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Clark gains his freezing breath when things go wrong.

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I do not own Smallville
a/n- my cousin co-wrote this with me

Holding hands Clark and Allison slowly sank down to the ground. Their feet gracefully touched the ground and they started walking towards the barn. They sat down on the couch and embraced in a passionate kiss. Just then Martha walked in on them.

“Oh, sorry guys,” she said laughing. “Have you two been out all night? Well, anyways, breakfast is ready if you want some.”

“Ok, mom,” Clark replied.

Allison looked at Clark and gave him a smile. “I don’t know about you but I’m starved. Let’s go eat.”

“Can’t argue with that,” Clark agreed.

Allison and Clark walked to the house and sat down at the table. Clark, looking very sleepy, dished up some sausages and eggs. Allison did likewise. After breakfast they decided to go down to sit by the lake. They decided to walk down to the shore to enjoy the view

“It’s beautiful here,” observed Allison.

“Yeah, almost as beautiful as you,” Clark replied as Allison blushed.

They lay down on the blanket that they had brought with them and watched the clouds. They were lying down right beside each other, just staring into the bright blue sky, totally quiet.

The next morning they met in front of the school and headed for the football game together.

Everybody was cheering and screaming at Smallville High, including the Captian of the football team, Nathan. The football field had turned into a full on celebration. The announcing booth was now playing music. Nathan was being congratulated by everybody, getting pats on the back, hand shakes and ‘way to get us to the state playoffs’. Nathan was talking to his friends having a drink when a girl came up to him with long black hair and dark green eyes. The eyes were all that Nathan paid attention too when he saw her.

“Hey, football star, quite the celebration you got here,” Lana said to Nathan.

“Ya the party’s going to be moving to my house soon, you should head over there with us,” Nathan suggested.

“Maybe I will,” Lana said with a smile and small giggle.

“Well maybe I’ll see you there,” he said with a slight yell while walking away with his friends.

“Bye,” said Lana, quickly

Lana turned around to find Chloe right behind her giving her an interested look.

“What?” asked Lana.

“Nothing,” Chloe replied. “I just noticed you totally hitting on the captain of the football team. What happened to your love for Clark?” she wondered.

“I figure I should move on. If Clark’s not willing to be my boyfriend then that’s his loss,” Lana explained.

“Well good for you. Nice to see you’re moving on,” Chloe said with a smirk.” I think Clarks doing that anyway.”

“What do you mean?” Lana asked

“Well he’s getting really close to Allison and I think that he‘s actually in love with her, but maybe its some thing like with that teleporting girl, short lust. You never know right?” Chloe explained.

“Yeah, sure, I guess.” Lana was obviously thinking about Clark.

Just then Clark and Allison walked up behind them holding hands.

“Hey guys. What ya talking about?” he asked with a grin.

“Nothing,” Lana lied quickly to cover up her jealousy.

“We’re headed to the Talon. You guys wanna come?” Allison asked.

“Actually apparently there’s a party down at Nathan’s. I think I’ll go to that,” Lana replied hoping Clark wouldn’t notice her faint cry for him to be hers.

“I’ll go. The caffeine level in my blood is dangerously low anyways,” Chloe said deciding to let Lana flirt with Nathan without any disturbances from her.

“Ok, see you Lana.” Clark waved good-bye, completely clueless of Lana’s feelings.

Lana followed the convoy that was heading to Nathan’s house. She drove feeling a bit guilty about ditching her friends but then remembered how handsome Nathan looked in his football uniform. She turned the bend and saw a huge two story house. She got out of her car looking like she was impressed then walked in the door and found Nathan offering some drinks to his friends.

“Hey, Lana. Want something to drink?” he politely asked.

“No thanks, I’m fine for now,” Lana replied smiling.

“Ok, if you need anything just ask.”

Nathan had hired a DJ and the music was blaring in the background. He and Lana talked over the music until a slow dance came on.

“Lana, can I have this dance?” he asked blushing and looked away thinking she would reject his offer.

“Yeah,” she replied with a big smile stretching across her face.

