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The Switch of Fate

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We all know how the story around the Ocarina of Time goes. But what would happen if it went a bit differntly from what we're use too. What would happen if two people's fates were switched

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Disclaimer: The characters of The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time belong to Nintendo and the guy who made these characters, I'm just borrowing them for the time being.

The Switch of Fate

By: USA Tiger

Warnings: This story will contain slash/Sh┼Źnen-Ai, meaning that there is a relationship between two males. If this isn’t your thing then please exit this story.

Author Note 10-16-14: SageofSlashes from AO3 has volunteered to go back over the chapters to get all the bad grammar that I totally missed. So thanks to them ^_^

Chapter 1

Link sat on the ground, looking up in a bored way as the Great Deku Tree rambled on about someone coming from a desert, whatever that was, before launching into a story of the making of Hyrule. The young Kokiri stopped listening at this point. Truth be told, he had already heard of this legend from his best friend Saria. He used this time to go over what had happen that day in his mind. If he did happen to miss anything, he was sure Navi would tell him about it.

The morning was normal enough, starting with the nightmares he had been having for several weeks now. It was always one of two but both had the same basic theme. Both started out the same, a large wooden bridge lowering from a stone wall before flashing to a woman riding on the back of a white horse with a child sitting in front of her. Sometimes it would be a blue eyed girl wearing a dress with a scared look on her face, and other times it would be a boy with ruby eyes looking back with a concerned look on his face. After the horse rode off into the distance the scene would look back to the bridge where either a mean looking man with green skin, a sneer on his face, sat on a black horse or it would be a bunch of different men riding horses riding after the first horse with the woman and the boy.

That morning, in the throes of his nightmares, his new fairy partner Navi had came in, waking him up. At first he had been excited; he finally had a fairy partner making him not such an odd ball anymore. After a couple of hours, Link was ready to squash the annoying ball of blue light. Being greeted by his best friend Saria afterward, Link had set off to see the Great Deku Tree since Navi kept saying the tree wanted to see him. The look on Mido's face was enough to make up for the stubbornness the red headed Kokiri showed when he refused to let the blond through unless he had a sword and shield with him. It had taken Link an hour to find a sword, only finally finding it after Saria mentioned the Kokiri Sword that was hidden in the training ground. It took another half hour to find enough rupees to buy a shield. Most of the funds had come from Mido, not that the other boy knew that..... yet.

Once again amused by the look on Mido's face when Link proudly showed off his new sword and shield, he was finally let through to the Great Deku Tree. This led to him going inside the said tree to save the giant Deku from the curse that was put on him. Which earned him a lot of bruises and cuts but he was proud that The Great Deku Tree asked him and not some other Kokiri, say like Mido, to take on this task. And Link was even prouder when he had killed Queen Gohma, ending the curse that was placed on the talking tree. Plus he had gotten a cool sling shot as well. Of course that excitement was cut short when the Deku Tree announced that he was dying anyway and all Link's work had been in vain.

Link was brought out of his musings when Navi hit him on the head, meaning that the Great Deku Tree was finished with his tale. Link stood, brushing off the dust on his tunic before looking up in the giant face of the Deku Tree.

"Link, go now to Hyrule Castle. There, ye will surely meet the Princess of Destiny. Present this stone to the Princess. I have foreseen that she will understand everything," the Deku Tree said, his voice sounding weaker and weaker, as a green light appeared in front of him. The light flashed brightly before turning into the Spiritual Stone of the Forest, otherwise known of the Kokiri Emerald, it floated down into Link's waiting hands; where from there the young Kokiri stashed it in a hidden pocket in his tunic. “You are courageous Link. Go...od...bye... Navi...”

Link and Navi watched in horror as the Great Deku Tree slowly lost color, the once brown bark turned grey.

"Let's go to the castle," Navi said after staring at the now dead Deku Tree for a few minutes. Link just turned and ran out of the clearing, Navi stayed behind a few more seconds. "Goodbye... Great Deku Tree," she said softly before flying off after her charge.


