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Legends of the Fall

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Fall out from the welcoming feast. Draco gets spanked. Snape gets spanked (again) Ginny abused.

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A/N: I do not own Harry Potter. But you knew that.

Harry Potter and The Acts of Betrayal

Chapter Eleven - Legends of the Fall

The girls had left for the evening; Tracy was still in Daphne's room and might be all night. Hermione was preparing for bed. She brushed her teeth, and then brushed out her hair. She pulled on a black silk wrap, and exited her room to go to Harry. There was something exciting, something forbidden, about doing what she was going to do tonight here at Hogwarts.

She quietly entered and eased the door closed behind her. She could hear his deep rhythmic breathing and knew he was asleep. She undid her wrap and let it fall to the floor as her eyes adjusted to the dim moon light. He lay on his back, his left arm over his eyes, quiet snores coming from his open mouth.

Naked, she slid into the bed beside him, then pushed the blankets and sheet to the foot of the bed and woke him with a kiss.

"Hermione? I thought you'd be with the girls for a while."

"They've gone back to their dorms Harry. As much as I love them, I wouldn't give up a night with my husband for them." She kissed him again, and then trailed down his chest. She freed him from his boxers, and took him in her mouth.

"Hermione! Not like that!" He pulled her up so that they were face to face. "That's what Ron did to you."

"Ron did everything to me Harry. If we didn't do what Ron did to me, we wouldn't even be holding hands. I've come to grips with what he's done to me. This isn't about Ron and me; this is about you and me. Iknow that men like oral sex. I know that Ron liked it. I've listened to other girls talk about what their boyfriends like. More importantly, I've heard and seen the sick little fantasies you have in your head. You told me that Tonks never did this. Let me try this Harry. If you don't like it, we can quit. It's important to me that I'm your first at something." She smiled shyly. "Besides, I hear that one of the best ways to say 'thank you' is to return the favor..."


Harry entered the Great Hall alone. Both Hermione and Daphne had decided that it was far too early to be up on a Saturday morning, so he had gone for a run around the lake. Following the run with a shower he found himself ravenous, which led him to the Great Hall for his favorite Hogwarts meal.

7 am was far too early for Ron to be about so he took a seat at the Gryffindor table, and started to tuck into some eggs and bacon. He performed seven different charms to detect potions and poisons, only after all seven came up clear he began to eat.

"Good Morning Harry."

Harry didn't even look up from his plate. "Good Morning Ginny. Go away Ginny."

She slid onto the bench beside him and moved in close. "Is that anyway to treat an old friend?"

"Just looking out for your survival 'old friend'. Both of my wives have been fairly vocal about what they would do to 'the Potions Princess' if they found you with in 5 meters of me." Harry pointedly vanished the goblet nearest her, picked up another, and placed it on the side of his plate opposite her before filling it with pumpkin juice. "Hermione plans on killing you as painfully as possible, while Daphne is far more creative, her solution would involve you being unable to nurse any children you manage to accidentally have."

"Like you'd let them do that."

For the first time he looked up from his plate to gaze into her eyes. "Let them? Princess, I would sell tickets. Go away."

"I can sit anywhere I want Harry Potter."

Harry shrugged. "Your funeral."

Neville Longbottom sat down across from Harry and began filling his own plate. "Good morning Harry, how was your evening?"

"Just fine Nev, yours?"

"Most entertaining, you and your ladies caused quite a stir last night, especially when word got out about the Weasley's and their potions."

"You told people about the potions?" Ginny was horrified.

"Oh, I'm sorry Princess, was the fact that you are aconniving backstabbing bitch and your brother a depraved rapist supposed to be a secret? What can I say but 'Oops!'?"

"Cheating on your whores already Potter?"

"Good Morning Malfoy. This is your only warning, go away, and take your buttboys with you."

"Maybe you need to learn your place halfblood."

Harry didn't turn around; his magic told him that Malfoy had drawn his wand. With a thought, a shaft of force crushed the wand and three of the fingers used to grip it. Two more bolts of force slammed into the groins of Crabbe and Goyle, letting them slump to the ground in pain. Malfoy was shoved into the wall and held there by Harry's magic.

Potter rose from the table, and approached the struggling Malfoy scion. As he approached, the pressure on the Slytherin increased until he could barely breathe.

"Recently everyone seems to be extremely interested in my knowing my place. Speaking of my place Draco, who am I?"

"Harry Potter"

"Very good Draco, but who am I to you?"

"You are Lord Black." The reply came through gritted teeth.

"And you know Draco, being a huge believer in pure blood traditions, just what I can do to you for that insult to my lovely wives."

"Release Him now Potter."

