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Brook just never quit trying. This was a fact that Kakashi had learned to live with. Overseeing her training, then training with her had taught him these things.

Her white hair flew behind her as she took another running start at him, the red streaks looked like blood coming from her scalp. He readied himself for the impact of her punch, but easily deflected it. He flung her back but she hit the ground running. Her agility still amazed him, the graceful way she fought was like watching a ballet- except, the last time he checked, your life wasn't at stake when you watched a ballet.

Kakashi took half a step forward, and she stopped mid-run, small clouds of gray dust coming up at where she skidded to a stop. She eyed him warily, analyzing his every move. His eyes flickered to her feet, which were still obscured by the dust.

Then she was gone. The flash-step had surprised him, and he was blind sighted by the immense blow to the side of his head, causing him to bite his cheek and make it bleed.

She was in front of him, ten feet ahead, and her face was impassive.

"I give." He said, wanting to go home to take off his mask to spit out the blood.

"Was that to hard for you old-timer?" She asked as a huge grin spread across her face and her stance was forgotten.

She walked to him, as a dark spot started to spread on his black mask. She laughed quietly, the sound was soothing, but made the hair stand up on the back of his neck. Brook had some of the best medic skills for a ninja that wasn't a medic that Kakashi knew, and she took his face in her hands and felt the side of his head where she had hit him, feeling for breaks or contusions.

She held his face in her hands, feeling for lose teeth. She had good medic skills because she hated the hospital, but got injured quite frequently, so she needed the skills or she wouldn't be able to fight anymore. She had also learned that Kakashi knew how to take care of himself, but she liked to help.

"I bit my cheek, that's all." He told her. The day had begun to get darker, and the sky was streaked in brilliant shades of purple and pink and dark blue on the eastern horizon, the first stars started to show in the sky.

She nodded, but her fingers lingered on his face for one more second, not that he noticed. She wished so badly that she knew what he looked like under that mask, and she felt with her hands whenever she got he chance, trying to put together the puzzle.

"You ready to go home?" he asked as her hand dropped to her side and slipped into her pocket.


They walked quietly, Kakashi rubbing his jaw often.

"Are you sure you don't want me to look at that when we get back?" She asked him.

"Maybe if it hurts bad enough. I think you might have knocked one of my teeth loose." He smiled down at her. The only way she could tell was that it touched his eyes. She looked at him carefully, trying to read his eyes. He laughed at her, putting his arm around her like a dad or abrother, but was oblivious to what was really going on in his mind.

They got back to the house and Brook sprinted for her room. She came back out in thirty seconds, looking at him rubbing his jaw. "Do you want me to look at that?"

"I don't want you to see. I want you to tell me if Ineed to see a dentist or not." He looked at her, confused. "But I don't want you to see."


"This is the only mystery I have over you."

Her white hair moved gently with her head as she tilted it to one side in confusion. A red streak fell across her face. He stood up and walked to her, lifting it out of her face. She blushed lightly as his fingers brushed her face.

"It's the only mystery I hold over anyone." His voice was quieter now, close to a whisper.

"Why do you need the mystery?" She asked as her heart sped up and their eyes locked. His eyes always look so calm, she thought.

"Its just nice to have." He stepped closer to her. Her heart raced under her shirt. Her breathing stayed normal. Shivers erupted from her shoulders and traveled down her back, causing her breathing to break suddenly. Kakashi suddenly realized what was happening. He took a step back and she dropped her gaze.

"So, uh... Do you want me to look at your mouth or do you just wanna go wash it out?" Her heart started slowing. She thought for a second that she would be able to breath. Then he said it.


Her heart seemed to stop. The mere thought of being able to see behind that mask was heart stopping. She struggled to regain her composure. She failed.

Kakashi laughed at her. "You could pick up your jaw any time now."

"Don't you laugh at me, Kakashi." She said her composure regained. "I'm about to take away your mystery, old man." She smiled at him as he walked to the kitchen and sat in one of the chairs. Brook sat on the table so she could see into his mouth more easily. As if I am actually going to look at his mouth, She thought to herself. She smiled at the thought and Kakashi looked at her, puzzled.

"Is your mouth still bleeding?" She asked as she looked around the kitchen for a towel.


"How bad?" She walked into the bathroom, looking for antiseptic, realized she wouldn't need it, then walked back into the kitchen.

"As bad as when you hit me."

"Have you been swallowing the blood?"

"No. I spit it out."

She eyed him warily. "Okay. Whatever. Open wide."

When he didn't pull down his mask, Brook reached toward his face. When she was less than an inch away, his hand flashed up to grab hers. She looked into his eyes, trying to read what was there. She failed.

"What's wrong?"

He let go of her hand. Her hand touched his mask, the black fabric wrinkling under her touch. Her lips parted slightly, revealing some of her perfect teeth. His one eye showed no emotion. She slipped one finger under the fabric, feeling the scar that ran down his face; his skin was cool and comforting. She pulled lightly on the fabric, moving it an inch. She pulled the rest of the mask down.

She stopped breathing. His face was pale in the most beautiful way. Her fingers traced the scar that ran to his jawbone shivers ran up her spine. She knew that story well. Kakashi just analyzed her face. Her mouth was open now, and he could see her canine teeth, that were really fangs, start to come out of her gums. This happened whenever she became overwhelmed by any emotion. He wondered what emotion she felt right now. Her eyes looked clouded over, as if she had just woken up.

She took her eyes away and shook her head, trying to clear her thoughts again. When he looked at her again, her eyes were as clear as always, the red shining like the sun.

"So, uh, open up."

Kakashi opened his mouth and Brook looked at his teeth, told him he was fine and free to go. But, Kakashi just stood up.

"So I have no mystery anymore?" He said. His mask still hung limply around his neck. Brook struggled to talk, his beauty had this effect on her.

"I s'pose you don't. Not towards me anyway." Breathing evenly was still hard for her.

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