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Chapter 17

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Rubbing the sleep from her eyes, Chihiro remembered where she was and looked up at Haku, making sure it wasn't a dream. When their eyes met they held. Haku could tell that she was only half awake and watched the fog clear from her eyes and recognition dawn. She was so beautiful but so unaware of it, embarrassed by the mere mention of it. But as she looked up into his eyes he couldn't help himself. "You're so beautiful Chihiro." he whispered as his lips lowered to hers.

Lost in each others eyes they didn't notice when the door opened and Lin stepped into the room, at least not until she rather awkwardly cleared her throat. "Well, I can see I'm going to have to be careful what rooms I just walk into from now on." Lin said, obviously embarrassed.

Chihiro turned crimson instantly and Haku even blushed a little. Seeing them both turn red Lin couldn't help but laugh at the whole situation. This only seemed to make Chihiro even redder, and as Chihiro felt her cheeks get even hotter she grabbed a pillow and covered her head. At this action Haku couldn't keep himself from laughing either, and soon Chihiro had joined in too, unable to resist.

Once the laughter faded a bit Lin remembered what she had came there for in the first place. "Oh yeah, Chihiro, the woman in the room next to yours, Ayame, wished to have a word with you. She seemed rather anxious to talk to you."

"Okay, we were about to go see her anyway, I had a few questions for her. Thank you for coming to tell me though." Chihiro climbed out from under the blankets to straighten herself up a little before going to see Ayame, but in doing this she revealed the wings on her back that she herself had forgotten.

"Chihiro! What in the world is on your back? When did you get wings?" Lin almost shouted as she ran to Chihiro's side.

Chihiro groaned "I was hoping that was a dream. I kinda woke up with them a little while earlier. That's why we were going to talk to Ayame, since she has wings like this too. Well, I've never actually seen her but..."

"Yeah, I came in earlier to check on her, it sounded like she was having a nightmare, but when Icame in she was sitting in her bed in a daze with wings. Then I remembered the woman who checked in today and mentioned to Chihiro that perhaps we should talk to her." Haku said, his concern replacing the laughter that had been there only moments before.

"Well you two should definitely go talk to Ayame then and probably soon. She did sound urgent when she asked me to get you."

"Yeah, I guess so. And maybe she can tell my why these things appeared on my back and why I all of the sudden have all of these half memories."
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