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A window apart, baby is an eternity from you

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Raigan comes to stay with her dad and starts to get aquainted with the boy next door. Brendon and her start to get close but the only thing keeping them apart is the fact shes black and hes white. ...

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A/N: Raigan is pronouced Ray-Gan
Also Bold=Current event Italics= past event

The end is near

Raigan felt this tight space around her legs as she raised her head off the dashboard and sat back in her seat. Opening her eyes with a dumbfounded expression. A sudden pain filled in Raigan’s head as she used her hand to comfort its continuous throbbing. Wincing her eyes at the unbearable headache that was given to her without consent.

Raigan laid in her bed sterling her thoughts, using ways to trigger her mind power in a way to connect with her Brendon. Her eyes stared at the celing fan that repeatedly began to turn, almost influencing her in a dizzy state she refused to be in. Raigan’s hopes were bleeding out her eyes, trickling down one cheek and then the other. Brendon was currently climbing out of his bedroom window, closing it behind him he walked the few feet to Raigan’s window and knocked on the glass startling Raigan who was lying in the sea of her own imagination. Raigan quickly shot up trying to get a glimpse of who would be at her window at this time of night. Brendon waved excitedly, similar to a little boy opening a Christmas gift.

Finally Raigan realized who was there, so she speed walked to the window lifting it up with her fragile arms shaking and almost falling over in the process, before any words could roll off Raigan’s tongue Brendon grabbed her face leading her in a trance with a passionate kiss. Raigan giggled releasing her happiness throughout the moment there lips were apart for the slightest bit.

Trying to forget her headache Raigan looked directly at the broken windshield that blood was splattered on, regaining her conscious she looked at her trembling hands noticing the freshly red colored fluid that rested on her palms. Fear and sorrow plunged into her chest leaving a tangled knot grow tighter in her stomach. Turning her head in a precautious manner, to her very bit of expectation Brendon sat in the drivers sit head hung back. Joan’s immediate reaction slipped through her eyes as she held in her screams, using her hands to shake his dead looking state away. More tears became to flow out because it seemed it wasn’t working. “Brendon” she whimpered reaching over to grab his head but it proceed to droop down as if he was born without a spine. Raigan sniffled and wiped her tears continuing the effort to wake him by gripping his shoulders and rocking him out his sleepless dream she can only imagine he was having. “Wake up baby, please”

Raigan leaned out the kiss and pulled Brendon through the window. A smile never leaving his face insisted to stay there as he fell on the floor. Raigan snorted loudly covering her mouth to reveal a muffled laugh. Brendon stood up stepping in front of Raigan looking down into her eyes as she looked up into his, he used his left hand to cup the side of her face while he guided them on there backwards stroll that quickly ended when Raigan’s back hit the wall. Raigan once again giggled from all the excitement she was receiving. Brendon chuckled looking up but gathered all seriousiness when he stared back at her. Her eyes fluttered on and off when he grazed his cheek against hers proceeding to teasingly blow in her ear with his hot breathe that smelled of spearment.

Tingles raced up and down Raigan’s spine along with the sensation of eagerness that arose in herself. Taking control of his dangling hand she slipped it past her shorts and down her panties. Brendon used his index and middle finger as access inside of her, going in a rhythm of Moving in and out slowly. Letting a smile dance along her lips of pleasure that was clearly being shown. Raigan wrapped her arm around one side of his hip as she leaned her head back. Brendon used his free hand to grip the front part of her neck loosely, continuing to go deeper and faster. Raigan’s breathes remained silently recognized as she reached her peak.

Raigan jumped into the reality that she could do more if she moved her legs from up under the dashboard that crammed down on her thighs. Anticipation built up as she tried to get up but the dashboard wouldn’t allow her legs to move at all. “Brendon just a second, baby” she cried as though he told her something. Gritting her teeth pushing on it, it wouldn’t budge. Trying to push even harder her hands became restless. Angry mixed with frustration was released as she pounded her tiny fists against the dash, cracking the window more. Raigan opened her mouth so crys of emotions emancipated freely, but it was something in here that wouldn’t let go. So while Raigan hushed her cries she reached the farthest she could to comfort Brendon. “I’m going to get you out here, okay?” his still forum slid over to lie by his window. Raigan wailed as she caressed his face. “Your going to be okay, were going to be okay!” Believing her own words she looked at the windshield and thought for a moment as she stopped crying all together. Raigan balled up her fist staring at it for a moment then thrusting it towards the windshield. It broke into pieces but in response making her hand bleed profusely, reaching out towards the tree they’d seemed to have hit but, her might wasn‘t strong enough. Falling back in her seat she looked at Brendon.

Brendon removed his hands while Raigan grabbed the rim of his pants pushing him back lightly. Looking directly into his eyes as she unbuckled his belt and moved at the same pace she was pulling his pants down . “You won’t be needing these” Raigan smirked sliding off his boxer briefs, resting on her knees Raigan took off her shirt and threw it. Then she grabbed his cock, wrapping her left hand around it carefully, stroking it sluggishly. Brendon let out a content sigh while he threw his head back. Raigan began to stroke it at a faster pace as she stared at him. “Do you like that?” Raigan sneered rubbing the head of his cock all over her chest. “awe…yes” Brendon groaned.

