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The Tale of Whizzy

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This was from a prompt from a writer's block book I have. It was: Describe the most inappropriate place you have ever used as a restroom. This of course reminded me of a certain rhythm guitarist ...

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Why won't they get out of the fucking bathroom? Izzy thought to himself, bouncing a little. Better yet, why did he have all those drinks? Ah yes, because he was going to work on that damned album and he was on this stupid plane with all these old people. And now he had to pee. "Come on." He growled. He was the fifth person in line for the little bathroom and he had been waiting for ten minutes already. Why couldn't people just go in, do their business, wash their hands and come out? He had been resisting grabbing at himself, but now couldn't help it. Whoever was in there better hurry up.

Another five minutes passed and no one came out of the bathroom. Fuck it. He stormed past the others and through the little kitchen to the other side, hoping to find an unoccupied toilet, but no. There was a line for the one over there too. He growled and looked around the kitchen area. There was no way he was going to make it until one of the restrooms was available, he needed to pee NOW. Upon first glance, he had noticed there was no sink, so that wasn't an option. What about a bottle? He looked through a couple of the cabinets before noticing something. A little trashcan, or at least what looked like a little trashcan as part of the panel under the counter. Peeking the little flap open, he confirmed it.

Feeling an urgent stab of pain from his bladder, he determined it would have to do. He glanced around, making sure no one was looking before assuming the stance, undoing his fly and getting close the the counter holding the little flap open and lining his cock up. He breathed a happy sigh of relief as he emptied the contents of his bladder into the little trashcan. Finishing up, he shook off the excess drops and let the flap close, tucking himself back in and zipping up. Now he felt better. He wandered back to his seat and sat down, resting his head against the side of the cabin, looking out the window, and falling asleep.


"You peed in a trashcan?!" Came Axl's incredulous reply, followed by shrieks of laughter from Duff and Slash. "You fucking pissed in a trashcan?!" Izzy's cheeks turned a light pink.

"Shut up, you would have done the same."

"No I wouldn't have. I would have stormed up to the front of that line, broke the door down and did my business. You just decided to find an "alternative"."

"Which isn't a bad thing. Would you rather have the tabloids screaming "Guns N' Roses Rhythm Guitarist Wets Himself Mid-Flight"?"

"Maybe, they probably wouldn't even report it if you just pissed yourself. The drunkies over there do it all the time and it never gets reported, and people actually care about them!"

Izzy got up and left the room, going to his own and flopping on the bed. He had hoped at least his band-mates would understand, but no. No sympathy. And that's when he heard a gentle tapping on his door before it opened and a blond head peeked in. "Hey Izz." Duff slipped into the room, Slash following. They came over to the bed and laid beside him, Slash on his right, Duff on his left. "Izz, it's okay, Axl just being Axl, he's mad you're getting more attention. It'll all blow over, Axl, the media, and so on, it's okay." Duff hugged him, and Izzy leaned into him, cuddled close. "You have to admit though, it's a little funny." Izzy made a noise of disagreement and they both giggled.

"We even have a new nickname for you to make you feel better..." Slash butted in, snuggling close to Izzy, sandwiching him between Duff and Slash. Izzy didn't look amused. "We've come up with...Whizzy." Izzy's eye twitched. "Come on, Izz, laugh, it's funny." Izzy glared before squirming out from between them and crawling away from them and curling up in a ball on in a corner of the bed.

"Izzy, Izzy..." Duff's arms came around him and pulled him back over, this time holding him tight to Duff's chest while Slash resumed his position on Izzy's other side. "Izz, laugh. It's funny. You laugh whenever we tell you one of our drunken pissing tales. Have a sense of humor." His hands came to Izzy's stomach, tickling him softly making Izzy squirm and giggle between them. "See, it's good to laugh." Izzy actually gave a real laugh at Duff's silliness and Duff's fingers resumed their tickling, Slash murmuring his new nickname in his ear. They were soon all laughing and hugging like kids, cuddled close together on the bed.

"I guess it is a little funny..." Izzy admitted a while after the laughing had stopped and they had just held each other. "Thanks you guys." Duff and Slash both tightened their arms around him.

"Anytime, Whizzy." They all broke into laughter.
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