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ANother poem, pg-13 'cause this is me and i cuss! Woot, its said to the tune of 'riot' three day grace but the words and meaning are diffrent. so r&r damnit!

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O_O...why wouldn't it be mine? Fuck i hate it when you guys ask me that....i'm serouse....comment please....rate nicly....i try....COME!!!!!sobs chibi eyes PLEASEE!! BE NICE!!! and yup...i WAS listening to 3dg 'riot' here the reseblince moslty?but its still back off sue-ers! Because the words are diffrent its just you say it to the tune of the songs! So don't FUCKING SUE ME 'CAUSE I HAVE MADE NINJA-ASS KICKIN' SKILLS!!!

I’m not the only one
Stepped on
Pissed off
Used up
And hurting
If I know
I would
Let go
If I know
I would

How mad
You’ve made me feel

How sad
I’ve been

How pissed
Off I am

How used up
You’ve made me feel

How fucked up
You’ve made us

How stepped on
We feel

How hurting
We are

And you
Tell we
Can’t feel
Tell we
For no ones
Voice: Nie try loser
ME: Leave me alone...
Vocie: Voice i don't have to, u already are...
Me: Shut up slut ass
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