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Going home.

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Ray and Gerard breifly meet, and Ray goes home.

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Ooc; We're getting somewhere, trust me. I'm not rushing into things, I find that sometimes that can leave me confused as a reader. I'm working on the next chapter now, and really, it's going to rock. =o 'Tis a little short, but I hope you don't mind.

BlacknWhiteRainbow- Thanks a ton, I like that you're reviewing me--postive comments or not. =D I hope you like this chapter as well, I put some Gee in there so they could meet. Keep reviewing, and speak the truth. ^^


“Hopefully you two boys didn’t get into too much trouble.”

Ray resisted laughing at the moment by pushing his clench fist to his lips, the ends of them twitching in a mischievous smile as his eyes scanned the desk that belonged to the principle. In all truth, he felt like asking him “Can I get suspended? I feel like playing guitar.” But knowing that Greasy was here (he was currently playing with a red lighter, staring into the flames) My Job Blows would probably throw him in the detention room. The detention room was clearly stated as NOT FUN.

Greasy clicked the lighter continuously, seeming distracted from the world around him as Ray swung his left foot in circles. My Job Blows attempted to organize the files on his desk as the silence became thicker, having Ray at wits end on laughing. Greasy must have noticed.

”Gerard Way.”

He stopped fiddling with the red lighter long enough to look over to Ray, arching up an eyebrow at how he thought this must be the funniest thing in the world. Ray then controlled himself to look over to him casually and state his name as well.

“Ray Toro.”

Gerard extended his hand for a shake, but My Job Blows managed to give an ignorant grunt in their meeting—ending it completely as he then began to badger Ray. Gerard returned his hand with a small laugh, and then went back to clicking his lighter.

“You have Mme Lebert this period, don’t you Ray?” He inquired, straightening the stack of papers on his desk before sitting down in his chair—brown beady eyes on the two of them even though he was having a conversation with Ray. Gerard must have him uptight with the lighter.

“Yeah. Does it matter?” Ray moved his fist away from his mouth to talk, concerning his ‘yeah’ sounded more like an ‘f-yah’ than anything else.

“Well, I was wondering because I highly doubt that your side of the story is true, concerning the situation.” My Job Blows flashed Ray a quick smirk, which Ray took as ‘THERE YOU GO MOTHER FUCKER’. How would he know anyways?

Gerard looked up from the lighter, seeming quite bored with himself as he put it away in his hoodie pocket. “Can I go?” He whined, seeing no point in staying because Ray and My Job Blows seemed to be quite talkative with each other. It would also get his ass saved from being suspended.

“I’ll call you to the office later.” My Job Blows waved Gerard off with a firm look, and he nearly bounced off of the chair once he heard him talking first. Gerard brushed Ray in the arm purposely as he passed, earning a cringe from him as he stepped out of the door. Either way it didn’t matter to him, he was gone out of the hell hole for at least awhile now.

Ray rolled the arm Gerard brushed around and around, quite confused on why he would randomly touch him with only knowing his name. He got shot in reality again as he realized he should just tell the principle what he said—fast track to getting home. He cleared his throat before speaking and let his arm rest.

“All I said was that I was fucking tired this morning and I didn’t feel like sliding my ass out of bed this morning, that’s all.”

My Job Blows stared at Ray with affront written on his face, and before he could make anything clearer, he got up from his chair.

”Get your stuff, you’re going home.”
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