"Not now Professor, you are interfering in a Black family honor hearing, which may become an honor duel."

"I said release him now Potter." Snape hissed.

"And I told you to mind your own business Professor. And if you pull that wand, I'll shove it so far up your ass, your eyes will glow when you say 'Lumos'." His attention returned to Draco. "So Draco, what IS the punishment for insulting the wives of the Head of an Ancient and Noble house?"

Panic filled the Slytherin's eyes. "An Honor duel."

"Very good Draco, but I don't want to kill you that would be too kind. What could I do to you that would hurt you so much more? I'll give you a hint; it involves your favorite threat: "when my father hears." What do you think it is?"

Snape moved to put his hand on Harry's shoulder, and found himself pressed into the wall as well, unable to move.

"You wouldn't."

"The very next time you annoy me in anyway, I'll dissolve your parent's marriage Draco, I'll demand the return of Narcissa's dowry, which according to my account managers would bankrupt the Malfoy's, and leave you apenniless bastard both figuratively and literally. Would dear Lucius expend much energy keeping you when you can no longer inherit? Not even a pureblood anymore because a bastard cannot claim it. How long do you suppose you'd survive like that?" He smiled. "Last warning Draco. I'm not in the mood for your crap this year. Oh and go ahead, tell your daddy all about how mean I'm being to you. I've got a surprise for him as well."

Harry walked away, releasing the pair against the wall, and returned to his breakfast. Snape drew his wand in a smooth motion.

"You arrogant fool, cocky just like your failure of afather! SeptARGHHH!"

Harry's magic crushed Snape's wand and hand before he could complete the curse.

"Can't take me even when my back is turned? Pathetic Snivelous. Just pathetic." He turned to face the table. "You know Ginny, Draco didn't really even make me angry. Just annoyed me a bit. You had best make sure your brother knows all about this. I'm very angry at him. Imagine what Imight do."


The Daily Prophet:


Head of two Ancient and Noble Houses, Muggleborn Lady Potter, Pureblood Lady Black.

- /Hogwarts/ School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

- /Lois Lane/ Reporting:

Harry Potter, also known as the Chosen One, or The Boy who Lived announced at the annual Hogwarts Welcoming feast last night that he had taken not one, but two wives. Long time gal pal Hermione Granger(17) is the new Lady Potter (keeping her maiden name in recognition of an odd Muggle tradition) and classmate Daphne Black (nee Greengrass) (17) has become the new Lady Black. Potter, who recently confronted Hogwarts Headmaster Albus Dumbledore when taking his hereditary seats on the Wizengamot, has yet again made history by being the first head of Two Ancient and Noble houses, one historically aligned with the forces of Light, and the other the forces of the Dark. Potter has been heard to remark that this must make him 'gray'.

Reaction to the Black/Potter nuptials has been mixed. Reports from the Ministry of Magic say that the marriage to the Muggleborn Granger is not recorded in any Ministry records. Of course this is not required, but is unusual. The Contract marriage binding the House of Black with the House of Greengrass IS recorded. Ministry Spokeswitch Delores Umbridge was quoted as saying "I find it unlikely that the marriage to a Muggleborn would stand up to ministry review if any harm were to fall upon young Mr. Potter. The Wizarding world would never stand for a Mud.. Muggleborn becoming the defacto head of an Ancient and Noble House." It is unknown if this is simply the personal opinion of Madam Umbridge or the official policy of the Ministry of Magic. When asked for a comment on Madam Umbridge's comments Lord Black/Potter is quoted as saying "It is extremely unlikely that fat ugly toad would survive sticking her wart covered nose into my business again."

Rumors of the involuntary use of Love Potions on Lord Black/Potter were rampant at Hogwarts following the Welcoming Feast. When asked about the rumors, Lord Black/Potter said "You'd have to ask the Headmaster about that."

Headmaster Albus Dumbledore was unavailable for comment.


Teen Witch Weekly:

#1 Most Eligible Bachelor Eligible No Longer

Sorry Ladies, but Harry Potter, heir to not one but two Ancient and Noble Houses, the fifth richest man in Wizarding Britain is officially off the market, both markets in fact.

Potter, Number one on Wizarding Britain's most eligible bachelor list for 103 consecutive weeks has in the last two weeks married... Twice. His on again off again relationship with long time gal pal and fellow Gryffindor Hermione Granger is most definitely 'ON'following a whirlwind courtship that ended with a private ceremony near the grounds of North America's Salem Academy followed by a short honeymoon where by all reports the happy couple never left their hotel room.

The couple then returned to Britain where young Lord Black/Potter found his Lady Black, wedding the statuesque beauty Daphne Greengrass of Slytherin house, just 5 days before all three were due to return to Hogwarts for their seventh year.

