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Chapter Twenty Four

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Chapter Twenty Four

“Band aids and stuff’s in the bathroom,” Rick began. “Come on. I’ll show you.” They trooped up the stairs to the bathroom, and Rick pushed open the door, to reveal a rather messy bathroom, with a couple of cans of lynx lying on the floor, one with the top off. Rick flushed slightly. “We’re messy,” he shrugged.
Joanna grinned. “I noticed.”
“Anyway, plaster, plaster, plaster,” Rick muttered, searching through the overflowing medicine cabinet. “Ha-ha!” He turned triumphantly and handed her a sticking plaster. She smiled as she took it from him and then struggled to see exactly where the cut was. “Come here,” Rick told her and reached out for the plaster.
At the same time that his slender fingers touched hers, goose bumps ran up and down her spine. She bit her lip as he knelt down so he could see her cut clearly.
“So why were you and Maria talking about stalkers?” he asked as he took the backing off the plaster.
“I’ve been getting these notes on my locker,” Joanna explained, wincing slightly as he pressed the plaster to her skin. “And they’re kinda love letters.”
“What kind of stuff?” he asked. He remained kneeling even though he’d finished dressing her wound.
“Just random stuff.”
“What? Like thou art more cool and beautiful?”
She froze and her chocolate eyes met his russet ones. “Yeah,” she breathed. “Exactly like that.”
An apologetic smile spread across his face and he shrugged. “Roses are red, violets are blue, you’re really cool, and I like you,” he recited.
A small smile crossed her face. “Hoped it would be you,” she murmured. He simply smiled back.
Without quite realising how it had happened, Joanna found herself entangled in his arms, though his hands stayed firmly on her waist, as their lips repeatedly met and as she ran her hands through his dark hair.
“How long does it take to find a band Aid?” Maria asked loudly, before pushing the bathroom door open. First she saw Joanna: her cheeks tinged with crimson, her lips parted slightly. Then she saw Rick; his brown hair sticking up, the faint trace of lip gloss on his cheek. And, having been around the block a few times herself, understood at once. She grinned. “How long till everyone knows?”

Just to give you a few people’s reactions to the news that Joanna Wilkinson and Fredrick Clinton were an item. Will grinned widely and hugged me; Mikey smiled and said cool; Mia couldn’t understand it and my mother’s face fell.

She frowned at the screen and clicked the mouse a couple of times before adjusting the chunky headphones on her head and pressed a button. She grinned for a couple of seconds and removed the headphones, placing them on the side. She closed the program and ejected the CD. She smiled at it, and then turned, gathering up her stuff.
“Anna?” It was Will who was leaning in the doorway. “You coming?”
She glanced up. “Yeah. What time is it?”
“Four thirty,” he replied. “Time we were going.”
She nodded, shouldering her bag. “Yeah.”

Well that was everyone’s Christmas presents sorted. Now I just had to get Mikey a very late birthday present. I hadn’t known it was his birthday and since then I’d felt really bad about the fact that I hadn’t got him a present.

“Hi. Is Joanna there?”
“I’m sorry. She’s currently unavailable because she’s being kidnapped by five Japanese women. Can I take a message?” Joanna fought to keep a straight face.
“Ha-ha very funny Jo.” Mikey replied. “It’s not my fault I’m scared of your Mom.” Joanna laughed, as she stood in the hall, in her pyjamas, holding the phone.
“Anyway,” Mikey continued. “Are you busy?”
“Apart from homework, nope. I have a very bad social life considering it’s a Saturday and I’m a cheerleader. “
“Well you know how I said you could share my grandma?”
“Yeah.” Her voice went quiet.
“Do you want to come and spend the day at mine then and meet her? Except you’d probably have to leave in the afternoon ‘cause Gee’s got his girlfriend coming round this evening, because it’s their one year anniversary, which sucks. I bet she’s a complete-“
“I’d love to come over,” Joanna swiftly cut him off. “Give me about half an hour.”
“Half an hour?” he sounded appalled. “That’s a looong time.”
“Yeah, but I have to have a shower, get dressed, and get to your house.”
She could almost hear him wrinkling his nose. “It’ll take you half an hour to do all that?”
“Three words Mikes. I’m a girl. Comprendo?”
He sighed. “Fine,” he sounded resigned. “But you have half an hour and no more. Or I’ll invite Emily instead.”
“Like hell would you,” she retorted.
“Thirty minutes,” he reminded before hanging up. She grinned and rolled her eyes. Michael Way. Honestly.
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