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Chapte Twenty Nine

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Love to hate Lara? Or hate to love her?

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Chapter Twenty-Nine

“Help yourself,” Joanna said sullenly, dumping the food in the living room in front of Lara and the two boys.
”Thanks,” Lara gushed. Will looked uncomfortable and jumped to his feet.
“I’ll come help you,” he said skittishly, and raced out of the room. Joanna smiled slightly. As the door almost slammed shut, Will looked at Joanna sheepishly, running a hand through his dark hair.
“I’m sorry. It took me a while to see through the exterior. She’s such a-“
“Yeah I know,” Joanna agreed cutting him off. “Just one thing. You still gay?”
His eyes spread wide. “I’m surprised you even had to ask. Is Rupert Evertt still hot?”
Joanna grinned at him. “As far as I know.”
"Well then."
“Anna?” It was Rick, leaning out of the kitchen door. “Can I talk to you?”
Her smile faded as she nodded and slowly walked into the kitchen. Just before she reached the door Maria came out and looked severely at Rick before turning to Joanna.
“Don’t worry,” she assured her. “I told him that if he breaks your heart I’ll break his legs.”
Joanna managed a feeble smile. “Thanks.” She walked into the kitchen and Rick shut the door behind her.
“Look Rick-“ she began as she crossed to the other side of the table and folded her arms
”No, I’m gonna talk,” Rick told her gently. “I’m sorry that I didn’t realise that Lara was flirting with me. I’m not exactly the best at that.”
Joanna half smiled. “Apology accepted.”
“You don’t believe me do you?” he asked. He crossed to her, and pushing her against the cupboards, began softly attacking her neck and earlobes. When she was too weak at the knees to stand up any more, he slid his arms around her, holding her up. He then whispered into her ear,” You do know that I’d never hurt you, don’t you?”
“I-“ Whatever she had been about to say was lost as his lips pressed against hers. If only they’d known that the same action was taking place in the room next to them. And neither Will nor Maria was involved.

So maybe I should encourage Lara to flirt with Rick more often. Maybe. I don’t know. Actually, yes I do. No. Anyway, Rick and I had made up, so all was well. I was beginning to think that maybe we should be wearing pyjamas as it was a sleepover

“Maybe we should get changed?” she suggested.
“Yeah sure. “Maria agreed. “You go in Harvey’s room. I can go in the bathroom, and the guys can, like, all go in Rick’s room.”
“You forgot Lara,” Joanna pointed out.
Maria shrugged. “She can go last.”

It was the first time I’d been in Harvey’s room. He was away for the weekend. Can’t remember where he was. All I know is, man, did he like swimsuits. Or then again, it could have been the models. Yeah, probably the models right?

“No way,” Lara pouted as she opened her bag, Rick standing next to Joanna his arm around her.
“What?” Joanna asked wearily.
“I forgot my P-jays,” Lara explained, looking mournful.
“Just sleep in what you’re wearing,” Joanna told her. She resisted from finishing with a resounding duh.
“Oh Josie, that’s so manky,” Lara exclaimed.
“I’ve probably got a shirt or something you can borrow,” Rick explained, beginning to search through the cupboard he called a wardrobe, and eventually held up his iron maiden T-shirt. Joanna started. She’s worn that top the once when she’d forgotten her pyjamas. Rick handed to Lara. “I’ll see you guys in a bit,” he rumbled as he shut the door behind him.
“Mikey is nice,” Lara prattled as she changed. Joanna snorted.
“ Lat me guess, Rick’s too taken, Maria’s a girl and Will’s too gay for you,” she spat.
“Well what do you expect sweetie,” Lara cooed venomously, pulling the band T-shirt over her head. Predictably, it swamped her. “But don’t you worry. They’ll all be putty in my hands before I go home.”
“Oh I bet they will,” Joanna snarled. “Stay away from them Lara.”
Her cousin thought about it for a second. “How about no?”
“If you even dream of hurting them I swear I will-“
“Oh put a sock in it Joanna,” Lara smiled sweetly. “You try anything and your parents will ground you for a month…while I’ll be free to kiss and sleep with your friends.”
“You wouldn’t dare.”
“Oh wouldn’t I?” Lara’s grin was huge. “I wonder if Rick’s as good a kisser as Mikey.”
Joanna froze. “You… You and Mikes?”
“Oh don’t be so naïve Jo,” Lara shrugged. “I’m a beautiful older girl. And I’ll go as far as they will, and further. How many guys do you think are gonna be able to resist me?”
Joanna’s mouth hung open. “Mikey wouldn’t do that.”
Lara’s brown eyes glittered with malice. “Oh yeah? Well stay away from Harvey’s room tonight little cousin. Wouldn’t want your innocence to be spoilt.”
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