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Without you is how I disappear

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It was the 9th of April and I was back at work.
Things were quite slow, and there were only a few people in, two of these people being Mikey and Alicia.
I felt a bit jealous of her, when I saw them kiss, hold hands and share a drink.
I shook these thoughts from my head as I made a coffee for an old woman sat in the corner on her own. I felt a bit sorry for her as she looked lonely, so I threw in a free cake.

It was time for me to leave the café and Alicia and Mikey were kissing again. I couldn’t help but stare.
I wanted to be Alicia so much, but I knew how wrong this was and tried to ignore my feelings for a while, but after the kiss had gone on for a few minutes I wanted to kill her.
After their lips had parted, I noticed how Mikey wasn’t smiling like he was when he had kissed me.
I could see his eyes kept wandering over towards me, as I finished cleaning up the tables and went behind the counter. Sandy was in the back taking off her coat, and so that was my queue to go back there, grab my things and leave, however I was drawn to Mikey. I wanted to make him wish he had me.
I wanted to play games with him. I was in a strange mood.
Instead of taking off my apron and going in the back to get my coat, I took off my apron and jumper beside the door to the back room, so that the customers could see me. As I lifted my jumper, my shirt lifted slightly too, revealing my stomach. Mikey stared. I winked. He blushed.

It was 6:30, and we were throwing a party for Gerard’s birthday at Bob’s house, seen as his parents were having a meal with their friends. They had agreed to stay in a hotel for the night, so we could have a proper party for Gee. He was all clean now, with no alcohol or drugs of any sort in his life.
I rang the doorbell at Bob’s place.
“Hey,” I smiled at the afro that answered the door, “I brought the shit,” I said, handing the bag of food and drinks to Ray.
“Awesome, okay come in,” He took the bag into the kitchen where my brother and Bob were pissing about.
I shut the door behind me.

“Hey guys ’sup,” I grinned at the maniacs I call my friends, as I entered the kitchen.
They continued to throw shit around.
“Dudes this place is fucking messed up, they’re gonna be here in like, a half hour!” I attempted to control the boys. This failed miserably.
I decided to take the louder approach, and grabbed the nearest saucepan and wooden spoon. Banging the two together, I finally got the attention of the guys.
“We have to clean this up.” I ordered, waving the spoon around.

My spoon waving paid off, as Gerard and Mikey entered to a huge “surprise!”
Gerard was overwhelmed. Actually he nearly cried.
I ran over to him and gave him a huge hug. I hadn’t seen him in a few months, but it seemed like years. His hair had grown longer and there was more colour in his skin.
I kissed his lips, something I had been longing to do for quite a while.
The guys went silent as Gerard’s arms engulfed me and we played tonsil tennis inside each others mouths.

“Happy birthday,” I smiled, handing Gerard his present from me, the last in the pile.
He was quick to unwrap the parcel and reveal the special edition comic books he wanted.
“Fuck Sarah, thankyou so much babe. This must have cost you a fucking bomb,” he smiled the nicest smile I had seen in ages.
“Well, I knew how much you wanted them, and how much I wanted to make you happy,” I ran my fingertip down his cheek.
He placed his hand at the side of my face and began to kiss me once more.
I loved the fact that I had the old Gerard back.

