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20 Things: Retards vs Doctors

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Twenty things about Hokuto and Akiha, because they're never going to have a fairy tale romance.

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01. Digital photos have their place but there is something about film that he loves. The way you bend over it in the darkroom and watch the prints swim slowly into clarity. Senpai's face fading into colors or shades of grey.

02. The first time they actually ever kissed -- and by kissed Akiha means 'senpai kissed him back instead of standing there like an early Christian martyr being snuffled by lions' -- he wanted to take a picture of it, but then he knew that it would just be the outside seeming. One moment, when what he saw was many seconds.

And then senpai punched him, but that was totally okay.

03. Hokuto has a terrible feeling that That Idiot actually thinks being dumped from the couch and hitting his head on the coffee table is a sign of love.

04. Once Akiha woke up and senpai and the cat were staring at each other, the cat sitting primly on senpai's chest. Both their eyes were crossed slightly with the effort and the cat was swaying dangerously, almost hypnotized. Akiha tried to get his camera but they broke their staring contest long enough to glare at him. He sank back meekly and they went back to staring at each other. A silent communication, he thought. He could almost hear the cat purring.

05. Hokuto never ever gives That Cat treats when That Idiot is in the apartment. It's a matter of pride.

06. Akiha was a gangly freshman in high school when he first saw senpai. He was standing by a wall on the school grounds, and Akiha thought, Oh. He had his camera with him and he took a picture of him, almost instinctively. When he developed it he saw that senpai was staring half-angrily at another boy, one with dark hair and a cold smile.

07. Ebi and Hokuto get along a lot better than you might think. If nothing else they can spend hours peacefully discussing the latest retarded antics of That Idiot.

08. Akiha is sort of allergic to cigarette smoke but he doesn't complain about it because he likes the smell of the ones that senpai smokes. It takes him a few weeks to realize that senpai has stopped smoking around him, and then he doesn't dare say a word because /what if senpai minds/?

09. When That Idiot left That Cat in his apartment, it was small and cute and helpless-looking, and Hokuto stupidly gave in to its small piteous mewing sounds and let it sleep on the bed for one night.

It is now about fifteen pounds and insists on sleeping on his pillow, purring like a jackhammer and sometimes grooming his eyebrows.

10. Ebi eventually takes to waving a bottle of disinfectant under his nose when he's upset, because the smell reminds him of senpai and he calms down.

11. "I," says Hokuto, with the barely suppressed venom of someone who has just spent three hours of hell while someone coos over his baby pictures/, "I am /never taking you to see my family again."

12. He wakes up and his throat hurts and he's cold and shivering but the blankets are too heavy. Just the flu, he thinks groggily, and then senpai says, gruffly, "Lie down, you idiot", and strokes his hair away from his clammy forehead.

"I'm not going to /die/, am I?" he quavers.

"What the hell makes you think that."

"You're being nice," he says.

"Oh for God's sake. No, you idiot, you're not going to die unless I kill you. Go to sleep."

13. Also, it really drives Hokuto nuts when he realizes the faint and pleasant scent that surrounds him and puts him in a fairly good mood despite being surrounded by idiot teenagers is due to him accidentally wearing one of Akiha's shirts.

Because. How stupid is that.

14. One of these days he will take senpai to Paris and maybe New York and everybody will think, "who is that wonderful man beside Mr Hara? A model?" and he will smile mysteriously.

And then senpai will probably kick him -- but it will be a romantic kick under the Eiffel Tower.

15. Akiha knew they were a couple the day Hokuto-senpai made him attend Rio's college entrance ceremony because "if I'm going to be bored out of my mind, so are you."

16. Hokuto is never, ever going to tell anybody about the sudden hard-on in the photography shop.

17. Once someone tried to get Akiha to do a fetishy doctor layout for a magazine and he got halfway through the meeting to
explain it and then Ebi had to politely refuse it because he was shaking with laughter.

18. Among other humiliating things is Hokuto's new tendency to save out the pastries when someone gives him gift baskets.

19. Ebi is a little cross when senpai drags Akiha out by the ear and returns looking triumphant in the passenger seat of a car with actual leg room, but she's grateful enough that she doesn't needle either of them about it.

20. "Are we going to live happily ever after?" he asks.

"We don't even know what that /is/," says Hokuto, crossly.

"Can we find out?" Akiha's voice is wistful.

Hokuto thinks about this for a second. "Eventually," he grunts, and turns away.
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