His erection became noticeable as Raigan used both hands to rub it one last time. Removing her hands Raigan used her fingers to unhook her bra while Brendon, took off his shirt and shook off his boxer briefs. Raigan then stood up while Brendon rubbed on his hard on. “Are you going to use a condom?” Raigan asked. Brendon grinned widely “I’ll just pull out” She stepped with her left foot then right all the way to her bed.

Laying on her back her hands obeyed the command to seductively slide off her boy shorts, opening and closing her legs playfully. Brendon stood at the end of the bed, He grabbed her hips and scooted her closer to him. She chuckled quietly nibbling on her index finger. Brendon stood between her legs, holding up her lower body by her thighs and penetrated inside of Raigan, She moaned impishly then following it with low wimpers.

Brendon gripped tighter around her thighs as he thrusted in and out, trying to find a rhythm that they’d both enjoy. Raigan fondled with her nipples as she buried her head in the sheets “Harder” she demands. Brendon faces intensifies during which he initiations at a slower speed, Grinding in and out savoring this inclination attentively.
“Oh yeah” a pleased moan escaped Raigan’s mouth, gaining encourgament for Brendon to continue what he’s doing.

Raigan cries silently slapping herself in the forehead. “What have I done?” she questions herself while avoiding all contact with Brendon “This is all my fault”. She throws her eyes to look at the roof of the car. Getting another escape plan she begins to bang her petite fist against the roof, using all her built up angry as inspiration for her force. Her knuckles become sore and damaged as she punches the roof with all her might. Wincing in pain as her fingers become numb and painful within the same promising consequence. Raigan then uses her elbows and then forearms. No part of this body appears to be working any destruction to this roof. Breathing in heavily as she begins to hyperventilate from all the exhilaration she was giving herself. Raigan fans her face with the throbbing, aching fingers but starts to settle down. Blurriness filled in her eyes when she turned to look at Brendon. “Why?” she cried throwing her hands in the air. Snot running from her nose in a liquidly form committed suicide as it fell on her shirt. Raigan looks at the windshield quieting her desperate cry. Eyes wide open Raigan looks into nowhere gaining the feeling of being less as a person. She looks behind her and reaches for the duffel bag that fell on the floor.

Raigan gripped the sheets falling in beat with Brendon as his hips clashed against the back of her thighs. Her moans remain constant whimpers of blissful enjoyment. His groans are steady with each push he allows himself to take inside of her. When he pulls out for those few seconds he becomes weak and vunderable as he craves to keep going. Raigan lets go of the sheets as she uses them to rub around his chest. “Fuck me faster” she says clearly with no moans following. “Fuck me faster got damn it” Raigan pleads sucking her breathe through her teeth.

Brendon then puts her legs down and scoots both of them up the bed. Still inside of her there in missionary stance. The rhythm starts up again after Raigan wraps her legs around him. They look into each other deeply while Brendon proceeds to thrust at a faster pace then before. The bed began to rattle silently inspiring the headboard banging up against the wall. “Faster Brendon” Raigan mutters closing her eyes. “You want me to fuck you faster?” Brendon grunts kissing along her neck. “Yes, yes” she whines as his speed is increasing. “You like the way I fuck you, don’t you?” he snarled coldly in her ear.

Raigan snivels a moan tugging lightly at Brendons hair. His speed grew heroically faster as Raigan’s moans came one behind the other, giving her the feeling she was an addict and Brendon was her drug. Sweat trickled off his face and fell on Raigan’s chest. The friction between the two was severely unbelievable as the speed continue to remain the same. They both were sweating from the relentless abrasion there skin had no control of stopping. Going in a few more times irrevocably Brendon pulls out as they begin a new position.

Raigan gets up as Brendon sits down letting his feet touch the ground as he’s sitting on the edge of the bed. Raigan leaves a gap between her legs so Brendons legs are between her‘s. She slowly allows his cock entrance inside of her as she sits on it getting a numbing feeling in her legs. Raigan wraps her arms around the back of his neck while they stare at each other. Passion boiling through there bodies.

Placing the bag on her lap she opens it up and goes through it and to her surprise there was a gun in there. She grabs it and puts her fingers in the right places. Raigan then exmaines it and looks at Brendon.

Brendon holds the sides of her waists as she begins to ride on his cock. They both hold in there pleasure sighs while they Silently tell each other dirty things from there eyes. This was it, there peaks were nearly here. Grinding alittle faster they close there eyes releasing there sensations inside there throats. ”I need to pull out” Brendon says. Raigan then gets up laying on her bed. Brendon steps in front of her as he cums on her stomach, shaking alittle as he lets go a sigh of relief.

Raigan let a smile play along her lips as he went to the bathroom in her room and grabbed a towel. He came out and sat beside her wiping up the mess that rested on her stomach. When Brendon was done he stared at Raigan as she climbed to the back of her bed to lay under the covers. He quickly joined wrapping his arms around her as she laid her back to his front.

Cocking the gun barrel back she looked at Brendon long and hard. Tears trickled down her cheeks causing her to look forward. She then placed the gun on her tongue, stretching her mouth wide open. Her finger laid on the trigger as she closed her eyes.
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