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It's over. It's over it's over it's oooovvveerrrr! What was that, three years? GOOD RUN GUYZ I TOTAL FIX UP TIME WAS UTILIZED WISELYZ

But I digress.

Nobody's in character, the plot is shaky and stirred, and I totally ripped a shatload of elements from everyone else. That being said...

I learned a LOT from writing this. A LOT. And I'm going to revise it so it's shiny and post it up on fictionpress as kwaieht and change some names and just bastardize everyone so I can say that they're somewhat original characters because friendships are fickle and a lot of the ones in here didn't last but they kinda did but whatever.

I'll change the protagonist's name, too. It's way too weird to type in my own name.

But what name will I use?

... Bah. Whatever comes along, comes along. Now, I feel like I can relax.

Oh, and to clarify: Angel eventually dies kind of in the sense that she should have died normally because the hospital was actually trying to save her but we took her out blah blah blah the evil man pwns us.

Marcello is in the basement.

I seriously don't know what a hospital contains but since most of it was warped I guess it doesn't really matter.

Oh, and most of it was warped. Most meaning all and warped meaning warped.

... uh... thanks for reading.

(man, I think I had the most fun with the chapter summaries.)

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