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Your Hell

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Sephiroth Arrives! *party*

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“Where are we?” Reno finally sat up and looked around before realising he was locked in a cell and sliding back against the wall. “I didn’t?”

“No you didn’t.” Rude answered the question the panicked redhead had.

Reno had a secret; a well kept secret that very few knew about and he wanted it to stay that way. The little boy sat at home with the live in Nanny and his relationship with Rude. Only the closest people around knew about it and it never interfered with their work but Reno had struggled to come to terms with being a single father, then the new security of a family as his own had been anything but that.

“Okay.” He looked around the cell. “Yo you sure we are…” He heard the footsteps and looked around. “Damn it.”

“Well we could try breaking out.” Rude shrugged. “Reno are you going to help me?”

“Sorry yeah.” He snapped out of his musings and looked at the door and it’s lock. “Old fashioned, okay there are two options here. You smash through or we pick it.”

“Smash.” Rude gave a small wry grin and Reno stood back. The well-built Turk concentrated on the lock and it’s encasings for the briefest of moments before pulling his fist back and smashing in to it. “Sorted.”

Reno followed the larger Turk around out in to the corridor and they both realised that the footsteps had stopped on the hall outside as they did so. Reno looked around and found an old notice on a wall. It was the Silent Hill Asylum, Reno snorted, they were in mental home? He looked at the dreary walls; cells with bars and no real sense of worth came from the area.

“Seriously Rude we have to get out of here. The place is driving me nuts just thinking about it, what sick fucking place is this? I can’t beat the shit out of someone for answers if there is no one around.” Rude nodded, a sure sign he was just rambling on and not actually serving a worth. “Do you even listen when I start blabbering or do you just nod at what seems like the right point?”

Rude simply smiled not actually giving the hot headed Turk and answer. Reno shrugged and looked around, all his best stuff was stuck in the backpack of someone who had already fallen behind to he had to make do with the junk he could find. He yanked a metal pole off the wall and swung it around his wrist and decided that even his EMR was a better choice so stuck with it.

The metal pole clanged against a wall and fell in to a soggy green puddle at the side and then promptly dissolved. Rude moved his shades up a second and looked at it. He pulled his shades around and grunted before moving on. Reno followed him shortly after and was starting to think of ways to bring the town down with a bomb if the damned place didn’t improve soon.

Rude and Reno flung open doors on to another level and then ventured up through dark corridors with only Rude’s small torch for view. What they did not expect to bump in to at the time was a rather large creature with a sword easily twice the width of the smaller framed Turk. Reno bumped in to the back of his partner who looked up and up again to find that the head of the thing was covered in some kind of large rusted metal cage.

“Hell no.” He muttered as he pushed the redhead back and just avoided the swinging cleaver like sword as it came around in the creatures’ arms.

Reno had never gone toe to toe with one of them and didn’t intend to start as the Turks moved away from it. Even Cloud’s sword didn’t compare to the size of that thing and all penis jokes aside they really didn’t want the wounds to be able to do it either. Reno scuttled out over a set of railings at the far end of what looked like a strange lobotomy theatre and there was howling of pain.

The redheads already injured body fell on to a table and down in to a heap of discarded scalpels and body parts. His screams lasted mere seconds as blood sprayed out from behind the tables and clothes. Rude froze, so many things running through his mind. His boss, his lover, his President, ShinRa, home… lost, all gone from one trip through a deserted tunnel.

The shots behind him rang out clear and the materia that was attached to both Vincent’s and Rufus’ weapons seemed to kick in and work at a point they most needed it. The light and bullets careened towards the creature throwing it backwards.

“Elena get Reno.” Rufus said stepping forwards proving just why the Turks were not always needing and firing a good clean shot which Vincent filled with several more. Rufus heard Tseng’s sword and moved back to let the Turk through. Vincent slid to one side and kept a hail of bullets going as the Wutai Turk flung his sword around and charged in.

Elena ran towards the downed Turk not sure how to get him free as the sheets, warped and twisted limbs and various implements settled around him. Reno was barely conscious and Rufus lowered his gun and ran over towards him. He looked down, he even had to steel his jaw for fear of letting out his own gasp of horror as Reno was covered in scalpels and needles.

Behind them Tseng cleared his mind of distractions bringing the katana towards the Pyramid Head and slung the blade as one movement towards its neck. Tseng’s body moved as one with the sword from years of training. He was not a man to mess with and Rude gathered his thoughts and moved towards Rufus intent on protecting the President as they tried to establish how to move Reno out.

The blade swept through the flesh exposing the rotting fetid meat underneath and black blood sprayed out. The Turk swung under again and turned the blade to run it up and under the creatures’ arm searching the artery and digging deep into old and rotted leather-looking skin. Vincent caught the creatures neck as it swung the injured arm up and fell backwards.

Tseng moved to one side and taking no chances brought the blade past his own torso, blade cutting through the falling monsters neck, blood arching out across the room and finally falling down. Vincent kept Cerberus trained on the thing as Rufus and Elena looked at the myriad of blades, syringes and instruments perhaps once used to help men now used to injure. Rufus took the initiative to step over the downed table and push it back to give them more room to work with.

“Fuck this.” Rude muttered and ignoring everything he ripped the redhead up off the floor and pulled out blades and knives, syringes and anything else that got in his way. He handed him over to Vincent and then searched for a cure material.

“We haven’t been able to get the stuff to work here.” Elena told him.

“It will.” He grunted and sliding it in to his bracer and closed his eyes. He concentrated, pulling hard from his own life source and finally finding a way to bring the healing magic forwards. Reno stirred as the main cuts that threatened to kill him were healed.

“You always were better at it.” Elena said relieved. “Tseng, Rufus we need to get out of here before one of us is killed.”

“One of us was.” Tseng said flicking the blood from his sword and sliding it back to its rightful place at his side. “We need to head to the church and let’s see if we can at least get some semi clean surgical aids. Vincent would you like me to take my Turk?”

“He’s fine really, less annoying like this actually.” Vincent said grimly trying to pull off a joke.

“I’ll let him know you said that.” Rufus smirked and patted Tseng’s shoulder as they walked out of the macabre theatre.

“Yo I heard you.” Reno whispered weakly. “When I get well I’m gonna kick your ass.”

“You never have yet.” Vincent laughed and carried him out to the front of the Asylum where they looked out over ash covered roads, steam pouring out and in the centre of the road Sephiroth stood.

“Welcome to Silent Hill.” His deep voice growled as he looked over them. “Welcome to your Hell.”
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