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what jesus is to me.

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You lift me up and gave me strength
When I am alone and weak
You set my foot upon a rock
It's you alone I seek

You calmed the raging sees
That came crashing over me
You are the light where there is darkness
You opened my eyes to see

You were there when I needed help
You gave hope to the hopeless
You are my salvation
My hope above the rest

You are my deliverer
My very present help
My Savior and my King
Creator of myself

You are my friend
When no one's by my side
You stepped in when all stepped out
With You I cannot hide

You are my guide
So my path is always smooth
My guard and my protector
Who'll lead me to the truth

You are my provider
When no one wants to give
You are my Lord of all
The reason why I live
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