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I've got the sickness, you've got the cure


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Chapter Eight – I've got the sickness, you've got the cure
"Who are we meeting again?" I grumbled jokingly as Pete pulled me by my cuff into a small restaurant along with the rest of his band,
"Trick's girlfriend. She's pretty rad." He told me scanning the room for his band. I spotted Andy and Joe before Pete did. I smiled at him as he was searching in the opposite direction. Turning his head I couldn't help but smile as he turned red. "Okay, come on." I laughed lightly before following him to the table.
"Hey dudes!" Pete exclaimed. "And Andy!" Andy glared at Pete as he sat down next to a black and green haired girl. He pulled me down next to him and Andy. I was greeted by the band, I smiled and waved back. Pete began tugging at my sleeve so I turned my attention to him.
"This is Tony!" He said excitedly pulling on the sleeve of the girl next to him.
"Hi," Tony said laughing as she tried to pry Pete's hand off of her shirt. "You must be Kevin."
"Yeah it's nice to meet you." I smiled as Pete tried to join our shirts together. He giggled letting Tony go and kissed my cheek. He was such a little kid!
"God Wentz you are so weird!" Patrick stated shaking his head.
"So Kevin," Tony said turning toward me. "You play guitar?"
"Yeah, you?" I asked back ignoring the small pointless fight Pete and Patrick were getting into.
"A little bit." She told me leaning back in her chair. "I used to play all the time but I stopped. 'Trick is trying to refresh my memory. I guess I just missed the feeling I get when I played. You know?"
"Yeah, I've been playing for years. I don't think I could stop if I tried." I told her honestly. The music the band and I play doesn’t give me the satisfaction it used to but the feeling was still there. We all talked for a while and ordered food. The conversation was a lot more intriguing than it would be if I was talking to my brothers. We had been here for awhile and it was dark outside. I looked over at Pete. He was smiling back at me and kissed my lips softly. I smiled as he pulled away.
"Kevin, what are you doing?" I turned around to see Joe standing over me. I sighed as I looked up at him.
"Nothing Joe." I smiled at him making him look more annoyed.
"Can I talk to you outside?" He asked resting his hand on his hip. I looked back at Pete whose face had fallen.
"Kevin now." Joe snapped. I sighed and made to get up but Pete grabbed my arm.
"Take this." He told me shrugging off his red clandestine hoodie. "It'll be cold." He placed it around my shoulders. I gave him a genuine smile and kissed his lips. Before standing up I whispered a 'thank you' in his ear. I felt like I was on top of the world as I followed Joe out of the restaurant, Joe's disgusted look brought me crashing right back down.
"What do you want Joe?" I asked. Pete was right it was cold. I pulled the warm red cloth around me tighter; drowning in the smell of Pete. Old spice and the faint sent of peaches.
"What were you doing that for?" He asked harshly.
"Doing what for?" I asked pushing my hands into my pockets.
"You know what I mean Kevin!" He yelled at me frustrated.
"I'm pretty sure I don't"
"Kissing him in public! PDA!" He yelled flailing his arms.
"Why does it bother you so much Joe?" I asked him sighing. He was silent for a few minutes. When he finally spoke he had avoided my question.
"You have a choice Kevin; stay with the band or give it all up for him." He told me starting to walk away.
"Come on Joe are you serious? What's the big deal?" He stopped in his tracks and turned back to me.
"You're going to hell Kevin." He told me turning around momentarily.
"Oh come, you can't tell me you honestly believe that." I said looking over at the younger man his face illuminated by the street light. He glanced over at me, before shaking his head and walking away.
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