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When Sonic dies, Knuckles and Tails are forced to fight a guerilla war against the new Eggman Empire. Please read and review.

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Disclaimer: any characters, locations, etc. featured within this story who have featured in a Sonic the Hedgehog videogame are owned by Sega/Sonic Team, not me. Any characters featured, locations, etc. featured within that are unique to this story are owned by me.

A/N: Hey guys, here's my new Sonic the Hedgehog fanfic. It's based off a rather simple idea I had when I was first playing through Sonic Adventure 2 Battle: what if Sonic had actually been killed when that capsule exploded (you have to admit, it's a pretty convincing "death" scene if you play through the Dark story first, as I did). Anyway, the results would obviously be quite catastrophic for the world, and that formed the basis of this fanfic.

With all that said, read, enjoy, and if at all possible, review.

Sonic Adventure 2: Dark Tomorrow


The young, two-tailed fox known as Tails shifted uneasily in the seat of his mech walker, the Cyclone. Where was Sonic? It shouldn't have taken this long for him to get here. For someone as fast as him, it should have taken at most a few minutes. What was keeping him?

Tails turned his attention away from the door to gaze at the source of this dilemma. Dr Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik, the one who had been plaguing Sonic and Tails for far too long, was mere metres away from him in his own mech, the Egg Walker. He had tried many times to take over the world, but they had stopped him each time. However, it now looked like Eggman had played his trump card. In his right hand he held a shiny black gun. It was pointed directly at the head of Amy Rose, a friend of both Sonic and Tails. Tails knew that Eggman would shoot if given the slightest incentive to. There was no chance of Tails being able to defeat Eggman with one shot, so he was now in check.

How had things come to this? Tails had thought the plan was foolproof. They had had the element of surprise, and there should have been no way for Eggman to get to the space Colony ARK before they did. Clearly, Eggman had a faster means of getting here than the shuttle they used.

Hearing a faint hiss behind him, Tails head darted back, seemingly independent of his mind. The door slowly opened to reveal the form of Sonic. His blue body was tense, every muscle clenched, as if he was about to pounce on Eggman. But he didn't. He just stood there, his green eyes staring straight at Eggman and Amy. Eggman glared back at him; Amy remained as close to still as possible, but couldn't help shivering. For one moment, Tails thought he saw something more as Sonic and Amy's eyes met. But it was all gone in an instant.

Eggman broke the silence. "Let's get down to business, shall we Sonic?" he said, trying to act as if he wasn't pleased. "Hand over the Chaos Emerald, and then we'll talk about your girlfriend. That is, if you really care for her." Eggman pushed the gun into contact with Amy's left temple: a shot fired now would surely tear away Amy's entire head.

Sonic held up the yellow jewel that he held in his right hand. Tails knew that it wasn't a Chaos Emerald. It was a fake, designed to reverse the energy of the Chaos Emeralds and blow up. The real Chaos Emerald remained hidden in a secret compartment on the Cyclone. There could be only one reason why Eggman desired it, and that was so as to get the Eclipse Cannon up to full power.

Tails knew little of the Eclipse Cannon, but he certainly knew the level of destruction it could achieve. Even now he could see the remains of the moon, which had been the first victim of the Eclipse Cannon, through the window. He also knew that it must be powered by Chaos Emeralds, since that was the only way of producing the massive amounts of energy that would bee needed to operate such a device. The final piece of information he knew, and the one that had been so important, was that it was nearly impervious to outside attacks. Fortunately, Tails had brought the fake Chaos Emerald with him. All Sonic needed to do was place the fake emerald with the real Chaos Emeralds and the Eclipse Cannon would have been destroyed, or at least rendered useless.

But Eggman had kidnapped Amy, and now Sonic was here, along with the fake Chaos Emerald. Eggman still had no idea that the emerald was a fake. If they could just keep the act up for a little longer, than he would destroy his own weapon.

Sonic appeared to be thinking the same thing as he looked at the emerald. Upon seeing that Sonic was looking at him, Tails gave a small nod, indistinguishable unless it was being looked for.

Eggman had clearly run out of patience. "Put the Chaos Emerald down right there and back off," he growled, pointing at a circle on the floor. Tails couldn't help but think that the circle seemed to be separated slightly from the rest of the floor.