But wait ladies, don't mourn the loss of Lord Black/Potter too much, this reporter had discovered a bachelor that has somehow gone undiscovered, the new Lord Longbottom definitely deserves his place on the list, and look this week he makes his first appearance at number 7. I love my job.


December 24, 1942

Tom ran up the stairs. He had managed to get away from the school almost two hours early. The prospect of actually getting to spend Christmas with Candice excited him more than anything in his life. Was his life finally turning around? Could this actually be the first happy Christmas of his life? Nine whole days with this wonderful woman, then back to Hogwarts to train to face Grendelwald. That German bastard would not know what hit him.

Tom slid to a stop in front of the door to Candice's Hogsmeade flat. He was about to knock when he heard the voices from inside.

"How much longer do I have to do this Albus?"

"We are building a weapon my dear girl. Such things are not done on a timetable. Tom is progressing nicely, you are to be commended for your efforts with him. He loves you dearly."

"He's an annoying little shit, he is. Always going on about learning this or that, or winning some award or other, then he starts whining about how hard his life has been. Mean Muggles, poor Tommy. Pathetic. Stroking his ego wouldn't be so bad if he wasn't pathetic in bed. If this goes on much longer, I am going to need more money Albus. Looking this good doesn't come cheap, and wasting it on a silly school boy isn't going to find me a rich old Wizard."

"You will be well rewarded, just keep giving him the potion, and take your own. At your suggestion, he would be willing to get you anything you want, but do not get him arrested. When he faces Grendelwald, armed with the phony prophecy I have given him, we can move on to the next level of the plan. Both of our rewards await us there."

Tom could not breathe. It was not real? What he was feeling came from a potion? He backed away from the door and descended the stairs in a daze. He slipped into an alley and slid down the wall putting his head into his hands. A year with Candice meant nothing? Dumbledore had been the one to introduce them. Dumbledore had arranged so that he could leave the school to meet with her. Dumbledore was paying her. Was Candice a... Whore?

Deep in his soul anger burned, he sat in the alley for more than two hours as the anger grew in him, consuming him. Dumbledore was using him.

/I am a weapon? /

Of course you are/. The anger mocked him./

Was he intended to die facing Grendelwald so that Dumbledore could swoop in and save the day?

How better to cement his image with the vast unwashed/?/

/Candice was feeding me potions? /

You heard them fool.

/How dare she do that to me? I thought she loved me./

There is no love. That's what fools tell themselves to excuse their lust.

/I... I love her./

No you don't. The anger was right. You want her dead.

/And Dumbledore is next./

You're growing up Tom.

Riddle rose, and once again climbed the stairs to Candice's flat. This time he knocked on the door.

The woman opened the door and swept him into her arms before he could say a word. "You're late, you. Were you trying to worry me?"

"Last minute things to take care of at the school." He lied. She was lying to him, returning the favor was only fair wasn't it?

"Dinner will be ready in about half an hour luv."

"The only thing I'm hungry for is you." He picked her up and carried her to the bed.

"Tom!" she giggled. "Dinner will burn!"

"We'll order in. A snack after the feast" He gestured and their clothing fell away.

The sex was rough. Candice was surprised. He was actually getting to her for a change, he was thrusting into her as if to punish, when she was coming down off the crest of an orgasm he leaned down and whispered into her left ear.

"I know."

He continued to pound into her body. "Know what Luv?"

"I know you're a whore, and Dumbledore is paying you."

Her eyes widened as his hands found her throat and began to squeeze, and he continued his assault on her body. Tighter and tighter, she felt her windpipe start to close off, her vision lost color, and the room started to darken.

/I can't do it. I can't kill her/

/The anger in his soul disagreed. /Yes, you can. Kill her/./

/I can't do it. Help me./

Turn me loose. I will do it/./

Tom Riddle closed his eyes for the very last time, his magic pulsed through his hands and he felt her neck snap. For the first time Voldemort opened, his eyes and looked into the dead woman's face as he spent into her.

He rolled off her body, still in its death spasms and began to laugh.

I'm Free/!!/

/ /

/ /

A/N: Yes, I stole the birth of Voldemort from the birth of Rorschach from The Watchmen. Possibly the best transformation scene in modern literature and my feeble efforts at replication are an insult to the original. If you have not read the Watchmen, I recommend you do so. Remember, I am not locked in here with you; you are locked in here with me.


The Headmaster's office was almost crowded. Harry sat in front of Dumbledore's desk, a furious, bandaged, Snape and a sullen Malfoy behind the Headmaster to his left. Professor McGonagall sitting to Harry's right.

"Mr. Potter, you know why you're here."

"Actually Headmaster, I don't."