Lana followed Nathan into the middle of the huge living room. He stopped and gazed into her pretty green eyes. He put his hand on her waist and held her hand with his other hand. Lana put her hand on his shoulder and they danced. After a few seconds Lana slid her hand up Nathan’s arm until it rested on his shoulder then laid her head on his muscular chest. Nathan smiled with red in his cheeks. He had had a crush on her for a year now and never expected this to happen.

The song ended and Lana and Nathan reluctantly broke off their dance.

“Thanks for the dance, Lana.” Nathan said still slightly blushing.

“Hey do you want to come by the Talon tomorrow, maybe we could talk and I’ll learn more about the handsome captain of the football team.” Lana said tucking her long, shimmering black hair behind her ear.

“Sure.” He shyly said blushing more than ever when he heard her tell him he was handsome.

Back at the talon Chloe had a double espresso in her hand and was talking to Allison and Clark.

“What did you do on the weekend?” she asked.

“Umm…” Clark gave a look of concern to Allison but quickly came up with a lie not wanting to tell Chloe that they were flying all weekend. “Nothing really, just hung out.”

“Sure, sure,” Chloe replied sarcastically.

Lana was driving towards the Talon deciding to meet up with her friends since the party was over. She was singing to the music on the radio in a really good mood. Suddenly a deer ran out in front of her. She swerved to miss it and ran into the ditch. She picked up her cell phone and phoned Clark.

“Hi, Clark. I swerved to miss this deer and now I’m stuck in the ditch. Can you come pick me up?”

“I’ll be there as soon as I can.” Clark replied.

Clark turned to Chloe and Allison. “That was Lana. She’s stuck in a ditch. I’m going to go pick her up.”

“I’ll come too.” Allison said as she picked up her coat.

Clark and Allison drove along the highway to where Lana said she was. Clark had a concerned look on his face.

“Why are you so concerned? She’s alright,” Allison wondered. She then realized something. “You still have feelings for her, don’t you?”

Clark didn’t answer but Allison knew that he did.

Clark pulled over onto the side of the road where Lana was. He slowly got out of his car thinking about what Allison said. He walked over to Lana with a down trodden look on his face. He stood right in front of her and stared into her beautiful emerald eyes.

“Lana, are you ok?” he said grabbing her shoulders with a worried look on his face.

“Yeah, a little shaken up but I’m fine,” she said, her heart sinking at the sight of Allison and Clark together. Why didn’t I tell him how I truly feel when I had the chance?

Clark pulled her into a tight hug and kissed her lightly on the forehead. This was too much for Allison.

“Clark! Come on we don’t have all day,” she yelled at him with a scowl on her face.

Clark looked up then walked over to the truck guiding Lana. He climbed in with Lana in between him and Allison and drove back to the Talon to meet up with Chloe.

“So how was the party?” Chloe asked Lana.

“It was good. I danced with Nathan,” Lana said shrugging in a really didn’t matter sort of way.

“And…,” Chloe urged her on.

“Nothing really. There weren’t any sparks between us,” Lana replied.

“Lana,” Chloe said pulling Lana aside so she was out of earshot of Clark. “You have to move on. Clark obviously has.”

“I know. It’s just I pushed him away and I hate myself for doing that. I can’t help but stare into those baby blues and wish he was mine.”

Clark using his super hearing to hear all this tuned out. A small smile spread across his face.

“What are you so happy about all of the sudden?” wondered Allison.

“Hmm?” Clark said as he snapped out of his daydreaming.

“You’re thinking about Lana aren’t you Clark?” she said frustrated. “You know what. I can’t take this anymore. I’m sorry but this just isn’t going to work out between us. Come to me when you’re over Lana,” Allison said turning to leave the Talon.

“Allison, wait!” Clark yelled after her starting to run toward her. He ran out the door and saw her zoom off into the clouds then walked back into the Talon with a sorrowful look on his face and sat down on the couch.

“Clark, what’s wrong? Where’s Allison?” Chloe asked until her thoughts caught up with her. “Oh, Clark. She dumped you didn’t she?”

Clark nodded, a tear rolling down his face. Lana sat down next to him and put her arm around his shoulder pulling him into a comfortable hug.

“We’re here for you Clark if you ever need to talk,” Lana soothingly said to him.

