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Making up for the past (AyamexYuki)

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Here's my first shot at a summary, Ayame is desperate to bridge the gap between him and his dear brother Yuki. But its not the only thing he wants to bridge either ;) Yes this is yaoi so if you don...

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I was walking home, from school alone this time because Kyo was at Kazuma's dojo, and Tohru was at work, she had to leave right from school to go to work. So I was left only to think, and that wasn't always a good thing currently I was thinking about how I had to let down another girl because of the curse. I didn't like hurting their feelings, I didn't mean to but that's how I had to be there was no way I could ever hold them, no way I could act like a real boyfriend I'd always be changing into a rat and of course they'd all run away and tell my secret to the world I couldn't trust any of them. I sighed, it sucked being cursed with the zodiac curse but I'd just have to deal with it because so far as I knew there was no way to break the curse, trying was a waste of time because any way you pushed it pushed back and there was no way to find a blind spot in the curse itself. I was just about home when a long black limo pulled up, beside me and before I had time to blink the door open and a flash of red grabbed me and pulled me inside. A blind fold was placed over my eyes and a cloth placed over my mouth and nose making me inhale the drug that was placed on the cloth in a matter of minutes I passed out.

Ayame's POV

I was going about it all the wrong way, this I knew but it was too late now to say oopsie because I had now kidnapped my little brother and would be taking him home with me. Oh he'd be simply furious with me when he awoke, but I'd deal with that when it called for it. Shigure already knew of my plan, and he hadn't stopped me so I went ahead and put my plan into full action. If we couldn't repair the gap slowly then we'd have to do it my way quickly and inefficient! Not only did I want to make up for not being the big brother in the past, I also wanted to a have more than a brother relationship. Yes I desired Yuki, and yes I would have him no matter what I gazed down at my darling little brother and smiled. "Oh how you mean the world to me Yuki." I said quietly as I brushed his hair aside.

A few minutes later we arrived back at my place and from there I scooped Yuki up into my arms, and carried him inside and up the stairs and into my bedroom I laid him down on the bed and sighed he was a beauty he'd been blessed with looks just as I had been. Ah how I could just kiss his lips, but I wouldn't not yet anyways I wanted him to be awake and feeling me kissing him, and stroking his soft purple locks of hair. I hadn't put a lot of chloroform on the hankerchief so he wouldn't be out for long, so I'd have to be ready when he awoke. Yuki was good at kicking Kyo's ass but he'd never went one on one with me and I was a lot stronger than Yuki that was something only Shigure, and Hatori knew of. About ten minutes later Yuki started coming around, when his eyes focused on me his face went to pure hatred, inside my heart was aching but I pretended like it was nothing, and said cheerily. "Hello Yuki! Its great to see you again!" He tried to sit up, but the chloroform was making his moments a little slurred, he then spat out the best he could.

"What the hell did you do to me you bastard?!" "Ah now, now dear brother I only want to bond with you and since you always refuse me I cant wait any longer I've got to make you closer to me now." I said quietly. "So you kidnapped me! Oh hell no there's no way I'm ever going to get along with you!" spat Yuki as he tried once again to get away from me. I really did feel bad about drugging him now, but it was the only way at the time. "More like borrowed you, Shigure knows all about it so no one will worry." I said as I came closer to him. He tried to push me away as my lips came closer he became confused, and looked a bit scared. "Now, now I wont hurt you Yuki." I whispered as I ran my finger down his now trembling lip. "W-What are you doing?" asked Yuki his words slurred. "Something I've wanted to do for a long time." I whispered as I kissed his lips softly.

I felt Yuki tense, as I moved my lips over his I so wanted him to give into desire and kiss me back but I knew I couldn't expect much as of yet but in time I knew he'd give into me. I raised my head up and gazed into Yuki's dazed eyes, and smiled slightly well if I could get that much reaction out of him who knows what expression he'll make next when I do more than just kissing. When Yuki remembered where he was he instantly asked. "What the hell do you think your doing?!" "What? You don't remember dear brother shall I refresh your memory?" I asked as I leaned down to kiss him again. But he turned his head so I only brushed my lips across his cheek, he then glared up at me and demanded. "Take me home right now Ayame! I don't want to be here I want to get back home!" I brushed the hair out of his eyes, and asked. "Why so you can be close to Tohru? Nothing against the girl of course but I wont have that your mine and I don't like giving my things to other people."

"Don't you get it?! I don't want to bond with you, and you pretending to be gay with me like you do with Shigure isn't going to make me want to bond with you anymore." Yuki spat out. So he thought this was a game? I threw my head back, and laughed then said. "Oh Yuki, your so wrong, this is no game to get you to bond with me I play around with Shigure with words but never my body I've only desired you and I can assure you I've never kissed Shigure." "I find that a little hard to believe." Yuki muttered. I caught his chin, and gazed into his eyes and leaned in close then said. "Its true Yuki I would never do things to others when I only want to do them with you." I saw his eyes go wide, I knew he was arguing with himself because his face kept twisting up and I laughed and got up off the bed. "You just make yourself comfortable and I'll be back with some lemonade." I replied as I glided out of the room, and locked the door so he wouldn't try to escape.

I decided to make dinner, it was also only know to Shigure and Hatori that I loved to cook, and was good at it. Though I wouldn't tell Yuki, he'd probably wouldn't believe me anyway I'd just tell him it was a cheap t.v. dinner. Just as I put some meat loaf, along with some rice and some other dishes my cellphone range, I looked at the caller id and saw it was Shigure. "Hello Gure!" I said cheerily. "Why hello Aya, how is Yuki?" Shigure asked casually. "Oh he's fine, a little moody but just fine, I'm making him dinner right now!" I said elegantly. "Aya maybe I shouldn't say this, but aren't you taking a little far by kidnapping him and holding him hostage." replied Shigure. "Oh he's fine, I don't have him tied up or anything, I don't want him hating me anymore than he already does." I said. "Oh he doesn't hate you Aya, he just doesn't understand you." replied Shigure.

"Maybe so but I'd like for him to, that and love me like I love him." I replied softly. "That might take some time." replied Shigure. "Yes you are right, well listen Gure, I do have to be going or I'll burn poor Yuki's dinner and that would just be a tragedy!" I said. "Alright then, see you later Aya." replied Shigure as he hung up. I then set my cellphone aside, and kept a eye on dinner, a while later when it was done I put his dinner, on a tray and carried it up stairs and unlocked the door to find a very pissed Yuki, well I hadn't exactly expected him to be happy but still it was better than the look on his face right now. "I've brought you dinner Yuki!" I said cheerily as I closed the door behind me.
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