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Rufus and Tseng

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Just what were they up to when the President was killed? A little yaoi...

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Each and Every master, regardless of the era or place, heard the call and attained harmony with heaven and earth. There are many paths leading to the top of Mount Fuji, but there is only one summit – love.

(The Art of Peace, Morihei Ueshiba)

Rufus ShinRa was bored, bored witless to the point where he was stabbing the finely crafted pen in to the notepad over and over. Meetings, boredom, watching other people perform routine tasks. He yawned, he was too young for this and whilst his education and his upbringing were direct towards the idea of taking over ShinRa at his age this simply sucked.

There was however one nice reprieve that Rufus placed his days musings upon. The Turk that was stationed in the Headquarters was really rather attractive and that was one reason he hadn’t fallen asleep through the meeting. His father had put Tseng Matsumoto in charge of the General Affairs Division after Verdot’s death and ever since then Rufus had been quite happy to take an interest in his father’s work.

“And so we are looking to the forward planning aspects of space travel. The idea being that we can view the planet and take a more global approach to the reactors in the…” Rufus’ eyes strayed to his bodyguard. Tseng was watching the room and has switched off long ago to the conversation they were now involved with.

‘Lucky cock, he doesn’t have to pay attention to this shit.’ Rufus thought as he watched the graphs and then depletion charts for various stocks and shares. He watched as Tseng’s eyes slowly moved over Rufus’ and the blond looked away back to the charts. He wanted him, wanted to take him and claim him because he looked so damned unachievable.

Did he watch him because he found him attractive? Rufus rather hoped so… that would be just what he wanted, desired and was going to have. The young man listened to the rest of the meeting before the blue suited Turk simply fell in to line and followed him along the corridor.

Tseng was a quiet and reserved man but he was a ruthless and efficient warrior. Rufus wondered if this was a shining example of his people’s culture. The Wutai man wielded most weapons like an extension of his body and Rufus wondered just how toned and fit he was under that suit. He adjusted the stock around his neck and headed towards the office his father made for him.

“Do you need me to escort you back to University?” Tseng asked standing by the doorway patient as ever.

“I think it would be a good idea.” Rufus nodded, he knew his bodyguards would be at the Midgar University but the idea of having Tseng in closer proximity was doing wicked things to his mind. He picked up his gun and coat and leant over the desk to find his bag. Tseng looked away, pointedly from the firm ass displayed in front of him. “Did you like that?” Rufus asked.

“Sir what I do or do not like is not at question here.” Tseng said smoothly. Rufus looked at him, the bastard didn’t even so much as give away he had taken a breath.

Rufus pushed the door closed and looked in to his eyes. He wanted him, damn it he did but the guy looked straight laced, looked… Rufus hated being told no, a product of his father grossly over-stated value and his private school education. He looked at Tseng, one arm still resting on the door.

“I asked you a question Tseng please… answer me.” He said his voice deep and sultry.

“The answer is did I like what? That you are prepared to go back to University or that I liked you leaning over your desk? Either one alone merely seems like a question in which you are seeking me to provide your vanity with a little more stroking on the ego sense.” The Turk told him meeting his eyes.

“Do you find me attractive?” Rufus said amused by the backchat.

“Hai.” Tseng bowed and let out a small smirk. “You are Sir; very attractive it is true.”

“Now that’s something I did like to hear.” Rufus said leaning over to him and pressing his lips against the soft Turk’s ones.

Tseng offered no resistance, his mouth yielding to the president’s son and tongues met and danced against one another. Tseng didn’t care if the President wanted his guts at that point, he’d easily despatch of him, and Rufus was just dying for the chance to see the old man in his coffin anyway. He wanted control of most things in his life and his father was the only one holding that back.

It was all the chance they needed, both men had been waiting for the other to make a move in reality and Tseng happily let Rufus push him up against the office door. Rufus’ hands pinned his partner to the wall, the sword clattered to the ground as Tseng’s passion started to rise. They hungrily kissed one another and Rufus pressed against the Turk.

Tseng could feel Rufus’ length hard against the soft white trousers and gasped as he noticed he was well endowed. Rufus slid Tseng’s hands together over the dark haired Turks and pulled open his jacket, ripped up his shirt and slid his hand over the taught stomach muscles and into the navy blue trousers.

“Rufus…” Tseng moaned, their lips locking together once more.

“You like that.” Rufus whispered. “Like me giving you orders… I want you Tseng. I’ve wanted you for some time.”

“Have me.” Tseng moaned, eyelids half covering the deep dark orbs. Rufus brought his partners cock to the air. Tseng was hard and aroused beyond anything he had imagined; and he had spent a lot of time thinking about it in his apartment.

Rufus’ hand stroked up and down his hard length, taking in the sight of the foreskin moving up and down and his slit opening or closing with each gentle but firmly gripped stroke. Tseng wanted to touch Rufus but he had got his hands firmly held above him and though he could easily over power the presidents’ son he had no desire to. The deprivation was just a hard-on creator as actually touching him.

Tseng’s hips jerked against the hand toying with his muscle and Rufus smirked, the young man wanted to hear him moan out in desperation and it wasn’t long before a slight murmur escaped the older man’s lips. Perfect.

