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Chapter 4

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Sati gets a look around Nerima and vistes the Nekothan. Sati and Colonge known each other?

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Disclaimer: The characters of Ranma 1/2, of course, belong to Rumiko Takahashi (and lots of others). Sati Li, and any other strays that may appear, belong to me, unless otherwise noted.

A Werewolf in Nerima

By: USA Tiger

Chapter 4

Sati yawned as she slid open the door to her small room and stumbled down the hall to join the Tendo’s and Saotome’s for breakfast in the main room. The futon had been remarkably comfortable, but she could have done without the wake-up call provided by the two yelling Saotome’s as they fought. Stepping into the main room, she looked about for a moment, before deciding to just plop down at the low table beside Nabiki.

"G'mornin'," Sati mumbled, stifling yet another yawn, and attempting to rub the sleep from her eyes. Nabiki just grunted in reply, continuing to nurse her strong morning coffee, while Soun peered over the top of his paper long enough to nod a greeting in return.

"Good morning, Sati," Kasumi called cheerfully from the kitchen doorway. "Did you sleep well?

Nobody should be that chipper this early in the morning,’ Sati thought to herself, as she stretched the kinks out of her neck. "Yeah, I did. Thanks. I don't suppose I could get some of that coffee, could I?"

"Of course," Kasumi responded, disappearing back into her kitchen, only to reappear a few moments later with a large mug of the hot beverage. "I'm afraid that it is just instant coffee, as Nabiki is normally the only one to drink it."

"As long as it's not decaf, it'll be fine," Sati responded, savoring the aroma.

"Decaf ain't coffee," Nabiki mumbled, taking another sip from her own mug. "Just dirty water."

"No arguments here," Sati mumbled back, and then proceeded to slowly drain her mug's contents in companionable silence alongside Nabiki, as Kasumi began carrying out food items from the kitchen and placing them on the table.

Shortly, the remaining residents of the household arrived, taking their places at the table, and breakfast got under way. As did the all-too-familiar dueling of the Saotome’s for the most food, which just caused Sati to roll her eyes at their antics.

"Morning, baby," Akane cooed, as P-chan finally stumbled into the main room of the house, after a side trip to Beijing and Nantucket while trying to find it, and trotted happily over to his mistress, who promptly lifted the little piglet into her lap and began feeding him morsels off her plate.

Sati could almost hear Ranma's teeth grinding together, as Akane continued to baby her pet. It would have been hilarious, if it hadn't been so potentially disastrous.

"Say, Akane... How long have you had that pig?" Sati asked, as she slapped the back of Genma's hand with her chopsticks when he attempted to steal some of the food from her plate. He'd have a painful welt on the back of his hand for the rest of the day, as a result. After several moments of apparently intense concentration on her question, Sati earned a glare from the youngest Tendo when she muttered, "Don't hurt yourself!"

"I found him in my room not long after Ryoga came after the Pervert," Akane said, lifting the piglet up before her and rubbing her nose against his snout. "Didn't I, P-chan?"

Sati rolled her eyes, as Akane's speech descended into a bunch of babying gibberish. ‘That girl is either extremely dense, or willingly blind to the facts,’ she thought, before resuming her meal.

Eventually, everyone finished their breakfast, and Sati watched as the youngest members of the household left for school, while Genma dragged Soun off somewhere. Only then did she turn to give the little piglet perched on the table a particularly penetrating look. "You're about as pathetic as they come... P-chan."

"Bwee?" P-chan... um, bweed, looking up at her in apparent confusion.

"Yes, I'm talking to you! What do you think is going to happen when she finds out that you and her dear little pet are one and the same? Hmm? And she will find out, eventually," Sati told the little piglet, and released a sigh. "If you're lucky, she'll just kill you, if not... Well, there are worse fates than death. And the longer you wait to tell her, the worse it will be."

"You can understand Ryoga, Sati?" Kasumi asked, pausing in her clearing of the table.

"When you're basically an animal, as well, it's not that hard. That and I guessed," Sati responded, smirking as she got up from the table. Then, her expression became more serious. "I am rather curious as to why everyone lets Akane continue to believe that he's just an ordinary piglet? Obviously, you know who he really is. I know why Ranma keeps it a secret, but you and the others..."

"Father made me promise not to tell," Kasumi said, obviously not liking the situation she'd been forced into.

"Let me guess," Sati sighed. "He's hoping that it will make Ranma jealous, right? Sounds like one of Genma's ideas."

