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Protectors The Legacy Unfolds

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Long ago 5 protectors paid there lives to stop evil, now the eil's back and the protectors decendants have to save the world from the evil again. Worst thing is, they don't know who they are.

Category: Fantasy - Rating: PG - Genres: Drama,Humor,Sci-fi - Published: 2007-11-16 - Updated: 2007-11-17 - 651 words

Long ago 5 ancient protectors were destined to save the world as well as the universe from an ancient, dark evil. While they defeated the dark evil, they paid the ultimate price, their lives.

But as it turns out the evil was only trapped not destroyed. And now 3000 years later in the year 2007 A.D. the evil escaped and this time its going destroy everything and everyone in its path. With the escape of the evil its time to call upon the new age of protectors, even though they don’t know who they are, they will in time. The new age of protectors is: Lacey - The leader, a girl with super charged senses as well as the ability of telekinetic and telepathic powers, as well as elemental powers,; Falyn - The speeder, another girl whose unique super speed and quick thinking will help her out in the near future, Nick - The brains, a boy whose extremely unique intelligence has given him the ability to track anything in the world as well as move things with his mind, Tristan - The brawn, another boy whose unique strength but dimwittedness as well as helpfulness is sweet; Last but not least Suzie - The Kind, a girl whose unique kindness and generosity, have given her many friends over the years, she has the ability to talk to nature and animals, of course they can all fly too. Well those are the protectors, 5 fourteen year olds, who have absolutely no idea about their powers or what’s going to happen to them in the near future. So with that I leave you to discover the world of magic, trust, and of course and unexpected turn events around every corner. I will be indeed narrating the story as Lacey, and I will be adding a little wackiness here and there but of course no story is ever complete without the wacky narrator. Goodbye, enjoy the story, where, the unexpected becomes the expected.

I was walking to school, it was my first day of school, High school that is, so as I approached the doors, my friends ran up to me, Tristan, strong but sweet, Nick, brainy and I hate to admit smarter than me, Suzie, sweet and nice, Falyn, my sister, fast but she speaks about as fast as she runs, a mile a minute. We all walked through those tall glass doors and all at once we were, “High schoolers.” I said letting the smell of fries, the sound of computers and the continuous chatter of the other kids just surround me for a second, and then I pulled myself back to reality. “So what are your classes?” Nick asked, Nick and had known each other since Middle School, the middle of January to be exact. “ Um History, then Gym then Drama.” said Suzie, Suzie and I had stuck it out thick and thin, we had known each other since we were 8, she was very dramatic when she wanted to be. ’I have Gym then Art then Drama as well” said Falyn, Falyn and I were fraternal twins our personalities were complete opposites but that’s what made us the perfect team. “Huh I have Advanced Calculus and Science in the state of the art science lab.” said Nick, Nick was my best friend I had, had a slight crush on him in the seventh grade but like I said HAD it was only a crush and now I’m over him. “Gym and remedial Math” said Tristan, Tristan and I shared many secrets with. He was one of my favourite people to have as friend. “I have Advanced Calculus and Science too, cool” I said smiling, well at least some of us have classes together, I thought smiling. The bell rang and we all ran off to class, our first day of High School had just begun.

Chapter 1 complete Chapter soon enough.
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