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When you're gone Sasuke, We feel Alone...

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Misume only had one chance, and she lost him. Now she's crying and trying to remember why she went to get him in the first place.

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When you’re Gone Sasuke, we feel alone…. By: Tomasena Fink

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Naruto: I will be in this one right?
Me: Of course ;) Why wouldn’t you be? You and Misume are the important ones in here, read the title, only you, Sakura and Misume really missed him.
Naruto: I knew that!
Misume: rolls eyes Sure you did, am I’m really a boy…
Naruto: REALLY?! O_o
Misume: Figure of Speech idiot…. sighs
Naruto: I am not an idiot! Take that back!
Misume: Fine, if it makes you happy, you’re a dobe!
Me: …
Naruto: cries Quit that! That makes me think of Sasuke!
Me: I’m going to start the Fanfic if you two lovebirds don’t mind… Oo…
Misume: Go ahead… And I’m sorry Naruto… hugs
Naruto: smiles
Me: Aww
Now, let’s begin!

When you’re Gone Sasuke, We feel Alone… Chapter 1:

“SASUKE! Sasuke! Where are you!?” Misume yelled, her worry rising to great panic. “SASUKE!!!! PLEASE ANSWER!!!!!” Still nothing, this was becoming a nightmare. “How could I have lost him like that!? Damnit!” She yelled again, slamming her fist into a tree, splitting in two.

She had to find him…

With no time to loose, Misume quickly spread her wings out and took off at the speed of sound. “I’ve got to find him… Before it’s too late….” She looked around the whole forest, making sure to use her demon nose to track him down if she didn’t see him. “Come on… Where are you Uchiha…?” To her astonishment, she couldn’t even pick up his scent, like it died. Her eyes widened. “No, he’s not dead… He can’t be…” Misume continued to fly around the area; she just got him back, why now did she have to loose him?

It all started after Naruto returned, failing the Retrieval of Sasuke mission…

~Two years Ago~

Misume paced back and forth impatiently, where the hell was Kakashi? Late probably, he always was. “I hope nothing bad happened to any of the boys…. I’d never forgive myself if any of them got hurt… That’s it, I have to talk to Tsunade…” Misume muttered, walking to the Hokage Faces.

In the meantime, Hinata was over at the same place Misume was going to. She was having a nice conversation with Tsunade till she heard a: “OLD BITCH!!!! I NEED TO TALK TO YOU, NOW!”

The hokage sighed. “Sorry Hinata… What do you want Misume-chan?”

“Please, you must let me go to get them! I can help!”
“I already told you to stay behind-“
Tsunade sighed, getting through to Misume was like trying to break through a brick wall, which was easy for her. “Please, try to understand Misume, Naruto needs to do this on his own… He needs to learn he can’t always get what he wants…”
Misume glared evilly at her. “Don’t forget, Sasuke betrayed me too old bitch…”

Hinata listened to the conversation, back and forth. Misume did have a point, she was very close to Sasuke, he just up and left. But Tsunade had a point as well, if Misume went in to intervene, she’d loose Naruto’s trust as well as his friendship.

Misume’s eyes hollowed, she didn’t need this, but, deep inside her heart, there was a feeling that she had never felt before, what was it? Her attention drew to Hinata while Tsunade was trying to state a point. Hinata was always there for her, all the time, even when Misume felt like she wanted to kill, Hinata came to comfort her, maybe she could help her out.

“Alright Misume, no mission till one of the boys come back, okay?”
“Fine… Hey Hinata, can we go somewhere and talk?”

“I-I guess…”
Misume nodded and put her hands in her pockets; she’s always done that since Sasuke started doing that. Misume began to walk with Hinata following behind. The Hyuuga bowed to the hokage and she said they’d talk later.

“Can I ask you something Hinata-sama?”
Hinata blushed slightly. “Y-Yeah…. Anything….”
“What’s it like to cry?”

Hinata thought about her question, To cry? Why would she ask that? She looked at Misume for a moment before answering. “W-Why would you ask that Misume-chan? I-I mean…. Is there a reason you’re asking that?”

“Just curious… I’ve never cried before… I just wondered what it’s like, since I’ve seen you cry and all…” Misume answered, looking out into the horizon, the clouds were moving in, it would rain soon.

“W-Well… If you want to know…” Hinata said, this would be difficult to explain. She fully understood Misume had no emotion after that frightening experience when she was little, Misume really felt nothing; she was as cold as Sasuke, maybe even worse. “Well…. Normally, people cry over a lot of things… Like, the loss of a family member or loved one. Loosing someone you cared about for a long time, being rejected by a boy or girl you have had a crush on. There are a lot of reasons… Sometimes, people cry for no reason, or they’re happy.”

Misume listened closely, her mind stopped when she said, “loosing someone you cared about for a long time.” That shut Misume’s mind down. She’s known Sasuke ever since she was seven years old, that’s a long time. Misume was very close to him; she’s gotten secrets out of him that Naruto, Kakashi, or even any fangirl wouldn’t know. Sasuke just leaving the house that night, made her go crazy, so many emotions went around her heart. Orochimaru developed her as a child with no emotion supposedly, bullshit. Misume knew she had emotion, it was just bottled up. “Thanks Hinata…. That’s what I wanted to know…” She said softly, hugging the Hyuuga.

Shocked by this, Hinata hugged her back; Misume only did this if she was about to do something crazy, or if Hinata was crying. “M-Misume?”

“Hinata… I have to go… I need to help Naruto-“
“If you do, he’ll never forgive you!”
Misume began to hold Hinata closer, closing the empty space between them. “I have to Hinata, I can’t just stand by here and do nothing… That’s not my style…” She whispered, her dragon tail wagging slowly. “So, this is my good-bye Hinata-sama…”

Hinata pulled back slightly. “Don’t leave! Please Misume-chan! Think about what Tsunade said! P-Please Misume…”

“I promise I’ll come back Hinata, you don’t need to worry about me….” Misume replied, using her right hand to caress Hinata’s cheek. “I’ll come back soon… That’s a soul promise… Okay?”

“M-Misume, you speak almost as if-“ Before Hinata could finish her sentence; Misume placed her lips to Hinata’s, giving her a passionately slow kiss.

Hinata didn’t know how to respond, what was Misume doing? She did realize that she’s kissing another girl right?

As if I’m in love with you right?

Hinata’s eyes opened wide, Misume just said she loved her.

Before Hinata had a time to protest, or even talk to her, Misume disappeared in a cloud of smoke, leaving Hinata to ponder her thoughts in the rain.

I will come back for you Hinata, just wait for me….
~End of Chapter 1~

Me: Well~?
Naruto: Yuri? Misume-chan and Hinata-chan? I can see that….
Misume: I loved it, you’re good Toma-san ^.^
Me; Thank you for the opinions, I’d love to hear Sasuke’s though…~
Sasuke: … It was okay…
Me: WOOT! Now, it’s the Fanfic readers, let’s see if they like it.

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