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The Only Reason

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After a breakup three years ago, Zac & Vanessa find themselves in Tokyo together for their movie premieres. Will one Tokyo night be enough to convince them what they knew all along?

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WT: The Only Reason
Genre: Alternate Future, Romance, Drama, Humor
Main Characters: Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens
Pairings: Zac & Vanessa
Listen to: It’s Not Just Me by Rascal Flatts
Summary: After a breakup three years ago, Zac & Vanessa find themselves in Tokyo together for their movie premieres. Will one Tokyo night be enough to convince them what they knew all along?

The Only Reason

Tokyo Nights

“Wow, you still look beautiful,” his voice said behind the young starlet who was halfway around the world for her own movie premiere. She straightened her back and stared back in the mirrored bar, watching him step closer to where she was seated at. It had been years since they had last spoken to each other, literally. The only news she had heard about was what she learned from the television – when she had a chance to watch – and from her best friend, who loved to gossip until no end. Between the new CD, the premiere and Ashley’s upcoming wedding, it was no contest or question that she was swamped and was completely out of the loop when it came to knowing why he was in the same place and the same time. The last she had heard, from said best friend Ashley, was that he was in Rome, filming another romantic comedy, that didn’t star her as the lead.

Vanessa Hudgens, starlet extraordinaire, wiped the loose hair from her eyes and swiveled on the stool to look back at him – the love of her life – Zac Efron. “Why are you here?” she softly asked as he took the seat next to her. Mentally slapping herself for the stupid greeting, she saw his eyes drop down and tried to think of a clever way to clean up that sorry excuse for a ‘hi’. “I mean…fancy meeting you here?” Vanessa was now laughing at herself, declaring herself a dork all the while trying to make the right words come out of her mouth. But then again, she really didn’t know what to say to him – not after the way things horribly ended three years ago.

“I have a premiere too,” he simply replied, flagging down the bartender for a fresh drink as she swiveled back and he leaned back in the stool.

“I seem to have forgotten that…huh, sorry,” she apologized for nothing in general and watched him drink the beverage he was served. Who knew that after all this time they were actually drinking something together that didn’t involve fruity ingredients? “I did hear that it’s a good movie though. Lots of good reviews.”

“Yours too. I mean, Damon’s leading lady? I knew you would score that role sooner or later,” he flashed her a smile, setting his glass back down and shifting on the stool to gaze at her profile as she spoke.

“Yeah, not something that was really planned. Just sort of happened,” Vanessa admitted and let her fingers skim over the rim of the cranberry colored glass that was mixed with a little vodka. “How’s Danielle? I miss her.”

“You should call her, actually, please do. With Kay in London now and Brenda almost living on a plane, the girl is torturing me. She misses you too.” I miss you, Zac thought as her fingers laced through her soft curls once more, brushing the obsidian locks out of her eyes. Still dressed in a long scarlet silk gown, Zac was absolutely telling the truth that she was beautiful. Maybe even more beautiful since he last stood before her. “How’s life for you?”

Vanessa chuckled at his question, shaking her head and then quietly smiling to herself. This was going to be fun….


“You know, you didn’t have to pay,” the slightly tipsy actress told her once upon a time lover as they walked side by side towards the elevator to escape to their suites.

“What did I tell you Vanessa?”

“You didn’t let me finish,” she said to him, “but I thank you. I think I just really needed that.”

“We all need it sometimes,” Zac said, hopping in the elevator as soon as it opened and pressed his floor. “What floor?”

“Same as yours.”

“How convenient,” he joked as the doors flew in front of them. Leaning against the wall in back, he watched her search for her suite key in the small clutch she was carrying. He did not think it was at all possible for anyone to grow into what she had – she was the portrait of grace, elegance, beauty and strength all in one and he found himself trying to think of why they actually went their separate ways. He remembered managers and publicists and it all got tangled so much that it was now a blur. Both had since hired new people who were actually relationship friendly so there were no more problems on that front. He tore his eyes away only to see the elevator doors opening on their floor. Extending his hand for her to exit, Zac took a deep breath and followed her out determined to be the slowest walker just to spend one more second with her.