"What happen!?!" Mido asked as soon as Link stepped back into the village, getting into the blond’s face. The red head noted the sad drawn look on the other's face. “Did... did the Great Deku tree.... die?" Link could only turn his face to the ground. Horror and sadness crossed not only Mido's face, but the other Kokiri close by as well. They had all felt the life energy leave their protector, leaving them feeling empty.

"How could you!" Mido screamed in outrage. “You killed him!"

"No I didn't Mido, how or why would I?" Link hissed looking up at the other boy. But the red head didn't listen to the smaller kid's words.

“I will /never /forgive you," Mido hissed to back before he spun on his heel, running toward his home. The other Kokiri children looked over at Link, who was glaring after Mido before his gaze softened and turned to the others.

“I didn't kill the Great Deku Tree, I tried to save him," he said before running off himself toward the entrance of the village that led to the outside world. As he neared it, Link slowed down to a walk and eyed the hallow trunk that served as a tunnel. Did the Great Deku tree really want him to go outside of the forest? But wouldn't that mean his death, since any Kokiri would die if they left their forest. There was something fishy about this, but at the moment, Link couldn't really figure out what. “Navi..." he whimpered as he stood that the tunnel.

“Come on Link, let’s go!" the fairy said, bobbing in the air beside Link's head.

“But Navi, the Kokiri can't leave the forest!" he said, looking up at his fairy partner. “I’ll die if I go out there." Terror was beginning to fill Link at the thought of leaving his safe home. Fighting some minor monsters in the talking tree was one thing, going to certain death was quite another.

“Link, we have to fulfill the Deku Tree's request," Navi said, understanding the boy's fear. But she had to do what her once leader said. "He knew what he was doing when he gave you this quest, I'm sure that you won't die when we leave the forest. Now let's go!" the last bit was said a bit forcefully, setting Link into motion as he stepped into the tunnel, still scared about all of this. On the other side was the bridge that connected the Kokiri Forest with the outside world. Link ran across, wanting to get this part over with as soon as possible.

“You’re leaving, aren’t you," Saria's voice asked behind him, stopping Link into a dead halt at hearing it. The blond turned around to face his best friend. The girl had a sad look on her face as she continued. “I knew that this day would come. You’re different from me and the rest."

“Saria...” Link said softly, walking closer to the green haired child. The strange feeling that something was wrong with this picture filled Link again. Saria knew something that he didn't, but what was it?

“But that's ok. We'll always be friends, won't we?" Saria asked looking up at her best friend. Something was clutched close to the girl's chest, her grip tightening on it a bit. Link just nodded, his throat a bit closed up from the feelings inside of him. Saria smiled before handing Link the object she was holding, which turned out to be a small green ocarina. “Good bye Link." Tears finally started running down the girls face as she pecked a quick kiss to the boy's cheek and turned to run back to the village.

"Bye Saria," Link said as he reached up to touch his cheek. He had a feeling this was the last he was going to see of his friend for a while. Finally, Link turned back toward the tunnel leading out into the world outside, taking a shuttering breath as he walked into it, still scared at what would happen when he walked out.


Link had his eyes closed as he stepped out of the tunnel, just waiting to drop dead from being outside of the forest. After nothing happened for several minutes, he slowly opens his eyes, relieved that he was still living. He looked at his surroundings, noting that while he was out of the Kokiri Forest and the Lost Woods, he was still at the edge of the woods that lead to a large field.

'Maybe I'm still alive because I'm still in the trees,' he thought to himself as he slowly walked to the very edge, not really wanting to step out because he wasn't sure if he would live or not. Taking a deep breath, the 10 year old walked out of the tree line and out onto the grassy plains of Hyrule Field. He released his breath when he noted that yes, he was still living. The feeling was starting to creep up again; there was something wrong with this. He shouldn't be able to live outside of the forest since he was a Kokiri but here he was, standing in this large field alive and well. Link bit his lip as he thought that something was wrong with this.

"Hey, let's go to the castle!" Navi yelled into the young elf's ear, bringing him out of his thoughts.

"All right all right, no need to yell in my ear," he muttered as he rubbed his aching ear. He headed out over the field, wondering what adventures waited him now.


