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Things I'll Never Say

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short songfic i wrote 3 years ago.draco/hermione.

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A/N: I wrote this in the 7th grade. Please forgive me. Oh yeah, and I absolutely hate the ship D/Hr. don't ask why I bothered posting. I have no idea myself. ><

Things I'll Never Say- song by Avril Lavigne (I hate Avril. Just so you know.)

I'm tugging at my hair, I'm pulling at my clothes, I'm trying to keep my cool I know it shows

Hermione Granger is a 6th-year in Hogwarts. She had been looking over at Draco Malfoy, the guy every girl sighs about. Of course she too was. know. But even after many years she still couldn't forget about his 'history' with her. She had been the victim of almost all his insults and name-calling and she couldn't just brush those years away and forget all about it. Sigh. 'But he's so.'Yeah, he is. He's a Malfoy. Of course he is. No doubt about that...'

I'm staring at my feet, my cheeks are turning red, I'm searching for the words inside my head

She turned and realized he was in front of her. Her breath caught in her throat. She forgot all about the things he said before. 'Ohgodhe'sSo-' he interrupted her thoughts. "Hi, Granger, fancy seeing you here." He said. So what if he's being sarcastic! Ok, Ok. We're in the library, but still! So? He talked to me, without screaming mudblood. That was something, right"?

I'm feeling nervous, trying to be so perfect, 'cause I know you're worth it, you're worth it, yeahh.

She struggled to find something intelligent to say. 'Oh no, have I gone crazy? Me?! Nothing to say?! For the first time, tongue-tied?' 'Sheesh! Snap out of it! He's Malfoy for goodness' sake! The one person you've been screaming at for all these years, the person you can't stop complaining about, the one you usually spat bitter words at!' She scolded herself. 'But.Ok, he's still. You made your point. I'm not blind' so she tries to talk. "Hey." She could see girls glaring at her from all sides, out of the corner of her eye. 'Ha!' she thought. Suddenly, she didn't care anymore about the things he said and did.

If I could say what I want to say, I'd say I want to blow you. Away. Be with you every night, am I squeezing you too tight. If I could see what I wanna see, I wanna see you go down. on one knee, marry me today, guess I'm wishing my life away. With these things I'll never say

Hermione went to the library everyday looking her best and keeping an eye out for Malfoy. To her surprise, he went to the library and walked to her direction. 'OhgoshOhgosh, What do I do, what do I say?' she asked herself in panic. "Hi, I have to ask you to come with me. and keep quiet please I don't need the whole school to know." He whispered when he reached her. Hermione, stunned again that he talked to her nicely, had no choice but to follow. It won't do me any good; it's just a waste of time what use is it to you what's on my mind,

She had the urge to want to tell him everything, everything she felt, everything that's bothering her, everything on her mind, when they reached an empty classroom. 'But what would he say?' she asked herself. It's no use. He didn't, doesn't and never will care anyway.

If it ain't coming out, you're not going anywhere, so why can't I just tell you that I care.'cause I'm feeling nervous, trying to be so perfect, 'cause I know you're worth it, you're worth it, yeahh.

Draco followed Hermione inside after he closed the door behind them. He knew it's becoming suspicious. Him coming to the library, talking to Hermione Granger?! He had to tell her. But he can't help but feel nervous. After all, they've been enemies for years's He didn't know why, why it had to be her, of all peo-'why.don'' 'It's hard.' He argued. But he knew he wasn't going anywhere if it was to go on like this.

What's wrong, with my tongue, these words keep slipping away.I stuttle I stumble, like I've got nothing to say.

Draco thought of what he was gonna say to her. He could see she was confused as to why he brought her here. Even he didn't know. 'It's just that-.'he started.He didn't know. He started talking. "Hermione, I'm really s-sorry for all those things in the past.I didn't know you the you I know now and and .I had to say something.I had to say sorry.for all the things I did. I-I didn't mean, I did.Then.Yeah.That was then, this is now.well, what I'm trying to say is- I really wanted to tell you that-" Pansy Parkinson entered the room, and Draco's words melted into the air, he did not continue.

If I could say what I wanna say, I'd say I wanna blow you.away. Be with you every night, am I squeezing you too tight. If I could see what I what I wanna see, I wanna see you go down.on one knee, marry me today, guess I'm wishing my life away.

Hermione, still shocked, turned and saw Pansy Parkinson, struggling to make sense of what she saw in front of her. She, too, was doing the same. 'He said WHAT?! Were all those true? He felt the same way?' He didn't actually say it, but she knew it. She felt it. And as she looked at him, she knew he felt it, too, and,

with these things I'll never say.

He didn't need to say it.

...with these things I'll never say.

And she didn't need to, either.
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