He nodded again and laid his head on her shoulder.

Nathan who had been standing at the door saw Clark and Lana hugging. “I knew it was too good to be true,” he said with jealousy hanging heavy in his voice.

Chloe put her hand on Clark’s shoulder reassuringly as they left the Talon. Since Clark was in no condition to drive Lana drove him home.

“Do you know why she dumped you?” Lana asked politely.

Clark shook his head but answered anyways. “She knew I still had feelings for you and didn’t want to get caught up in that,” he said staring at his knees.

“Y-you still have feelings for me?” she stammered not believing what he said.

Clark slowly nodded a bit embarrassed. He looked up to see the shocked expression on her face then quickly looked down again.

“I still have feelings for you too Clark,” Lana shyly replied.

“Then why did you push me away?” Clark asked almost accusingly.

“I don’t know. I guess I just couldn’t take the lies anymore. But I regret it now. I really love you, Clark,” she said as tears formed in her eyes.

Clark looked at her as his heart sank knowing he could never tell her the truth. He forced a smile and stared up at the road.

They pulled up to the Kent farm and Clark slowly got out of the vehicle. “See you later,” he said gloomily.

“Clark, wait,” she quickly called getting out of the drivers side. She held his hands in hers and stared deeply into his eyes that went on forever. He stared back at her with a pleading look on his face.

“Lana what are you doing?” he asked a little uncomfortably.

“What I’ve wanted to do ever since I realized my mistake in pushing you away,” she whispered into Clark’s ear. Lana stood up on her tip toes to kiss the 6’ 4” man standing in front of her. They passionately locked lips and Clark reluctantly kissed back. He got caught up in the moment and put his hands on her waste. Lana broke off the kiss and casually waved goodbye.

Clark walked up to the house with mixed emotions of happiness that he’s back together with Lana and sadness that he lost Allison. He walked in the door to see his mom cleaning dishes at the sink.

“I saw you kissing Lana. What happened to Allison?” she asked not taking her eyes off the task at hand.

“Ummm…,” he started dazed. “She broke up with me when she found out I still had feelings for Lana.”

“Well you moved on pretty fast. I guess Lana had feelings for you back,” Martha said with a flicker of a smirk.

“It wasn’t really my decision. It kinda just happened,” he explained.

“Well I’m sure you didn’t protest.”

Clark shrugged and went upstairs to his room. He stared up at his roof covered in glow-in-the-dark stars thinking about the weird day he just had.

The next morning he got up to go to school in a really good mood. He dressed quickly, toasted toast with his heat vision then ran out the door. For once in his life he actually caught the bus. He took a seat next to Lana who silently placed her hand on his knee.

Chloe seeing this leaned over to Lois and said, “He sure got over Allison quickly. Well at least he’s happier with Lana.”

“No kidding. I can’t believe Lana’s ok with being his rebound girl. I guess she really loves him,” Lois replied out of the corner of her mouth.

Clark looked over at Lana and smiled. They got off the bus and walked to the school holding hands, Chloe and Lois trailing behind them. The four of them walked into the Torch to talk as Chloe finishing up the days issue.

“So I see you two have gotten back together,” Chloe said addressing Clark and Lana.

“Yeah, it kinda just happened. Spur of the moment,” Lana explained.

“Hmm,” Chloe mumled, not looking up from her work. “So any plans this weekend?”

“Clark said he had something to show me,” Lana replied excitedly.

“Yeah, but what we’re doing is a total secret and nobody will know,” he stated with a total confidence in his secret keeping abilities.

“Well you guys have fun with that I’m going to be working on the Torch for the big Monday paper about our win against the Pythons,” Chloe said backing out of the torch and running into Nathan with an ‘oomph’.

Nathan stared at Clark and Lana holding hands then quickly hurried away.

“I have to talk to him he seems upset,” Lana said running out of the room to catch up with Nathan.

“Ok, see you in class then,” Clark yelled after Lana as she went out.

Lana caught up to Nathan who was standing against a locker talking to all his friends about something. When Lana came over he went silent and gave her a stern look.

“Whats wrong, you ran off in a hurry?” Lana asked with a soft voice.

