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Vignettes. Moments of yesterday, today and tomorrow. RuHana - sort of. SenHana - sort of. Vagueness abound (oops?)

Category: Slam Dunk - Rating: PG - Genres: Angst, Romance - Characters:  Akira Sendoh, Rukawa Kaede, Sakuragi Hanamichi - Published: 2005-04-03 - Updated: 2005-04-04 - 411 words

A/N: Male/male undertones below. My writing is tame, but still if yaoi relationships makes you feel awkward, leave now. Italics signify thoughts.
Disclaimer: Not mine. Don't sue.

Moments; ii. strength

"I'm sick." You say. And he doesn't understand because he's still smiling, and touching you, breathing you.


And you feel like a fool because maybe you're not sick and it's all a grotesque dream because surely, -surely- if you were, he would know, he of all people would sense something was wrong. Him, who knows you best, who has touched, explored, licked, every single part of you. He who saved you once and will no doubt do it again if need be.

Once more. "What?"

Say it.

All you need to do is open your mouth and the words will come out because you've prepared yourself, you're ready.

I'm positive.

And in your mind you see him reel back and blink, shock and denial and acceptance and then, and then...

"Of the rain. I'm sick of the rain."

He chuckles and you feel a tender kiss on your temple, and you can't stand the affection, his kindness, because you don't deserve it. You're weak and you're selfish and you're greedy and all of a sudden you're out of the bed and getting dressed.

He's hurt - you can tell - and confused. But you're going to be strong for once in your life, so you glance back once, smile, and disappear.


It's raining again. And he was there again. You itch to go up to him, to demand why he did it, because he was chosen and you weren't, and things were not supposed to be like this. But you wait; until you're sure that he's been sitting in the rain long enough for the water to wash the tears away. Because then you'll be able to look at him and hate.

But you can't.


Not when you try to grunt out his name with all the pain, the anguish, the regret - the past.


Or when you realize that he was still crying goddamnit.


Or when he looks up at you and says -


- "I'm sorry."

This is ambiguous and very much open to interpretation. Hope it's not too frustrating, but anyway, thoughts would be appreciated in the form of a review. ;)
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