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Two Kinds of Loneliness

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Toby knew two types of loneliness

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Title: Two Kinds of Loneliness

Author: Immortal Aussie

Email: bookworm1987 at gmail dot com

Rating: FRT

Summary: Toby knew two types of loneliness

Disclaimer: Anything you recognise doesn’t belong to me so I’m not making any money from them

Warnings: Slash. Mention of Character Death

Challenge: 10 Hurt Comfort on Sam/Toby

Prompt: #6 Lonely

Word Count: 201

We had, had another fight. This time it was over… well over nothing. It had been building up for ages and it finally broke through and it was a big one. it was probably the worst fight we have had and that is something. Now I’m sitting on my bed all alone. He left me. he said he couldn’t do this anymore so he just up and left without considering what I wanted him to do- stay in my life. This just proved what I already knew. Everyone I love leaves me. My father left because of me and mum committed suicide because of that. All my past lovers have blamed our relationship falling apart on me. I can’t do it anymore. I can’t be lonely no more. I know what I have to do. At Sam’s place I wait for him to open the door and I finally tell him how sorry I am. That I love him. Something flashes through his eyes and he pulls me inside. That was twenty years ago. I’m alone again but not because of a fight. Sam was killed in a bombing. This is a loneliness I can’t do anything about but accept it.
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