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Out of the Shadows

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Samantha and her sister go to the Panic ! concert and Samantha is in for a big surprise....

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As I was standing outside, Samantha had walked out of the venue. I wasn’t sure what to do, I didn’t want to scare her though in case she didn’t remember me. Seeing that perfect face of hers again just made me feel comforted, thinking of how it was so easy for us to talk and relate to each other. I was so eager to say something to her, but I wasn’t sure of the right words. Eventually I got enough courage to say something. Nothing special though. She didn’t seem to recognize me, but then I realized I was in the shadow of the building. I didn’t really know when to show my face, but I was afraid that she wouldn’t remember and end up being some star crazed fan, and then just totally have forgotten about that rainy night. I had to take a chance though…But then she said something that really got to me…..

“Well, I don’t know…Ryan, the lead guitarist, didn’t seem very happy. He just looked upset or something, but maybe I’m wrong. Did you notice that at all?”

Wow. I couldn’t believe she noticed…Maybe she does remember me.

“Yeah…I definitely did….” I said, then stepped out from the shadows.

Her eyes got so big, it looked like it hurt, and her mouth dropped about 3 feet….ok that was an exaggeration. But she definitely was shocked to see me. I didn’t know if she was just shocked because she now saw that I was Ryan Ross, lead guitarist of famous band Panic! at the Disco, or if it was because she really did remember that I was the guy who she talked to on that long rainy night. The guy who brought her to a warm place for coffee. The guy who gave her money for a cab to see her mom. The guy who thinks he is in love with this girl he found soaking wet one night on a bench outside his apartment. Did I really just say that? I guess I did. But I really do feel like I am in love with her. She’s all I’ve been able to think about the past 3 months, and I feel so empty without her. I don’t even know her that well but something inside of me wants to be with her so badly.

I don’t even know what to say now.

I stood there just kind of looking at her now. She didn’t say anything, and she didn’t freak out which was a relief…Then she just stared at the ground for awhile, looking like she was deep in thought.

“Something wrong?” I asked her.

No answer.

“Samantha?” Shit. I said her name.

“How did you…..” She started talking then stopped.

Then our eyes met and I knew she remembered me.


I couldn’t even believe my eyes. Ryan Ross was standing right in front of me, talking to me. I soon realized that my mouth was wide open and I was just staring, so I quickly looked at the ground not knowing what to say. As I was staring down at the concrete something clicked in my mind, but I couldn’t figure out what it was…./Ryan Ross….Why does his name suddenly seem so…/


Did he just say my name?

“How did you….” I started saying, until I lifted my head up and our eyes met.

It immediately hit me like a ton of bricks.

This was /Ryan Ross/. The one I met that night sitting on a bench outside. I couldn’t even believe it. A thousand feelings just started rushing through my head and I didn’t even know what I felt anymore. I didn’t know if I wanted to cry, or if I was happy, or even upset. It just all came at me so fast that I couldn’t even think straight. I just couldn’t take it anymore and my eyes started tearing up…

“I…I can’t believe you remember me….” I said, trying to hold back the tears.

“Samantha, you’re the only thing I’ve been able to think about these past three months…” After he said that I just broke down crying, and Ryan quickly embraced me in a hug.

I felt like I was squeezing the life out of him, but I just couldn’t help it. It felt so…at home. Everything from that night came back to me so fast. It made me realize how much I felt like Ryan was a part of my life now…and that I need him. Sure my life is a ton better than before, but it still felt empty somehow. Now I see that it’s him. I had completely forgotten, and it’s by sheer luck that we even found each other again.

After awhile we both pulled away and I looked into his eyes…he had been crying too. We both smiled and lightly laughed. I was still in shock….but now what?

“Umm...Ryan?” I asked.

“Yeah?” he replied

“So what happens now?”

He kind of sighed and didn’t say anything for awhile.

“Well….I don’t really know….This is only the second time I’ve ever talked to you, but I feel like I’ve known you for a lifetime. And these past 3 months have just dragged on and on. And if you were wondering why I looked so upset on stage tonight was because I never thought I would be able to see you again. It’s like there’s something that’s connecting us…I don’t really know how to explain it. But I just…I….ugggghh I can’t even get my words to come out right. I just want to be with you Samantha…”

“Ryan, I….” Just as I was going to respond, I heard Jess walk out of the venue and call my name.

“Samantha? Where are you?”

I didn’t really know how to respond to Ryan…and I really needed to get going or my parents would get mad. I waited for a minute and Jess started walking out to the car, then I turned back to Ryan.

“I really should go…that was my sister…and I don’t want my parents to get mad for us being home too late.” He looked so upset after I said that. I didn’t know what else to do though, I just couldn’t think of the right words to say…. “But I’ll give you my number…call me sometime tomorrow if you want” I quickly got a pen out of my purse and wrote down my cell number on his hand. His face seemed to light up a little bit after I told him that he should call me, but he still looked pretty upset.

“Wait Samantha, before you go….”


“...Am I ever going to be able to see you again?”

I just looked into his eyes not knowing what to say. Am I going to see him again?

“Well…how long are you guys in Vegas for?”

“We’ll be here all day tomorrow, and we’re leaving early the next morning.”

Wow, that doesn’t give us much time. Then I saw Jess from a distance. She was starting to walk back towards the venue and she spotted me. I was afraid if she saw me talking to Ryan Ross she might freak out or something, so I couldn’t take any chances.

“I really have to go….but try to give me a call tomorrow if you can.”

So then I quickly ran over to Jess before she was close enough to see who I was talking to. We started to walk back to the car, and I was asking her how it was meeting Panic!.

“Oh my goodness it was amazing…..Brendon is so much hotter up close. But they are all really nice….I think that was the most amazing night of my life…But Ryan wasn‘t there. Someone said that they couldn‘t find him or something.”

“Hmm that’s weird.”

On the way home she went on for awhile about meeting the band, and how meeting Brendon Urie was so spectacular…..and then she asked me, “Who were you with anyways? that guy you were talking to..”

“No one really, someone who was at the concert….just a casual conversation…”

I felt bad lying, but I didn’t really think I should tell her right now. It would be too much to explain at the moment, and I just wasn’t ready to tell her the whole story of how I met him and what happened. So I just kept my mouth shut for the time.


After Samantha left I felt kind of in shock. There was about a one in a million chance I would even find her at the concert tonight, and I did. It was just amazing seeing her…but I didn’t know how she really felt about the whole situation because she had to leave….

I figured I should go back inside since our manager Rob was probably extremely mad that I wasn’t there to meet the fans. I walked in and saw Rob marching over to me, face red and steaming.

“Ryan, where the hell where you?! There were fans waiting to meet you and getting ticked off at me for not know where you were!” Rob yelled.

“Sorry…I just…needed to step outside for a little, I didn’t feel good…”

Rob just looked at me, then turned around and walked away. Soon after, Brendon came up to me while I was packing up my guitar.

“So what were you really doing outside?” He asked me.

“I just needed some fresh air…,” I started saying, “and…”


“Well…Remember Samantha? That girl I met like right before our band got signed?”

“Ummm…yeah. What about h- oh my god, did you find her?”

“Yeah, well I was standing outside and she just walked right out of the venue and we started talking and stuff….”

“Well did you make a move?”

“No, she had to leave to soon, but she did give me her number.”

“Well dude, we’re only here tomorrow and then we have to leave to finish the tour.”

“I was thinking of inviting her to come with us…but I don’t know…I mean I don’t even really know her all that well….Plus maybe she won’t even want to come, and Rob would probably have a fit. But I’m going to try to get together with her tomorrow…so we’ll see what happens…..”
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