and her plan to give Inuyasha the same polite same speech she had given to Kouga went all to hell.

“ You work hard to protect me huh?” Kagome didn’t even realize she was yelling. ““Inuyasha, apparently you’ve forgotten all those times I had to dig through demon carcasses, wade through body parts, all those time I went into battle and came out covered head to toe in blood! I’ve fought and I have seen this kind of thing so many times I’ve lost count!” Kagome stopped herself; she was shaking by this time. Inuyasha was pale, but he still looked angry.

“How dare you try to protect me now. Now! After all this time! How dare you.” Her voice had gone quiet, and she had dropped her head, not letting Inuyasha look at her. Kagome heard him let out a shuddering breath. There was a long tense silence.

She flinched involuntarily when she felt his hand on her chin, but when she felt the gentle prick of his claws she relaxed into his hold. He gently pulled her head up and caught her eyes with his. They simply stared at each other. There was no need for words. Kagome could see all their history together, all the hurt, all the battles they had fought side by side, all the feelings left unsaid, everything that had been buried, reflected in his eyes. She didn’t even want to know what he was seeing in her eyes.

“You have blood on you face” Was all he said as he raised his other hand and ran his clawed finger softly over her check. Kagome simply stood there, shocked. He grinned at her and held up his finger that one solitary drop of scarlet on it.

“Inuyasha?” Their little patch of calm they had struggled to create was shattered by a female voice. They both tensed. Over Inuyasha’s shoulder Kagome saw a blonde in one of those red dresses and matching heels walking over to them. Kagome eyes flew to Inuyasha’s, but he didn’t seem to be taking his hand off her face. Her eyes widened as Inuyasha’s face twisted into a grimace and he winced. As the sound of her heels on the pavement grew louder he slowly drew his hands away from her. The blonde came up to them and stopped just behind Inuyasha, her hand placed possessively on his arm. The blonde proceeded to look Kagome over, her perfect face showing just how bad she though Kagome looked, her perfect plump lips twisting into a smirk. Kagome suddenly felt really really out of place. There was an awkward silence, Inuyasha standing very tense in the middle.

“Well, looks like I will be leaving now!” Kagome said cheerfully, flashing an almost blindingly cheerful smile at Inuyasha. Inuyasha just looked like a deer in the headlights, while the blonde smirked again. Kagome quickly turned and shakily tried to get her key in the car door. It seemed like an unbearably long amount of time for her to get the stupid door open. As Kagome was swinging into he seat Inuyasha seemed to find his voice. Finally.

“Kagome… go ahead and come to my office tomorrow at 10:00 like we talked about.” He cleared his voice uneasily and shifted his weight. Kagome slowly turned to get a better look at him. Inuyasha looked… nervous. She flashed another brilliant, only slightly in the blonde’s direction. ‘Talked about did we? Where was I during this conversation?’ Kagome thought sardonically.

“ Sure… I’ll be there” Was she could manage.

With that Kagome slammed the door, started the car and fled.
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