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A Minor Snag

by Pata-Hikari 11 reviews

What if Naminé was a little different?

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A Minor Snag

By Pata Hikari

Larxene appeared in the meeting room, a befuddled look on her face.

"Is something wrong?" Vexen asked.

"Um..." Larxene blushed, "You see... it's about Sora."

"Is there a problem?" Marluxia said worriedly.

"I don't know if I would call it a problem..." Larxene twiddled her thumbs.

"For god's sake!" Vexen shouted, "What's gotten into you?"

"Well..." Larxene looked at her fellows, "Sora and the Riku copy... they're, well... making out."

There was a pause.

"Making out?" Axel asked incredulously.

"I left when Sora took off his shirt." Larxene said quickly.

"Why are they making out?" Marluxia folded his arms.

"Oh..." They all heard a tiny voice whisper.

Every single XIII Order member turned to the young girl sitting in a chair, a sketchbook in her hands.

"Um... hi?" Naminé said.

"Let me see that notebook." Larxene grabbed the sketchbook. She opened it, flipping through the pages. "Oh my god..." Her face became redder and redder with each turned page. Until finally she just stopped, a trickle of blood coming down from her nose.

"What's on there?" Axel grabbed the book, looking down at the pages. A moment later his eyes bulged out. /"My eyes!/ Get me bleach for my eyes!" He threw down the book.

Marluxia picked up the book. His eye twitched as he looked over the pages. "Explain." He ordered Naminé.

"They're so cute together!" Naminé said defensively.

Vexen examined the book with cold eyes. "..." He looked at Axel, who was now beating his head against the wall. "What possessed you to make... /this?"/

"Riku and Sora defiantly belong together..." Naminé said quietly, blushing.

" do realize that the Riku down there is only a copy." Marluxia glared at Naminé.

"Details." Naminé said. "He's Sora, he's Riku. They're hot!" She blushed again.

"..." Marluxia slapped his forehead, "Larxene, you and Naminé go take care of those two."

"Huh? Why me!?" Larxene growled.

"Because," Axel placed his arm around Larxene's shoulder, "You're the only one who can look at them right now without your /eyes bleeding."/

"Oh fine. Come on Naminé." Larxene muttered.

"Oh boy!" Naminé squealed, jumping up. "I knew they were a couple!"

"Yeah, yeah, let's just go." Larxene muttered.

The two girls left.

The other three just stared at each other.

"I told you it was a bad idea." Vexen said flatly.

"Shut up. Just... shut up." Marluxia muttered.

The End
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