“Had to talk to my friends,” Nathan said in a hurry. “They called me over so I came.”

“No we did---,” Nathan’s friend was cut off by a hard punch in the arm.

“Can I talk to you in private?” Lana asked.

“You seem a bit angry. Are you ok? Is this about Clark and I?” Lana asked worried.

Nathan just shrugged.

“I thought we were just friends,” Lana continued.

“We are. I just really like you,” he said blushing. “And I thought there was something between us.”

Just then the bell rang. “I’ll talk to you later,” she said a bit nervous of what Nathan’s jealousy could do.

After school Lana and Clark caught up to each other. “So, you wanted to show me something?” Lana pressured Clark.

“Yeah but not here,” Clark replied.

Clark guided Lana towards his truck, hopped in and drove to the windmill. Lana was wondering the whole way what Clark would show her. When they got there Lana saw a picnic basket at the top of the windmill. He stopped the truck and they both got out. He walked her to a spot beside the ladder.

“A picnic on top of the windmill? I thought you were afraid of heights,” Lana enquired.

“Well I kind of got over it thanks to Allison,” he replied.

“Oh,” she said looking at her feet.

Clark made Lana look up, grabbed her hands and looked her straight in the eye. She stared deep into his pretty blue eyes. Then Clark hugged her and Lana felt safe for once. Clark slowly started to rise up off the ground. Lana hugged Clark tightly and closed her eyes.

“Look down,” Clark calmly said into her ear.

Lana looked at Clark with a confused look on her face but obeyed anyways. She looked down seeing that she was about twenty feet off the ground. She gasped and buried her face into Clark’s chest.

“It’s ok,” Clark soothed. He rose a few more feet then landed on top of the windmill.

“How did you do that?” Lana questioned.

“Ate my vegetables,” Clark said with a slight smirk.

“Clark, seriously how did you manage to get both of us up here with out even touching the ladder?” Lana asked with a stern face.

“I was kinda born this way,” Clark started. “See, I’m not really from around here. I kind of came from out there.” He stated this as he pointed up

“So you’re saying you’re a flying alien that came here to fall in love with me?” Lana said not really getting anything Clark said.

“No, well kinda, my biological father sent me to take over the world,” Clark said casually.

“Take over the world? So you’re just here to destroy the life I know and love?” Lana said with an angry voice.

“No! No. I defied him by moving to metropolis. Oh and that brings up Kryptonite.” Clark said.

“Krpto-what?” Lana questioned.

“The meteor rocks are called that on my home planet Krypton,” Clark stated.

“And what about these meteor rocks?” asked Lana.

“They affect me in different ways, like green weakens me so I can be hurt, side line note I’m invincible, and Red well…”

“Well what?” she wondered.

“Remember Metropolis? Well, that all happened while I was under the influence of Red Kryptonite.”

“Oh, well I thought you weren’t yourself. Wait, what exactly does it do to you?”

“It’s kind of like a drug. It makes me do things that I don’t really want to do,” he said looking away feeling a bit uncomfortable. “I didn’t mean to hurt you. I didn’t want to. I just, it’s all my fault. If I hadn’t put on that ring,” he said still not looking at her.

“It’s ok. You were angry.”

“No, it was all my fault. I hurt you and everyone else that loves me. Which is exactly what I was trying to avoid when I left,” he said tears filling his eyes.

“No you didn’t. We were just worried about you,” she said turning his head towards her. “So what else can you do?”

Shaking off the tears he decided to tell her everything. “Well quite a lot of things, really. Strength, speed, invincibility, hearing, x-ray vision, heat vision and flying, which you already know about.”

“Wait so you can look right through my clothes?” she said embarrassed.

“Well yeah, but I don’t,” he said almost laughing. “Well, should we eat?” he asked.

“Umm. Yeah, sure,” she said a bit overwhelmed.

They ate for a while in silence since Lana was so shocked.

“Is your cocoa cold? Want me to heat it up for you?” Clark politely asked.

“Huh? Oh, sure,” Lana replied in a daze.

Beams of heat shot out of Clark’s eyes and hit the cup of hot chocolate causing it to steam.