“You don’t have to walk me back,” Vanessa said, on the verge of a giggle, recalling that when they were dating, he wouldn’t have it any other way.

“You know me,” Zac smirked over at her as she smiled back. She did…very well in fact. She knew that green was his favorite color was green even if he told all the magazines it was blue. She knew that only his mother called him David Jr. when she wanted his attention. She knew that if given the choice, he would give up acting entirely to become a surfer with a beach house in Hawaii. Vanessa sometimes thought that he should’ve been born a fish because he loved the water that much. “It’s something that I do.”

“I know,” she gazed back at him and brushed her fingertips with his, “I like that it’s something you do,” she stopped and looked at the number on the closest door. It was hers. How….inconvenient. As much as she wanted to rest for the plane tomorrow sometime, she didn’t want to part ways when they had only just begun again. “This is me.”

“Oh, okay,” he tried to not let her hear the disappointment in his voice, but there was no use in stopping it. Shoving his hands in his pockets as she turned to open her door, Zac rocked back on his heels, really not sure what to do. He knew that he wanted to do, but it probably wasn’t what she was thinking.

Vanessa threw her clutch to the nearest surface inside the suite and licked on the closest light that illuminated the entrance way. She turned back around and locked his sky blue eyes with her chocolate ones. It was a bit of an uncomfortable-comfortable silence between them at the moment. They both didn’t know what to do from here. It wasn’t like they did this everyday. “So, I guess this is goodnight,” Vanessa’s soft voice broke the silence off and she took a big chance on her end, stepping forward and placing a soft kiss on his cheek.

Zac stood there for a moment as her lips grazed his skin and was loving the feeling. She lingered closer to him for a moment longer and he knew a chance when he saw it – and he wasn’t going to let it go. As Vanessa stepped back in place, he leaned in and touched her lips to hers, pulling her into a sensuous, deep kiss. And then it happened again. For what seemed like ages, they both felt something they hadn’t felt in a long time with anyone else ever: sparks.

Surprised at first, Vanessa loosened up and returned the kiss, feeling him step a bit closer again and his arms finding their way around her slimming waist. A feeling that she had grown accustomed to - they belonged there. His hands slid down her silky dress, bunching material in his fists as her arms folded across the back of his neck and the kiss surpassed the innocent line and was on the borderline of sinful and passionate.

Letting her hands loose of his neck, she slowly ran them down his shirted chest and let the cool fabric rest in her own palms. Zac leaned them back against the door frame and slowly broke the fiery kiss, his lips still lingering close to hers as they caught their breath.

“Wow…” he whispered between them, her fingers still lay upon his chest and his arms around her. He opened his eyes slowly and smiled seeing hers still closed. “Vanessa…”

“Wow is right,” she cut him off, leaning back in to kiss him again and walked him into her room. They both had no clue what was happening right now. All they knew was that they wanted each other badly. Heat raced through the brunette’s fingers as she walked backwards, kicking off her shoes and trying to strip Zac of his own clothing.

His foot kicked the door shut and he followed her lead, his arms being pushed back as she slid his jacket off of him and it hit the ground with a small thud, covering her shoes. Finding them up against another wall, Zac weaved his fingers through her soft curls and let out a moan as his lips and started to trail down her soft, glistening skin.

Tilting her head back, Vanessa let out a soft moan, pulling his shoulders closer – just wanting to feel his body against hers again. With fingers trembling of a sensation she couldn’t describe, Vanessa found her way back to his button down shirt and looped their way out of their holes. Letting the deep blue shirt hang on his upper body, she stopped at the touch of his lips on his once favorite spot on her body. “God, Zac…” she whimpered breathless as her hands roamed up his chiseled chest and her fingertips lightly tapped across his well defined abs that she missed.

Zac pulled away from her skin, just long enough to gaze into her eyes for the confirmation he was looking for. His fingers had long ago found the zipper of her dress and he wanted nothing more than to rip the satin off of her the minute their legs rubbed up against each other. Now, with a definite decision in both their minds, Zac placed a sweet kiss on her exposed shoulder and slowly pulled the zipper down her silhouette.

