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Untitled Halloween Fic

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Naruto/Sasuke with Sakura being obsessive Written for a friend but i'm not up on the series so its major AU. Yup its short.

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"Hey, Sasuke what are you going as this weekend?" Sakura asked grabbing on to his side.

"If I tell you you'll just go as a character that's the love interest, won't you?" Sasuke replied affixing her with a glare.

"I would never do that. I'm going as Juliet. Oh, you could be Romeo. That would be awesome."

"Go away, please."


"Hey, Sakura guess what. I'm going as Romeo this weekend how about you?" Naruto said bounding into the room. Sakura's eyes started to tear up before she ran out of the room in hysterics.


"I heard her when I was outside. She's really desperate for your attention. I couldn't help but to lend you a hand."

"I already said thanks! What more do you want for m me!?" Sasuke yelled as he stormed out of the room.

"What did I do now?" Naruto said defeated to the now empty room.



Sakura sat at a table closest to the door so she'd be able to get to Sasuke the fastest. She had finally decided to go as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, thanks to Naruto having ruined her Juliet scheme.


"Hey Sasuke what cha doing out here?" Naruto said slowly approaching his brooding classmate. "Wow, nice Angel costume by the way. You look just like him, you even have the brooding down."

"Sakura came as Buffy. And I thought this would be a safe choice," Sasuke said not even turning to face Naruto.

"Oh come on. I'll keep her off you, I promise," Naruto said grinning as Sasuke turned around.

"Oh, man. Sakura's going to be so pissed when she sees you, Naruto. Or should I just call you Buffy tonight?" Sasuke laughed as he saw Naruto. They walked in together smiling even though they were being openly gawked at. Sakura's wails could be heard over the music.

"Naruto, how could you take my Sasuke away from me?" she cried.

"I was always his," replied Sasuke before he kissed the blushing Naruto.

"Well, that explains your mood swings," Naruto said shyly before dragging Sasuke onto the dance floor away from the shrieking Sakura.
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