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Chapter 12

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Chapter Twelve

As she walked down Closemore Avenue, Mya tried looking for number 5.

“Number 7, Number 6….Number 5!” She said pointing as she noticed it.

The feeling of nervousness creped back over her again; why was she actually here, going to a guys house that she’d never even met before, who she’d only ever spoke to earlier that morning over the phone which was only by accident! Was this going to be a disaster before it even happened…?

Oh well, she’d come all this way and wasn’t going to back out now.

She walked up to the front door of number 5 and knocked the knocker.

Mya waited a little, and then finally the door opened.

A tall, skinny pale guy opened the door. Her first reaction was a simple ‘woah’.

Instantly she was attracted to this guy.

“Hello” He said in a deep manly voice.

Mya nearly fainted; he was perfect already!

“Hey” She smiled.

“Come in” He said as he stepped aside from the door.

As she walked in, Mya looked around. She was impressed; very nice.

Why was she attracted to him though? Maybe because he was hot, she thought to herself.

Mya knew it was wrong considering she was kinda dating Gerard…even thought that wasn’t practically the faith fullest of relationships!

“Can I get you a drink?” Matt said politely.

“Sure…can I just have some water?”

He smiled; “Of course you can!”

Wow! Mya couldn’t believe this was true! He was just so unreal, for a guy anyway!

From the kitchen she heard him humming a song, a very familiar song; but she couldn’t work out what one it was!

“Sleep…?” She said out loud.

“Yeah…I love that song!” He answered, even thought she didn’t actually want one.

“You mean Sleep…by My Chem?” Mya asked.

“Yeah!” He said in a dippy teen voice. “I love MCR! Best band ever!” He carried on with the ‘pathetic’ voice, as Mya called it.

“Oh erm cool…” Mya said not knowing exactly what to say.

“Do you like them…? I don’t think I know anybody that doesn’t!”

Mya didn’t know how to answer; “Oh yeah they’re cool!” She said in a casual way.

“They’re great; Gerard Way is just a legend!” He said with a big smile across his face. “I’d say he was one of my heroes!”

Mya could feel her face turning red.

What exactly was she meant to say to him ‘I’m having a secret relationship with your hero?! No fucking way; this was too awkward! Mya knew he was too good to be true.

“Yeah, I well erm I kinda met him before; just randomly bumped into him and his err wife.” Mya said trying to make sure this big fat lie sounded the slightest bit true.

“Oh My God, really?!” Matt said real excited trying not to spill the water he handed to her.

“Yeah, he was sweet…real nice guy” She said having a flashback of there time spent together.

Matt smiled; “Yeah I can imagine him being a laid back guy.”

Mya carried on the flashback and smiled. “Yeah he is…I mean was!”

“I never knew he was married though?” Matt said looking at her.

Mya tried looking away “Neither did I…” She said really trying her hardest not to look him in the eye.

She suddenly felt the anger coming back to her; the way he hurt her with his lies, the way she wasn’t good enough for him, the way she could only be his unofficial girlfriend.

“So do you wanna go out for a bit…?” Matt said trying to break the quieted mood.

“Actually…I’d rather stay in, you know get to know each other better? If you don’t mind…” Mya said uneasily.

She missed him and couldn’t help it. She really did miss him, the whole time spent with Matt; she just wished it was Gerard.

“That great with me…” He smiled.

“Err Mya…are you sure your okay?” He said staring at her worriedly.

Mya cut her flashback short; “Yeah I’m fine thanks. So anyway, tell me some stuff about yourself!”

“Well I’m Matt, I’m 26 and right now I’m staring at a very beautiful woman…” He said in a hot, masculine voice.

“Well I’m Mya I’m 24, had a string of flings with a lot of guys, one imparticular…” She said cutting herself off.

‘Why did I say that, she thought to herself?!’

“Errrm and I currently like Matthew” She giggled, trying to take her mind off what she previously said.

Matt leaned in closer to her, she liked; she liked a lot!

All of a sudden before Mya could stop herself she pressed her lips hardly against his.

A few seconds passed and he pulled away; just staring at her.

Mya couldn’t tell what his reaction was, did she just mess it up completely with him?!
“I’m…I’m sorry…” She stuttered trying to get the words out.

“No…I liked it…” He said rubbing her face and kissing her again.

Mya’s whole body was tingling, she liked him…she really did like him; he was kind, hot and generous….but it all reminded her back to Gerard…she loved him! Was this the right thing to be doing?

This time Mya actually pulled back, away from him.

It got to her, she couldn’t do this to Gerard, she just couldn’t; she didn’t even know why!

“I’m sorry, I’ve gotta go!” She said rushing to the door.

“Mya wait…” Matt said coming after her, it was too late though; she was already down the street.

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