Vanessa shivered at his hands guiding the twisted straps off of her shoulders, and let her breaths steady from the heat that was still there. His feet moved forward and he pulled her with him, the dress pooling at her feet. Arms were intertwined, kisses were ignited, legs hit the bed softly, lacy underclothes and boxers were shed, sheets were tangled up in and sweet love was made.


Tokyo did not have a culture name like Paris had the City of Lights or New York had the Big Apple. It was simply a giant metropolis with eight million people living inside all running to and from jobs, families and such. There was nothing particularly special about Tokyo either….other than it was amazing and the best international trip she had been on thus far in her life. Leaning her head back into his frame, Vanessa peered out the wide window that she face and felt the soft lips of a man she still loved brush her bar shoulders and wander down her side. Tokyo, like London, had just made her favorite city list.

A soft giggle escaped her body as his hand tickled her hip, his fingers still teasing her skin. The brunette shifted from her position on the mattress and turned to face him as his arms fell perfectly onto her waist, gripping it protectively. “That was amazing.”

“You were amazing,” he corrected her, brushing a hair away from the eyes that mesmerized him.

“I haven’t felt that since…”

“Hawaii,” he finished for her and then remembered their city, “and London,” he captured her lips with his and caressed them softly. She leaned into the kiss, returning it fully. It wasn’t like the former kisses where it was all about lust and want. This one was a true Zac-kiss: complete with those elements plus desire and passion and love.

Leaving his hands tangled in her tousled brown hair, Zac pulled her body closer to him, need to feel her against him. “God, Vanessa,” he said, his breath right upon her swollen lips, “I miss you.” He gulped and watched her open her eyes widely. Licking his lips, his hand roamed up her bare, silky arm as he spoke again, “I miss not bring able to call you in the middle of the night just because I wanna hear your voice. I miss sitting next to you and not running my hands through your hair. I miss your laugh, your smile, your eyes, your kiss. And I absolutely hate that I’m not the one you run to anymore when you’re upset,” Zac looked back at her, hoping for some type of reaction. And he got one.

Stray tears streamed down the side of her face and as she attempted to wipe them away, Zac pulled her hands away and brushed his thumbs over the tiny rivers. “I wanna be that guy again, I’m still in love with you,” he whispered into her ear as she buried her face into his chest and he wrapped his arms around her. “I never stopped.”

Vanessa inhaled Zac’s scent, listening to his words as her heart sped up at the last three. “Zac?” she muffled before he loosened his grip around her and brushed her hair back from her beautiful face again. “Why did we break up before? Do you remember?” she asked him, stealing a kiss before he answered, “I don’t remember.”

“I remember a rumor,” kiss, “and a fight,” kiss, “and a special delivery from your sister the day after,” he kissed her again, trying to prove that he really did want another chance with her. But kisses weren’t what she needed.

“Zac, stop,” Vanessa pushed away from him and sat up with the sheet still around her body. He propped up on his elbow and watched her exhale deeply. He knew what she was doing. Even after three years apart, he knew exactly what she was doing – she was trying to think of every single reason why they wouldn’t work.

“It’s not gonna work, you know,” Zac smirked at her as she looked back at him with an soft glare.

“Yes it is,” Vanessa paused, “the press.”

“They love us together.”

“Our reps.”

“Last time I checked, Kailin didn’t care who I was with and Crystal? She’ll just have to get used to me.”

“Then what about Corbin?”

“Still friends. He can keep secrets from you,” Zac chuckled as she huffed and crossed her arms over her middle. “I’ll give you the only reason you’ll ever need, Van,” he spoke softly, sitting up and pulling her back into his frame, cupping her cheek to make her look straight at him, “I love you.” Without a second thought, Zac seized her lips and wasn’t about to let go, even whining when she pulled away again.

“I want my ring back,” Vanessa smiled into the curve of his mouth as he snickered and his hands pulled her face further into him, kissing her as they lay back in bed together. She was most definitely getting that ring back.

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