A grin spread across Sonic's face as he walked over to the circle. "You've turned into a big-time villain, Doctor," he said. How true that was, Tails thought to himself. Sonic was just walking into the circle when Eggman laughed to himself. Sonic hesitated for an instant.

That was all it took. In an instant, a clear cylinder had come down from the ceiling, trapping Sonic in it. Sonic eyes darted towards the ceiling, looking for a way out of the capsule, but there was none. He was trapped.

"You thought you could trick me with that fake emerald, didn't you?" Eggman asked.

"So how did you know it wasn't the real one?" Tails replied without thinking.

"Tails!" Sonic yelled, though his voice was barely audible through the walls of the capsule.

"Because you just told me, fox boy!" Eggman said. Tails jaw dropped as he realised his mistake. "Now," Eggman said, "for a little space ride! The capsule clears the colony, bam!" Tails fur stood on end. Sonic couldn't die. There had to be a way out of this. His eyes darted around, looking for any possible way, but there was none. Eggman still had the gun pointed at Amy's head, and now he had another hostage as well.

Sonic stood firm, appearing courageous even in this moment of dire peril. He closed his eyes and folded his arms across his chest, as if accepting his fate. "I'm counting you Tails," he said as he opened his eyes, looking Tails directly in the eye. "And Amy, take care of yourself." Tails noticed that Sonic was looking at Amy in that manner he had seen before, but there was no reply from Amy. She looked ready to burst into tears.

"Farewell, Sonic the Hedgehog!" Eggman said, cutting the moment short. He pressed a button inside the Egg Walker. In an instant, Sonic was gone, the capsule sent hurtling into space. Tails looked out the massive window in an attempt to see the capsule, and he could just make it out against the blackness of space. It was burning up. This couldn't be happening. But then his worst fears were realised as the capsule exploded in a massive fireball, utterly destroying it.



Tails' eyes shot open, snapping him out of the nightmare. His breath came in gasps and sweat had dampened his fur. He sat up in the hard wooden chair. He had fallen asleep at his post again.

Rubbing his eyes, Tails reached for the cup of coffee that he always had beside him on long nights. As he took a sip, he instantly spat it back out. It had gone cold, and tasted worse than Knuckles' home cooking. He knew it wasn't worth making another cup, as he would probably just fall asleep again anyway.

As he looked out the window of the small cabin, Tails thoughts dwelled on his nightmare. It was the same nightmare that had haunted his sleep for the past year. His worst memory invading his sleep. It had been over a year since Sonic had died - the anniversary had been several weeks ago - but the event still wouldn't leave Tails' mind.

A lot had happened in that year. With Sonic gone, it had not taken Eggman long to seize the last Chaos Emerald from Tails' grasp. With all seven Chaos Emeralds, the Eclipse Cannon had more than enough power to be able to fire a blast that destroyed the continent of North America. The rest of the world had surrendered soon after that. There was no major resistance to Eggman's rise to power. There were rumours of an underground rebellion, consisting of the remainder of the military organisation GUN, but they had yet to make any real impact.

For the first few months of Eggman's reign, Tails, Knuckles and Amy had all been prisoners aboard the space colony ARK. They barely even knew that Eggman had taken over the world. One night, when the generator aboard the ARK had broken down, Tails and Knuckles had been able to escape, but had been forced to leave Amy behind.

Ever since then, they had been living on Angel Island. Although the long period the island had spent grounded without the power of the Master Emerald to support it caused some problems, Knuckles had soon been able to get it to rise again. For the past few months, they had aimed to be a solitary thorn in Eggman's side. They had delayed convoys, saved hostages and even destroyed their fair share of Eggman's robots, but it was all just a drop in the ocean. No matter how hard they tried, their attempts barely scratched the forces of the Eggman Empire. But that didn't mean that he wasn't after them. No, it was quite the opposite. They were constantly on the run, dodging Eggman's forces. But it was only a matter of time before he got them.

Tails' thoughts were distracted by a beeping noise. Turning away from the window, Tails walked over to his bed and picked up a small headset. As he put it on, he pressed a small button on its side, and a clear voice came through.

"Red Rad to Fox Boy," said the voice, "Come in, Fox Boy."

"I copy Red Rad, this is Fox Boy," Tails replied. "Report current status of mission."

"I'm in."
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