Lana, staring in disbelief said quietly, “That’s amazing.”

“It’s pretty normal for me. It’s become part of my everyday life now,” Clark replied.

They finished their picnic and Clark picked up Lana and flew up to the clouds. He soared above the clouds until he was above Lana’s house. He set her down in front of her door.

“See you later, Lana,” he said waving as he flew off into the distance.

Lana stared at Clark with her eyes wide open until he was out of sight then she slowly walked inside.

Allison walked toward Nathan’s locker with a scowl of jealousy on her face. She slammed his locker shut to get his attention.

“What did you do that for?” he asked loudly.

“You like Lana right?” she quickly asked.


“But Clark took her away from you,” she continued.

“Yeah but…”

“So you want revenge,” she continued still.

“I guess.”

“I’ve heard rumors about you.”

“What kind of rumors?” he asked a bit nervous.

“I’ve heard that you can control fire. Well I can fly and I think between the two of us we can take him. I know his weakness.”

“Ok, I’m listening. What’s your plan?” he wondered starting to get excited. This could get interesting.

Allison whispered in his ear quickly telling him her plan.

Clark walked into the Talon to talk to Lana. Seeing her staring at him he said, “You think I’m a freak don’t you?” His heart sank. “That’s all I am, a freak.”

“No, no. I’m just a bit overwhelmed. You’re still the same person that I know and love,” she said coming out from behind the counter to stare him straight in his eyes. She tilted his head towards hers since he had looked away. “Thanks for being honest for once Clark, I really appreciate it,” she said as she kissed him.

Clark left the Talon and went around back. He lifted off the ground and started flying home. All of a sudden a sickness spread over him. He started plummeting towards the earth and hit the ground with a thud and slowly slipped into unconsciousness.

Nathan walked up to him, grabbed Clark under the armpits and dragged him to the black van. Allison flew down and helped him load Clark into the back of the van. She placed a meteor rock on his chest and tied him up to ensure that he didn’t escape.

They drove up to an abandoned meat factory where there was a huge freezer in the corner. They had plugged it in earlier that week so it was quite frozen. They grabbed Clark and stuffed him into the freezer. Nathan ran his finger down the crease of the door, welding it shut. They left in a hurry deserting him there to die.

Lana walked into the kitchen of the Kent house.

“Hey, Mrs. Kent. Have you seen Clark anywhere? I’ve looked all over town and I can’t find him anywhere,” Lana asked.

“No I haven’t seen him all day. Sorry I couldn’t be much help,” Martha replied.

“I’m starting to get really worried. I told him to meet me two hours ago. He’s usually really good at keeping his word,” Lana said with a worried look on her face.

“Maybe Chloe knows where he’s wondered off to,” Martha suggested.

“Maybe. Thanks, I’ll see you later.”

Lana drove over to the Torch where Chloe was working on the next day’s issue.

“Hi, Chloe. Do you know where Clark is? He’s disappeared and I’m starting to get really worried.”

“No, sorry. Did you try to phone his cell?” Chloe suggestively asked.

“Yeah, he’s not answering. Do you think he might be in trouble?” she asked very worried by now.

“Hmmm. Didn’t he say he had a GPS in his phone. Maybe I can track it,” she said as her fingers started to tap the keyboard at a hundred words a minute. “Here it is! He’s at an abandoned meat shop probably trying to save another person again,” she said almost laughing.

“I’m going to go check it out. I’m really scared that he’s in trouble.”

“I’ll come with you,” Chloe said grabbing her coat.

Lana and Chloe drove over to the spot where Clark was said to be. They looked around only to find it empty.

“Well the GPS must have lied,” Lana said disappointed.
“GPS never lies. Look over in the corner, there’s a freezer. And it’s on? This factory has been abandoned for years, it shouldn’t be on,” Chloe said as her mind started racing.

“Maybe Clark’s in there!” Lana said running toward the freezer. When she reached there she noticed something that horrified her. “The doors welded shut! Clark’s probably dieing and we can’t even help him,” she said starting to cry.

“Watch out,” Chloe said pulling out a small laser. She cut through the metal tracing along the welding.

