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Chapter 14

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Sitting at a table surrounded by those that cared about her, Chihiro sipped her tea, thinking about the events of the last few days. During her life in her world nothing exciting ever happened to her, possibly because she was always daydreaming about this world, but in any case this was a very different experience for her. And though this was all new to her it all seemed right, like she was exactly where she was supposed to be, like she really and truly belonged here.

As the others began to settle down to the table with their tea they looked and Chihiro expectantly, but she was oblivious to them all, lost in her thoughts. Haku, still worried about her and noticing the glazed look in her eyes, reached out and took her free hand in his. This contact immediately pulled her back to reality and she smiled at him trying to reassure him that she was okay. The two old witches looked smugly at each other at they way Chihiro and Haku seemed to forget there was anyone else in the room, it was obvious that something had happened between them since they were here last.

"Chihiro, what happened in there today? What did that man say to you to make you look so frightened?" Haku asked, impatient to know what was going on. She had seemed so frightened earlier, but now she was just preoccupied.

"Well, it was all very strange really, and it wasn't really what he said that scared me, he just felt evil and sinister."

"He felt evil? You have never mentioned feeling things like that before. When did you fist start feeling these things?" Haku asked, the amazement at her recent development obvious on his face.

At this question Chihiro turned bright red. Knowing that he had kissed her and telling everyone that he had were two entirely different things. "Umm...well, last night when you...uhh...when we..." she stuttered to a stop as he finally realized what she meant and in turn blushed as well. It was all Zeniba and Yubabba could do to keep from bursting out laughing at how red they both had turned. It's not like it wasn't obvious to anyone who cared to look that something had happened, it was really no use trying to hide it. Chihiro noticed the two sister giggling and turned even redder, if that was possible.

"Maybe we should talk about this alone, though it seems we have no secrets as it is."Haku said drawing Chihiro away from the table and the two sisters. They went outside and found a lovely tree just far enough away from the house not to be really noticed and sat beneath it, making sure to place the tree between them and the house.

"Now then, tell me what happened."

"Well, after we kissed I felt something, not just from the kiss, but a new sense. This morning while waiting for you in the dining room

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