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Okay, this chapter is Brendon reflecting on Ryan. Once again really fluffy!

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Everyday we are surrounded by pictures

Pictures of people, picture of objects

Pictures of cartoon and fictional characters

Pictures of emotions

My face is a picture of emotions

My eyes glisten like the morning sun when I’m happy

They sink into my head amongst dark clouds when I’m sad

When I cry, it’s as if I’m crying the ocean

My tears, salty and shimmering, roll down my face when I think of your past

My lips, supple and red, part ever so slightly when the thought of you enters my mind

My mouth, my tongue, they long to accept your offer

The offer of your sweet taste

My cheeks, rosy red, show a natural blush whenever you’re near

My face can be read like a book,
But can yours?

Your eyes, as heavenly brown as chocolate, show all the pain of the years, of the past

Your smile warms me through to the deepest part of my heart and soul

Thick locks of your hair covering your face

I shiver when I brush them away from your eyes

Shiver, because your skin is so soft, so smooth

And when you caress my arm with your strong hand

I tremble all over

My knees go weak

And when I do finally taste the offer you give me

I never want to let go, let the chance of your gift pass me by

And I know you will never leave me

Not by the three words you mutter against my neck

But by the way you sigh when we touch, when we kiss

And the way you groan when I have to leave

I know this is me

And you are sure of the person you are becoming

And we are in love

And nothing can tear us apart

But I soon find out this is all a fantasy

A way to mess with my mind, my head

I roll over in bed, and find you watching me sleep

Your arm around my waist

It was real

Dreams can come true

And mine has

And your name, your sweet, sweet name

I know, and I love, but I don’t tell

Because I’m so in love, that it doesn’t matter, names don’t matter

And you turn to me, and mutter those three words to me

I say them back, again and again

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