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Fuuma gives Itachi some advice. Fuuma/Kamui, Itachi/Sasuke

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Fuuma wondered if the man stood in front of him was slightly insane. The man had the darkest hair and the darkest eyes he had ever seen on a human being, but the colour red suddenly flashed into his conscious. He was perfect. Even with tired lines running down the sides of his face, and wearing a cloak not quite as dark with red clouds that swirled across the fabric. Bent over a boy that resembled him strangely, (brothers?) tied up on the bed.

Fuuma had felt strangely compelled to look in on the agony radiating from the hotel room, and so he had stepped in through the window. It was the sort of pain that he occasionally felt from Kamui, when Fuuma was at his most sadistic.

He wondered if he should leave. He, himself hated it when people interrupted his fun with Kamui.

But then again, the boy was extremely pretty. There was blood on pale skin, strands of black sticking to his face with sweat.

“Hands off.” The man said, though there was a dark slur behind his tone that implied I can kill you and I will.

The boy snarled, body arching off the bed as he tried to free himself. Fuuma noticed that it only caused the man to press further into the boy, eliciting a deep look of disgust and loathing. It reminded him of Kamui in a way, and the conflicting emotion in this boy’s eyes and his Wish made Fuuma break out in amused chuckles.

The laughter just made the boy struggle more, realising that this stranger, somehow, was just as bad.

“You have ten seconds to leave.”

Fuuma smiled. He stepped back onto the window ledge, but he could not resist a parting comment.

“You know, I find that they stay down better if you pin them down with glass.”

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