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"Are you an angel?"

Category: Trinity Blood - Rating: G - Genres: Angst,Drama - Characters: Abel Nightroad - Published: 2007-11-19 - Updated: 2007-11-19 - 269 words

Disclaimer: All characters originally created and owned by Sunao Yoshida; borrowed and manipulated by me.

Prompt: Sky

She awakens very early, just after sunrise, and is not surprised to find him standing on her balcony. He's probably been there all night.

What is unusual is that he doesn't seem to hear her approach. It is a rare opportunity, and for a long time, she stands silently in the doorway, watching.

He is gazing up at the soft blue morning sky, still colored pink and purple around the edges. He follows the path of a large, black bird as it soars past, eloquently flapping it's broad wings.

His expression is so sorrowful, pain and longing etched so clearly on his graceful features that, for a moment, she finds it difficult to breathe.

It is then that she chooses to step quietly to his side and ask the question that has been hovering at the back of her mind since the night he saved her.


She hesitates for a moment, watching as his thoughts slowly return to the present. He doesn't look at her, but she knows he is listening.

"Are you an angel?"

She half expects him to laugh. Instead he glances down at her and smiles. It is a warm, gentle smile--quite at odds with what she sees in his eyes.

He turns his gaze, once again, to the brightening sky.

"No," he says quietly. "I'm not."

A/N: I have an complete and utter fascination with the relationship between Catherina and Abel--particularly their early years together. So there shall certainly be more of them in the future.
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