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Number Three

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Feelings are made known.

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Note: Remember, this is still a flashback in grade 10. Alright, so it's been a week. A week since that day outside the skate park. David's been acting strangely. The guys, Jamie and I will just be hanging out, and I'd get a weird feeling. You know, when you feel as if someone's watching you? Yeah, that one. And I'll look over to David, and he'll immediately look away. And he won't talk to me. It's really starting to freak me out. I mean, what did I do? All that happened was HE almost kissed ME. I was in my room, listening to music on my stereo, when I decided to address this all to David in person. I walked downstairs, sporting a plain, green, tank top and beige kapris with pockets, which held my cell phone. My hair was up in a ponytail. As I got downstairs, I saw my mom sitting in the living room, doing her usual thing of drinking tea and watching the news on the television, "Hi, Mom! Where's Dad?""He's at work, sweetie. You know he works late on Saturdays, honey," My mom's personality and mine aren't much different. She doesn't look as old as she is, which is 34. She had me when she was 18. Most people think we're sisters, rather than mother and daughter. My mother's crystal-blue eyes are the same as mine. I managed to get my father's hair. My mother's is a nice dirty-blonde colour. My dad and my hair are both blonde, but I've been known to dye my hair quite often. At the moment, it's a dark brown. A light bulb turned on in my head as I remembered, "Oh, yeah! Hey, Mom? Can I go over to David's for an hour or so?"Mom gave me a stern look from over her spectacles, "Is all your homework done?""Yes, all my homework is done," Somehow, I knew she knew I was lying, but she let me go anyways. I slipped on my Vans skate shoes, made my way out the door, and walked the short walk to David's house. On the way, I started thinking about what I was going to say. What was he going to say?I stepped onto Davids porch and rang the doorbell, hearing the jingle it was playing echo through the house. A minute later, I heard footsteps coming towards the front of the house. The door swung open, revealing David standing behind it, "Hi..." I greeted him quietly."Hey..." I had a strange feeling he didnt want me there. But, he was going to have to deal with it, because I want to find out what the heck is going on here."Uh, can I talk to you?" I asked."Technically, you already are."I sighed, "Dave, you know what I mean."David knew I was serious, as I had called him Dave. I only call him that when I'm not joking around, which I normally am. He stepped aside, allowing me to walk inside the house. I had been in his house many, many times, and I knew his house better than I knew my own. David closed the door behind him, causing his mother to hear from the kitchen. She walked over to us, slipping one of her oven mitts off, "Hello, Kathryn!" She engulfed me in a big hug. David's mom always treated me like I was another one of her children."Hi, Charlotte," I greeted her."Oh, dear, you know you can call me mom."I smiled politely, "Yes, I know.""We'll be in my room, mom," David informed his mother as he led me upstairs and into his bedroom, closing the door behind him."David, we really need to talk.""A-about what?" David stuttered out timidly. I could tell he knew what we had to talk about; he just didn't want to talk about it. I sighed, "I think you know what, David. Don't play jokes. What is up with you? Why have you been, basically, ignoring me for the whole week?"David turned his face away from mine and looked nervously down at his feet. What is it with people looking at their feet when they're nervous? It doesn't solve anything! Okay, back on track, "It's really complicated."I placed my index finger on his chin, forcing him to look me in the eye, "How so?"He took a deep breath, and began talking, "Kathryn, we've known eachother a long time, right?""Since preschool, yes..." Where the heck was this going?"Um, you know how people always say 'Oh, boys and girls can't be friends without attraction coming between them'?" As soon as he said that, I knew exactly where this was going."Yeah... Dave, just come on out and say it!" I was tired of him trying to stall."Okay, since about three years ago, I've... been feeling... these feelings for you. I didn't exactly know what they were until a month or two ago... I'm falling for you, Kathryn."Oh, gosh. He... He's falling for... ME? How can he fall for me?! How come I never saw this? How come he never told me? All these thoughts and more filled up my brain as I tried to think of what to say. I mean, what would you say if you were in my position? Okay, let's see. How do I feel about him? Would I be willing to risk our friendship to start an actual relationship? Oh, gosh. I think he's starting to freak out! I can see it from his eyes. Say something, Kathryn! Say something before he jumps to conclusions!"Uh... Wow. Um, did I just hear you correctly? Did you just say... you like me?"

David smiled a half smile, "Yeah. I did. Do you like me?"

At that moment, as I was staring into David's eyes, I realized something that I had never realized before. I like David, in a more-than-friendly way, too. I can't believe I never noticed it before! I mean, I must admit, David is very good looking, with his black hair done up in a cute little mohawk, and his gorgeous green eyes normally outlined lightly in black eyeliner. And David is a really sweet kid. And funny, too. His A.D.D antics can make anyone laugh, "Yeah. I like you too, David."David started smiling, and that smile got wider and wider. He finally couldn't control his excitement and started jumping around like a kangaroo. He grabbed me by my waist, lifted me up, and twirled me around. I was laughing my head off the whole time. When he set me back down on solid ground, we were both out of breath."Wow, you guys sure are in a good mood," we heard a voice come from the bedroom door. We looked to see David's older sister by two years, Julie Desrosiers, standing there. Julie had taken a year off university to stay at home and help her mother. Since their parents had gotten a divorce when David was twelve, David and Julie's mother had it hard, coping with work, and taking care of two kids. Julie didn't look that much different from David. The same hair and eye colour, only Julie had blonde highlights in her hair. As for Julie's style, Julie was definitely a tomboy."Be quiet, Julz," David called his sister by her trademark nickname, although David couldn't stop grinning. Julie eyed us both suspiciously, "What happened?" David and I looked at eachother, and we started to laugh, although I'm not sure of the reason. Julie just looked at us even weirder than she was before, "Okay, then... I'll just leave you two to... do... that."David and I couldn't stop laughing. We were probably laughing for five minutes straight. When we finally did stop, one question popped into my mind, "Hey, David... what's going to happen now? Are we going to go on a date, or..." As you might be able to tell, I was a beginner at this whole boy-girl relationship thing."Do you... want to go on a date with me? Maybe... tomorrow?"I smiled up at him. Darn, I hate being short, "That would be great!""Okay. I'll talk to you sometime tomorrow about the times and stuff." "Alright," I checked my watch to see what time it was, "Well, I better be heading back home. Mom would be mad if I was even one minute late past my curfew," I smiled, gave David a hug goodbye, and walked out the door, only to be stopped right outside it."Alright, Kat. What happened? Give me every single detail, woman." Wow, that's a nice way to get interrogated by your best fri- I mean, boyfriend's sister, isn't it?I took a deep breath, and started at the very beginning, and like she said, never missing a single detail. Once I was done, she squealed and gave me a huge hug. Julie always did want David and me to be a couple. I stepped out the door, not before thanking Mrs. Desrosiers for letting me stay, and walked home, purely in bliss. As I reached home, I walked straight up to my room, quickly called Jamie to tell her of the happenings, and got ready for bed, as it was almost 10:30pm. As I layed down in my bed, I thought about everything that had just happened, and what would happen tomorrow. Little did I know the same thing was happening in David's room...
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