It was around 8:30, Jamia was sat patiently waiting for Frank to return, Ray was killing Bob at videogames and Mikey and Alicia sat talking on the other sofa.
Frank came back from the kitchen clutching two cold beers, one for him one for Jamia.
“Ew. Nice.” he said, stopping when he saw me and Gerard making out on the sofa.
“What?” Mikey was quick to butt in.
“Those two. They are practically doing it, but with clothes on.” Frank laughed.
“And...” Mikey pretended he didn’t give a shit.
“Doesn’t it bother you? Sitting there watching your brother do my sister?” Frank sat down beside Jamia.
“Im not doing your sister Frank. Well, not yet anyway,” Gerard looked up and smirked.
“It bothers me a bit yeah, but not much. I suppose its different for you cos you look out for your sister more. Whereas with me and Gerard, Its him who looks out for me most of the time,” Mikey interrupted.
“Okay dude,” Frank raised one eyebrow at the miserable looking Mikey.
“Are you okay?” Alicia asked him, touching his hand.
“Im fine sweetheart. Just fine,” Mikey said, pulling his hand away.
“Aww, I wish I had that with Christa. Y’know the closeness. I mean, we’ve only been going out a few weeks but I really like her and I wanna get closer to her.” Ray sighed.
“Well you can’t have this. This is all mine,” Gerard laughed, biting my neck.
“This? This thing here is all yours eh?” I laughed.
“Yeah damn right. This thing I love that’s laid under me is all mine. This thing belongs to nobody but me, right?” Gerard licked my lips.
Ray laughed at us. Then Mikey nearly choked on his drink.
“So, how come Christa couldn’t come tonight then?” Frank asked.
“Oh she is coming, just later, she had to work.” Ray smiled.
“Well, here is my tip for you. You wanna get close? Just make an excuse to lean over her or something and look up, and ‘pow’ there’s her face next to yours,” Frank did a demonstration, leaning over Jamia to get his beer from the table, “and then you kiss her like so,” he laughed, kissing Jamia’s face off.

Suddenly I got a stabbing pain in my stomach.
I quickly pushed Gerard off me and headed out of the room.
“Babe, what’s wrong?” Gerard said standing up and walking over to me to make sure I was alright.
“Nothing Im fine, I just need some fresh air that’s all.” I lied and left the room.
Leaning up against the wall, my head was spinning and I wished that somebody would pour a glass of ice cold water over me to make it stop.
Instead a voice scared the dizziness out of me.
“Sarah, look I…” Mikey began, but I cut him off mid-sentence.
“I don’t wanna know Mikey. Just go back in there to Alicia, Im fine, leave me alone, please.” I sighed.
“But Sarah I want you not Alicia. It does fucking bother me when you and Gerard are…” He started, but again I silenced him.
“Mikey. Look I love you.” I began, getting a look of hope from Mikey, “But, you’re my best friend and nothing can happen between us. I can tell you anything and I would trust you with my life, Mikey. I love you to death but you have Alicia now and I have Gerard. Im with your brother, and that’s the way it has to stay. That’s the way its gonna stay. Im sorry. Now go back in there and give Alicia some attention, she’s been trying to make you pay attention to her all night. Cant you see how much she likes you? Mikey you have somebody in there who would do anything for you, why don’t you just accept what you have while you still have it, rather than chasing things that will never happen.” I turned around and shut myself in the bathroom.
Breathing heavily I sat down on the floor as the room span again.
Wait. This is the feeling I had when I was pregnant with Ty.
Holy shit. What if…
Oh fuck.
No, but I can’t be…
It’s been ages since me and Gerard…
Oh my god Mikey. What if…
No. No way. That was ages ago.
It can’t be, can it?

I started to panic.
I knew that Bob’s mum found out that she was pregnant in January, but she lost the baby not so long ago. Surely if I look hard enough, I will find a pregnancy test.

I searched the cupboard on the wall thoroughly checking underneath every item in there. Next I checked the cupboards under the sink.
I found what I needed.
C’mon. Negative. Negative. Negative.
I prayed that I wouldn’t have to go through that all over again.

Looking down at the test, I waited for my result.
It was…

“Frank!” I whispered through the crack in the door, as he walked past to get some more drinks.
“What, where are you?” he said, spinning around looking puzzled.
“In here,” I said in a hushed voice, opening the door slightly and dragging him in as quickly as possible.
“What the fuck? What’s wrong? Are you alright?” he looked worried.
“Look,” I handed him the test.
Oh shit.” he looked at me, concerned, “I have to got tell Gerard to use protection when he fucks my sister.” he made a joke out of the situation.
“Frank no. Please don’t say anything to him. Or to anyone. I mean it; I don’t want them to know yet, just you alright?” I made him promise.

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