"You attacked me you arrogant insufferable..."

"Severus, please. Mr. Potter, your attack on Mr. Malfoy and Professor Snape cannot go unpunished."

"I'm not sure what you mean by attacks Headmaster." Harry smiled innocently. "I was just trying to follow the pureblood traditions like you always want me to. Draco was joshing around calling my wives funny names. As head of his family, I simply called and impromptu Honor Hearing to determine if he was being his normal humorous self, of if he had indeed leveled an insult that would require an Honor Duel and force me to kill him. Professor Snape felt he needed to intervene into our family discussion, and per traditions, Iprevented him from doing so, though a strict reading of the traditions would call for me to kill him for his presumption. Is this why I'm to be punished? Because I didn't kill him?"

"Professor Snape tells a different story Mr. Potter."

"Much like I explained last year Headmaster, I'm not interested in stories, I prefer factual reports." He reached into the breast pocket of his school robes, and placed a green crystal the size of his thumb on the Headmaster's desk. "This recording crystal will detail the encounter. For obvious reasons I've taken to recording my day to day experiences..."

He tapped the crystal with his wand and the playback began.

"You might note that I didn't hurt Professor Snape until he attempted to curse me. In the back. Just he level of bravery I've come to expect from him."

"Headmaster I protest this... "

"Not now Severus. Mr. Potter the use of these recording devices is against school rules."

"It is? What do the school rules say about Professors cursing students in the back? How about the use of potions to control people and facilitate rape?" Harry smiled again. "You'll have to forgive me for not caring all that much about the rules in this mad house. Will the Professor be punished for intruding into Black Family business, or for attacking me from behind?"

"Mr. Potter..."

"I didn't think so. Headmaster your double standards are becoming tiresome."

Dumbledore removed his glasses and pinched the bridge of his nose. This was becoming more and more like Riddle's final year. Damn that Weasley Girl anyway. If she could have just kept from writing the plan down. He dismissed Snape and Malfoy from the office. After they had left he continued.

"On another topic Harry, I'm told that there are rumors about your charges of potion abuse rampant in the dormitories."

"Not rumors at all Headmaster. I've told everyone who asked."

"Why are you doing this? Do you want to destroy Hogwarts?"

"Yes I do actually. Not so much the school as you personally, but I can get at you through the school, so it's all good."

"And you are willing to drag the Weasley's through the mud to get to me?"

"The two youngest? You bet. Tonks too. Heard from her recently? I had a little discussion with Madam Bones just yesterday. That's what made us miss the train. Nice lady. Kind of strict though, really strict when it comes to the off shift behavior of her Aurors." He leaned forward in aconspiratorial manner and whispered. "It seems that the Aurors have very strict morals clauses in their contracts. Who knew?"

He leaned back in his chair and continued in aconversational tone. "You know Headmaster, if it had just been me you had done to Headmaster; I don't know if we'd be having any real problems at all, after all you've made a habit of screwing me over my whole life. However, you used Hermione to get to me. I will never forgive you for that. I don't care if it takes a hundred years; I'm going to take you down for what you did."

"Be that as it may Mr. Potter, you will have detention for your actions today."


"Excuse me?"

"I do not recognize your right to punish me in anyway Headmaster. If Snape had kept his nose out of my Family Business, as the pureblood traditions you are so supportive of require, I would not have restrained him. By the rules you cared enough about to interfere with my personal life, I should have killed him. He then attacked me. I defended my self. If you want to punish me for revealing your use of potions to control people, then I will demand a review by the Governors. I will do no detentions for you Headmaster, and none for Snape. I do not kowtow to my inferiors."


"Thank you both for coming today. I've excused Mr. Potter from this meeting having sat in with him during an interview with the Headmaster. He is an angry young man, and much of that anger results from by wrongs he perceives to have been done to you Miss Granger. I thought that the three of us should get together, discuss things, and bring me up to date. Mrs. Black, you are of course welcome to stay if it is alright with Hermione."

The younger witches shared a look.

"I have nothing to hide from my sister-Wife. We are bonded."

"Thank you Hermione, I appreciate your confidence. Ibelieve I will stay Professor. There are parts of the story I still don't know."

"Alright. Let us start with last year. Hermione you and Harry started to date, then at Halloween, you were suddenly with Mr. Weasley, aweek later Harry was dating Miss Weasley. Then in late July you suddenly disappeared from the Burrow, Harry comes up missing from his relative's home, and the Headmaster sends out messages to almost everyone to be on the look out for Harry Potter, who was missing and in danger."

"Well Professor, the Headmaster was concerned that the old Pureblood families would have problems with 'the Chosen One' sullying his bloodline with a mudblood..."


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