"I hate this," Link muttered as he huddled on the branch of a tree in the middle of Hyrule Field. “I’m hungry, I want something to drink, I'm cold, and I'm tired. Plus we got chased up this tree by those Skeletons." he rubbed his arms trying to warm himself up.

“Well you should have thought to bring something to eat and drink before we left," Navi commented from her perch from above Link. The boy glared up at the fairy, trying to burn her little body with the power of his stare.

“You should have said something! I've never been outside of the forest before, how was I supposed to know I’d need to pack a bunch of stuff," The young elf yelled, his teeth chattering a bit. "Plus you were pushing me to leave right then, so I didn't even get a chance to think about it." Navi had the good graces to blush. The boy was right, it was her job to make sure the young hero stayed alive but she had been more concerned about the mission giving to her by the Deku Tree.

"Well what about those Stalchildren? You let them chase you up here," She said, trying to make it seem that it wasn't all her fault.

“I don't know if you noticed but every time I killed one of those things, another one would pop up. I really don't want to stay up all night fighting those things. And sleeping on the ground is just asking for something bad to happen," Link deadpanned, looking at his partner in disbelief. “I don't want to talk about it anymore Navi." he said as he settled himself on his tree branch, slowly going to sleep.


As Link woke up, he noted several things different from when he went to sleep. For one he wasn't laying on a narrow tree branch, instead he was laying on something flat that was rocking side to side lightly and was moving if the passing trees were anything to go by. Blue eyes blinked in confusion as Link sat up, taking in his surroundings. He was sitting in some kind of cart that was filled with stuff, an elderly man sitting in the front.

“I see ye be awake child," the man said, not turning back to look at Link as he did.

“Uh, how...?" the young blond asked confused to how he gone from sleeping in the tree to where he was now.

"I came across ye tree early this morning. I tried to wake ye, but ye just continued to sleep so I just put ye in the back of me cart," The man explained, patting the seat next to him for Link to sit in. The Kokiri climbed up front looking up at the man. He had graying hair and a few wrinkles but otherwise he wasn't that old as of yet. He also had a scar running over one eye but there was no damage to the eye itself. “Tell me child, what were ye doing in that tree. What ye were even doing out in the field at night, there be dangerous things out here."

"I know," Link said softly as he watched the scenery go by, "I went up the tree to get away from some Skeletons. I didn't know about them till last night."

"Ye never be out of the forest before," The man put in. Link just nodded before what he said caught up with him.

"Wait, how did you know I'm from the forest?" he asked, looked up at the man.

"Ye wear the clothing of one of the forest children," The old man said nodding toward the green tunic the Kokiri was wearing.

“Oh," Link pulled lightly at the edge of his tunic before he remembered Navi, “Did you see a fairy in the tree too?"

“Ye mean that annoying ball of light?" the man grunted, turning around to reach into the back and pulled out a bottle. Inside was a miffed Navi who was glaring up at the man. “She wouldn't keep quite so I put ye fairy in this bottle," he handed it to Link who decided to keep Navi in the bottle until they were closer to the castle, “Ye can keep the bottle boy."

"Thank you," Link said as he set the bottle next to him. Inside Navi shook her fist and yelled at her charge but no sound came through the glass.

"So where are ye heading child?" The man asked as he flicked the reigns of the horse pulling the cart.

"To some castle, but I don't know where it is," Link said as he looked at the passing scenery again. He blushed as his stomach rumbled. The old man just laughed lightly, reaching behind him to pull out a small loaf of bread.

"Eat up child. Me wife made that just yesterday so it is still be good," he said as he handed the blond child the bread. Link smiled gratefully before hungrily ripping into it, making sure to leave a small piece behind for Navi. “And ye be lucky child. I be heading to Hyrule Castle Town and it be the only castle around in these parts."

“Does it have a princess in it?" Link asked, hoping that was where he would find the girl the Great Deku Tree told him to find so he could get this quest over with and go back to the forest.

"Aye child."


Edit 7-15-14: Mostly just a few spelling mistakes and a few grammar mistakes fixed.
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