Shaking her head at the idiocy of the situation, Sati headed back to her room to get dressed for the day.


Dressed in black-leather pants and a black t-shirt, with QUitE bRaiN oR I'lL PokE YOu wiTh a Q-TiP written in white across the chest, Sati poked her head into the kitchen as she adjusted the black wristbands she'd placed upon her wrists. "Hey Kasumi, I'm headin' out for awhile, would you like me to pick up anything?"

"Yes, please," Kasumi replied, setting aside the dish she'd been washing. Drying off her hands, she quickly wrote out a few items on a notepad and handed it to Sati. "I only need a few items for the dinner I'll be preparing this evening. You shouldn't have any difficulty getting them for me."

"Not a problem, Kasumi," Sati responded, looking over the short list before placing it in her pocket. "See ya later!"


Sati had spent the morning exploring the Nerima Ward, comparing it with some of the descriptions that Ranma had written about, and just getting a feel for the area as a whole. She'd been past Furinkan High School, although she hadn't entered as classes were in session, and walked through the park, savoring the feel of growing things surrounding her. She'd even passed by Ucchan's Okonomiyaki which, according to Ranma, belonged to his best buddy, Ukyo Kuonji. She intended to eventually meet all of Ranma's many suitors, but it appeared as if Miss Kuonji would have to wait, as there'd been a sign in the window stating that the shop would be closed for a while, as she was out of town visiting a sick relative.

Sati paused in her explorations, as her stomach rumbled, rather loudly. It was one of the few complaints she'd always had concerning Asian cuisine... too easily digested by Westerner stomachs, not to mention a Lycanthrope's. Still, it was approaching lunch time, and looking around; Sati spotted another location she'd intended to check out in any case... The Nekohanten or Cat-Cafe as it was also known.

Ranma, of course, had written to her about his problems with Chinese Amazons, and she'd had a few encounters with them, herself. She couldn't recall ever meeting anyone named Shampoo, and Old Ghoul was far too generalized a description to identify any of the Amazon Elders that she'd met, as they all looked like old ghouls.

"Nihao! Welcome to Nekohanten! Am Shampoo, I show you seat and take order, yes?"

Sati blinked at the lushly endowed, lavender-haired, bundle of bubbly cheerfulness that had bounced up to her when she'd stepped through the entrance. Shampoo was extremely cute, appeared to have a very out-going personality, and possessed a soft-looking, shapely, body that seemed to scream, "Cuddle me!" Sati wasn't fooled, however, into believing that Shampoo was as soft and innocent as she appeared. Just from the way she'd moved, Sati could tell that there was some real muscle beneath the soft appearing exterior, and that she was well-skilled in the martial arts.

‘I can see now, why Ranma's so concerned about this girl,’ Sati thought, chuckling inwardly as she followed her to a booth. ‘She's practically a male's wet-dream come to life. If she were to back off and stop pressuring Ranma to go back to China with her, and just tried to be his friend...’

"Shampoo let look at menu," Shampoo bubbled, handing Sati said item. "Come back, take order when ready, yes?"

Sati nodded, and scanned over the listing of food items available, occasionally glancing up to watch Shampoo move about the restaurant. ‘Poor cub must be taking one hell of a lot of cold showers, if that girl's coming on to him as forcefully as he's said!’

"You make choice?" Shampoo asked, bouncing up to Sati's booth. "Ready order now?"

~Yes. I'll have the #5 special,~ Sati responded in Mandarin.

~You speak Chinese? Great! I get so tired of sounding stupid in Japanese!~ Shampoo fairly gushed in appreciation. ~The men seem to like it, but it makes me sound like some kind of an air-head. It's refreshing to actually talk normally with someone. Anyway, I'll have your order right out!~


Sati had continued to watch the young Amazon as she awaited her meal, noting the way she adroitly avoided the groping hands of more than a few salary men as she made her way about the room. But then she detected a long unfelt, yet familiar, ki-signature drawing near and looked over to see an obviously ancient, very small, woman pogoing towards her.