“Where did you get that?” Lana questioned amazed.

“Always be prepared,” she said with a smirk.

They opened the door to find Clark lying in the freezer looking very pale with a tinge of blue on his skin.

“Clark! Please don’t be dead,” Lana screamed tears running down her face.

Chloe helped her pull him out of the freezer leaving the meteor rock in the freezer. They placed him on the ground and Chloe checked if he was still alive.

“He has a pulse but he’s hardly breathing. We need to get him to a hospital quick,” Chloe said after she checked for his pulse.

They wrapped a blanket around him that Lana had in her car and drove him as fast as they could to the hospital.

“We need a doctor quick!” Lana yelled as they carried him into the hospital, tears streaming down her face.

They placed him on a hospital bed and nurses swarmed towards him placing an oxygen mask on his face. They put an IV in his arm and since he was still weakened from the meteor rock the needle didn’t break.

Chloe and Lana sat by his bed staring at him with tears staining their cheeks.

“Who would do this to him?” Lana wondered furious.

“I don’t know. Who ever did must have a twisted mind, and some major grudge against him,” Chloe said shrugging.

Chloe and Lana went home that night but came back to the hospital early the next morning. They sat down in the chairs by the bed and only seconds later Clark sleepily opened his eyes.
“Oh my God, Clark! You’re awake! We thought we might be losing you,” Lana said hugging Clark.

Chloe also hugged Clark after Lana. “Thank goodness you’re awake. We were so worried about you. Do you have any idea who did this to you?”

“I’m not completely sure but there are only two people I can think of that would want to do this to me. And there’s only one person that would know how to do this to me, Allison and Nathan.”

“What do they have against you?” Chloe wondered the journalist in her kicking in.

“Well I took Lana away from Nathan and Allison is mad at me for liking Lana instead of her,” Clark explained as though he was simply stating the obvious.

“And that would be enough to make them try to kill you?” Chloe asked.

“I guess so. Brrr, I’m freezing cold,” Clark said shivering.

“Well you were trapped in a freezer for quite a long time,” Lana explained.

“I’ll go get you some hot soup and leave you two love birds to talk,” Chloe said leaving the room.

“So do you remember any of what happened?” Lana asked enquiringly.

“The last thing I remember was I was taking a shortcut through an alley when I was hit on the head. Everything after that is blank,” he lied.

Chloe came back with the soup and Lana and Chloe decided to leave so Clark could get some rest.

Clark took a sip of his soup and burnt his lips. I must still be weak from the kryptonite. He thought. He softly blew on his soup to cool it down. When he went to put his spoon in his mouth he was surprised to find his spoon covered in ice. He then blew on the rest of his soup and watched a cold stream come out of his mouth and freeze the soup. Quickly he used his heat vision to defrost the soup again incase someone came in.

Just then his parents came in to check up on him.

“Lana told us you were awake. How are you feeling?” Martha asked with a motherly tone.

“I’m freezing. And there’s something I should show you,” Clark replied.

“Oh and what is that?” Jonathan asked.

Clark grabbed his soup and breathed onto it freezing the whole bowl. “I think it’s a new ability,” He explained.

“Well this could be interesting,” Martha replied kindly.

The next day they let Clark out of the hospital when he had recovered completely. He ran off at super speed to find Nathan and Allison.

Clark began flying but when he realized that it was hard to see everything he landed and zoomed all over town looking for the deadly duo.

Finally Clark found them walking together down a back alley headed toward the Talon. When he stopped and they saw him they went tense.

“You again? You’re supposed to be dead!” Nathan growled.

“Yeah, well I have good friends,” Clark replied.

Nathan and Allison went to move but before they got the chance Clark looked down at the ground below them and blew. The shallow puddle they were standing in froze, trapping their feet so they couldn’t move. Clark then knocked them both out by tapping them on the head. He grabbed them by the back of their collars and flew off, breaking their feet out of the ice and lifting them off the ground. He landed in front of the police station and walked in.

“Could you please arrest these two?” Clark said to the nearest cop.

“For what charge?” he replied

“Attempted murder.” He let them go, letting their bodies fall to the ground, and simply turned and left.
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