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Izzy has a hangover.

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Izzy groaned and rolled over, pulling his thin blanket over his head. He had a headache, pain throbbing through his skull. He groaned again and curled up in a ball. His bandmates had to be out. The apartment was quiet. Well, at least most of them had to be out. He could hear someone tinkering around in the kitchen, probably Slash. Steve or Duff would be clumsy and making way too much noise, and Axl would be doing some other obnoxious activity, like singing.

Izzy just wanted to be left alone, but footsteps neared. He felt a gentle hand touch his shoulder. "Izzy?" He was right, it was Slash. At least he was being considerate and speaking quietly. "You awake?"

"Yeah." He responded, and was surprised by the sound of his voice, rough and tired.

"Are you alright? Do you need anything?" Slash gently ran a hand up and down his back. "I'm sorry about last night." Izzy did not need to be reminded of that. Duff and Steven had bet him $30 he couldn't chug five bottles of Night Train. Izzy had taken the bet and after finishing the final bottle, promptly passed out. Just thinking about it, Izzy gave a little whimper. "Izzy?" Slash sounded really worried.

"I'm okay." He said softly.

"You ready to get up? Not trying to force you, just you know, try to sit up? I've got your sunglasses and even a bucket if you're gonna be sick." Slash took the edge of his blanket in his hand. "If you keep your eyes shut, I'll put your glasses on for you." He paused for a few seconds before pulling the blanket down and putting Izzy's sunglasses on him.

Izzy opened his eyes and realized he wasn't on his own mattress, which he saw pushed into a corner, but Slash's. Slash was sitting next to him, a bucket and a cup of coffee at his side. And then his head swum, a wave of nausea hitting him. Slash seemed to be able to tell exactly what was going to happen and offered Izzy the bucket just in time as Izzy's stomach began to empty itself of it's contents. Slash knelt beside him rubbing his stomach as he puked, his body stiffening with every retch. When he was done he set the bucket down and pushed it away, groaning softly. Slash shifted and Izzy laid back against him, coughing a little. Slash rubbed his arm gently, soothingly as Izzy relaxed against him.

"I'll go empty this out." He got up, Izzy nodding and staying seated on the bed, watching Slash take the bucket out of their apartment, likely to dump it in the alley. Izzy took a deep breath and gave a final little cough before noticing the nasty taste in his mouth. He hated throwing up. He grabbed the cup of coffee Slash had brought him and took a sip. It was good; when Axl made coffee, it tasted overly bitter, bad and thick, while Duff had a tendency to pour as much sugar as possible in, but Slash just made normal coffee with a bit of milk. "The coffee okay?" Slash asked, back and sitting down beside him. Izzy nodded and leaned against him. "You okay?"

"M'fine, but why am I in your bed?"

"Oh um..." Slash sounded borderline uncomfortable. "You know how what goes in must come out? had a little accident. I cleaned you up and put you in my bed cause yours was all wet. Plus, I wanted to keep an eye on you overnight." He was avoiding Izzy's eyes, not wanting to cause him further embarrassment. Izzy gave a slight nod and took a sip of his coffee before shutting his eyes and resting his head on Slash's shoulder with a soft sigh. "You sure you're alright? I could probably scrounge around the apartment and come up with enough money to go down to the drugstore to get you some aspirin. Steve tried to give you something in your sleep but I didn't let him because I think it was a qualude."

Izzy shook his head. "I'm fine. I'll be up to par by the show tonight."

"If you just wanna rest, I could do your ticket selling for you."

"You don't have to..."

"It's okay." Slash cut him off and pulled him closer to his side. "You just focus on feeling better, okay?" He rubbed his hand along Izzy's arm, Izzy giving a soft noise of contentment before finishing his coffee. Slash took the cup and put it on the floor a foot or two away before shifting so that Izzy could rest against him more comfortably. "Izz?" He said after a couple minutes of silence, but he didn't get more of a reply than the soft sound of Izzy's slow steady breathing. Slash smiled and dropped a kiss on his hair before laying him back down, removing his sunglasses and tucking him in. "Sleep well Izz." He murmured before getting up and taking the coffee cup to the kitchen and grabbing his jacket to go out and sell tickets.
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