Rufus let Tseng’s hands go and the Turk slid one straight past his white shirt and into the cream trousers, searching through his boxers and pulled him free. Rufus moaned, he’d never actually been so bold and surely a first time was supposed to be… romantic but he felt a need to be bold and dirty instead. It was paying off far more than he could have imagined.

Tseng didn’t say a work as he dropped to his knees, his back pressed against the wall and his cock hard hanging from the navy suit. Rufus moaned louder when the hot mouth encased his length and Tseng hungrily sucked at him. His body was on fire, his nerves alight and part of it, he knew, was the idea that he might be caught, pants around his ankles, ass on display and a Turk, his bodyguard, having his mouth fucked.

“Oh gods… that’s good.” Rufus murmured, his hand running to the long black ponytail so he could pull it from the band and grasp Tseng’s hair. Tseng sensed then that he had a new experience for the presidents’ son, closed his eyes and ran up and down the hot shaft faster, more urgently. “Tseng!”

Tseng’s mouth left the impressive organ and he looked up at him with a smile. Rufus looked at the expression, he liked this, liked serving him… Rufus had never felt such passion. He hadn’t expected it to feel this good, in fact if he was honest he didn’t know what to expect. Tseng stood up, pushed against him, their erections brushing against one another.

As their cocks touched Tseng pulled the blonde towards him, silently begging him to continue his desire to take him. The older man’s cock was taken by Rufus in to his hand and stroked up and down, the slick length wet with pre-cum as his fingers curled tighter around him. Tseng felt the hesitance in the blonde’s movements. He was probably unsure of what to do and Tseng liked that even more.

“You need something to get me wet Rufus.” He told him gently. Rufus stumbled he hadn’t considered the logistics in the heat of passion. Tseng ran his fingers around Rufus wet pre-cum and then his own as a smile and encouragement. This was probably going to hurt.

The presidents’ son nodded and then pushed him over his desk, his wet fingers trailing over Tseng’s tight ass, his own cock twitching in anticipation. Tseng let out a moan of appreciation when Rufus’ finger invaded the tight hole, his blue trousers pulled hastily down to give the young man better access to him. Rufus’ finger explored, a second was added and Tseng’s whimpering moans made it all the better.

“Is that good?” He asked and got a head nodding urgently as Tseng prayed he would find the sweet spot. Rufus pushed against him and Tseng felt the hard erection pressing against his upper thigh as Rufus toyed with him.

When Rufus found his prostate Tseng let out a hearty and filthy moan that tipped the blonde over the edge. His pushed his large erection to Tseng’s relaxed and prepared arse. His hands on his buttocks pulling them and spreading them before he finally pushed in to him with a moan.

Tseng moaned too, part pleasure and part pain as he was impaled on the impressive length. Rufus found his cock tightly gripped and groaned again with desire and lust as Tseng’s hands gripped the edge of the table and the young man slid in and out testing the feeling, plunging in to him and pulling out.

Rufus’ hand moved to Tseng’s hard erection almost constricted against the desk he was pushed against. His hand pumped at the length feeling the tightening of the Turks balls as he did so. Rufus began to move in more of a rhythm and Tseng’s body fuelled by the idea and feel of Rufus was assaulted and the Turk gave a shudder.

“Fuck Rufus… hard.” He managed to tell him. He heard Rufus grunt something in return before he slammed harder in to the head of General Affairs. Tseng yelled out his name encouraging him and Rufus was already nearly at his climax.

Tseng felt himself being moved, complied with the wishes of the presidents’ son and turned around to face him. Rufus sank back in to him, pulled one of Tseng’s hands to toy with his erection so that they could feel it together. Their lips locked against each other again, Tseng’s long hair fell around his shoulders and spilled over the desk. Rufus struggled to keep on his knees as his climax started.

Tseng felt him release, pulsing into his ass, filling him and sending him over the edge too. Rufus’ cock was gripped as the Turk’s orgasm tightened him up and he came hard in their hands. The Turk collapsed back on the desk and Rufus leant over him, using the desk to keep him held up and kissed Tseng on the lips.

“Sir you really… really… need to move your paperweights.” Tseng smirked and shifted so the round pebble was no longer digging in to his shoulder.

“I think that if you plan for a next time it won’t be my office.” He said tucking himself away and taking up the paperweight. “Why didn’t you tell me it was stuck in your shoulder?”

“I was kind of distracted Sir.” Tseng said sliding to his feet and tidying himself up, he put the band around his hair and leant over and picked up his sword.

“Uni.” Rufus muttered remembering there was something he intended to be doing. The two men were about to leave when the area went under a security alert and Tseng headed out leaving Rufus to wait for more news. Rufus sat back in his chair, the hand idling over the warm paperweight, already considering another liaison with the Turk but planning to make it when his father wasn’t around and at home.

After an hour of boredom and waiting Rufus took to playing cards on the laptop and finished the last of his assessments for university. Tseng knocked on the door. The Turk looked shocked and Rufus had never seen that expression on him before. He slammed the laptop shut.

“Well?” He asked after a lengthy pause.

“Rufus,” Tseng took a deep breath, “your father has been killed. It was… we believe the renegade Soldier, Sephiroth though Avalanche are most definitely involved.”

“Well now…” Rufus smirked, “isn’t that interesting.”
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