~I thought I heard a familiar voice out here,~ Cologne said, placing Sati's order before her. ~Hello. Doing well I hope.~

~Hello, yourself, Cologne,~ Sati responded, taking a sip of the ramen broth. ~Mmm, I see you still haven't lost your touch in the kitchen. Tasty as ever! Still, I never expected to run across you, of all people, in Japan. I thought you were going to concentrate on training an heir, so that you could retire into relative obscurity, and spend your idle time terrifying the young men of your village?~

~For the most part, I am,~ Cologne stated, hoping over to take the seat across from Sati. ~Shampoo, there, is my designated heir, and I can train her anywhere. The Council can see to the running of the day to day affairs of the Village, and... terrifying young Japanese boys, is so much more satisfying then doing it to the males in the Village, who are all desensitized to an overbearing, know-it-all, ancient old woman.~

~True, true!~ Sati chuckled, pausing in the eating of her ramen. ~So, what else brings you to Japan, other than the ready entertainment?~

~Shampoo. My great-granddaughter is here to retrieve her wayward husband,~ Cologne answered. ~And never a more obstinate and stubborn young man, have I ever encountered!~

~So, this young man challenged and defeated your great-granddaughter?~ Sati asked.

~He did indeed!~ Cologne cackled. ~Not once, but twice. It's quite a story.~

~Why don't you tell it to me,~ Sati prompted, and listened closely as Cologne related the story of how Ranma came to be Shampoo's intended husband, although Cologne never referred to Ranma by his name, only as Son-in-law.

~An interesting and entertaining story, Cologne,~ Sati stated, as Cologne finished talking. ~But, aren't you bending your laws a might? After all, from what you described, the boy, even as a girl, never actually challenged your great-granddaughter for her hand in marriage. Instead, she challenged Shampoo for a prize feast, during an open tournament, and then he accidentally defeated her in the defense of another.~ (1)

~Not really,~ Cologne shrugged, indifferently. ~Our laws are written so as to be flexible to our interpretation, as the need arises. And in this case, I have chosen to interpret them as binding upon Son-in-law.~

~To each their own, I suppose,~ Sati sighed, noticing the time and climbing out of the booth. ~Anyway, I've got to be going. I've got some shopping to take care of.~

~Where are you staying?~ Cologne asked, hopping out of the booth to perch upon her staff.

~At the Tendo Dojo. I'm visiting a young friend mine, by the name of Ranma.~

~You know Son-in-law?~ Cologne asked, arching an eyebrow, to which Sati merely shrugged and smiled.

~See you later, Cologne! Nice meeting you, Shampoo!~ Sati called out, as she exited the restaurant.

Why am I not surprised?’ Cologne mused, and wondering how Sati's presence might alter things in the days to come.


By the time Sati returned to the Dojo school had apparently let out, and after dropping off the groceries she'd purchased with Kasumi, she stepped out on to the porch to see Akane and a wet redhead, which she assumed was Ranma's cursed form, arguing beside the koi pond. As this was the first time she'd actually seen it, Sati took a few moments to get a good look, noting that Ranma made an extremely cute young girl... even while scowling.

"You make a very cute girl, Cub!" Sati stated, chuckling at the put-upon look she received from the petite redhead, as she walked over to the two of them and interrupting their argument. "So, do I even want to know what the two of you are arguing about?"

"This jerk insulted my cooking!" Akane snapped, pointing an accusing finger at Ranma. "I worked extra hard in Home-Ec to make him something for lunch, and he wouldn't even taste it!"

"I don't eat nothin' that glows in broad daylight, and growls at me!" Ranma stated firmly, crossing her arms beneath her ample bosom.

"I don't think I want to know," Sati said, shaking her head. "Akane, where's Nabiki?"

"In her room, where else?" Akane snapped, glaring at the redhead. "You could have, at least, tried it, Ranma! You didn't have to throw a stick at Kuno and yell 'fetch'!"

Sati walked away, shaking her head as Ranma went into a giggling fit as she started to describe how hilarious it had been to watch Akane's cooking chasing the kendoist about the schoolyard trying to “fetch” Kuno's bokken.

Entering the house, and heading upstairs, Sati easily located Nabiki's bedroom and knocked on the door.

"It's open!" Nabiki responded from within.

"So, you ready for me to tell you about Lycanthropes?" Sati asked, once she'd stepped into Nabiki's bedroom and closed the door behind her.


Edit 5-5-14: Fixed a few grammar and spelling mistakes. Changed Ryouga to Ryoga as that is how I’m spelling it now in all my fics.

(1) The story of the Contrary Jewel, in the OAV "Desperately Seeking Shampoo", wherein Ranma does challenge Shampoo, has not occurred in this universe, and therefore Ranma has never, officially, issued a Marriage Challenge to Shampoo.
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