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Random little emo poem. Let me know what you think.

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Sometimes people aren’t who they appear to be on the surface
Sometimes someone’s worst enemy can be the person they see every morning when they look in the mirror.
Sometimes the only solution left can be too frightening to contemplate but the most romantic thing in world.
Sometimes the only thing keeping you alive is the most irrelevant thing that has ever existed.
Sometime the most irrelevant things that have ever existed hold an importance no one can ever truly appreciate.
Sometimes holding on hurts more than letting yourself pummel 60 feet to the ground.
Sometimes the only thing that can save you is the thing that screwed you up to begin with.
Sometimes crying solves everything.
Sometimes it doesn’t even come close.
Sometimes all that’s needed is love and comfort and warmth to persuade someone life is worth living.
Sometimes no matter what happens that person is going to want to die.
Sometimes people can be saved, sometimes people can’t.
Sometimes life can mean everything.
Sometimes it’s just a curse.
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